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Comment Re:Will I actually be able to get this one? (Score 1) 10

I still have literally never seen a Pi Zero for sale, except for exorbitant markups that make them multiple times their supposed price.

There's this thing called The Internet , you might want to check it out.

That site doesn't work (perhaps it depends on google-analytics, which I am not going to enable) and it doesn't address the fact that it costs more to get a Pi Zero shipped than it does to buy one in the first place, because they chose only to distribute them through vendors which overcharge for shipping. I can get a whole fucking bundle of parts shipped from china for three bucks, but I can't seem to buy a Pi Zero for less than about twelve.

Let's just check manually since this busted-ass webpage you posted doesn't work. PiHut is sold out. Adafruit's Pi Zero page found with google is actually 404. PiMoroni is out of stock. CanaKit doesn't even load, it just sits and spins. So basically, that was a worthless, broken fucking webpage, and you are a worthless, broken fucking slashdotter.

Comment Re:Apple finally adopts USB?? (Score 1) 38

Huh? The iMac was the first mainstream computer to use USB for keyboard, mouse, and pretty much everything else and was the reason that most of the early USB peripherals had tasteless translucent plastic covers, so that they'd match the iMac. The most recent MacBooks and MacBook Pros have used USB-C for power and the MBP uses USB-C for everything. Apple and Google were both very active in the standardisation process for the connector.

Comment Re:Prior to last year, same rules - different meth (Score 1) 158

At all flying sites a safety line(s) must be established in front of which all flying takes place. (AMA Document #706.)
(a) Only personnel associated with flying the model aircraft are allowed at or in front of the safety line.

Isn't that specific text only relevant for established fields?

Comment Re:Reckless yes. Half the weight of a pillow, plas (Score 1) 158

Drones are typically made from the same type of plastic that soda bottles are made from, they aren't iron.

That's nonsense. Professional drones which carry cameras are sometimes made out of plastic, but they're sometimes made out of carbon fiber, Aluminum, maybe some glass fiber board... My dead cat sk450 is both over two pounds (with the 4s 5AH battery) and extremely rigid. The bottom glass fiber deck was floppy so I reinforced it by CA gluing two 3mm CF rods to it. Now it will definitely break your fucking head. The solution to that problem is to not fly it overhead.

Two pounds is also half the weight of a pillow.

Oh yeah? What's a bullet weigh?

Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 1) 668

What are you talking about? It's not middle management's decision about where to base their company and operations; that comes straight from senior management.

It's generally middle management's decision whether to hire people who will work remotely, whether to hire full-time employees or consultants, and so on.

How so? If you're an on-site consultant, you have to pay the living costs in that area, unless you're living in your car or something. If you're talking about being a remote consultant, then sure that works out great but how many people are able to get a gig like that?

I found no shortage of companies willing to have me work remotely, even back when I was starting out and had little reputation. I almost never worked for someone closer than 3 time zones and often for people 6+ time zones away (in both directions). I was cheaper than anyone living in SV, about the same price as people in the mid-west, and a lot more expensive than people in Russia, India, and China (I had a few contracts doing design work that would then be implemented by cheaper teams because of this).

Comment Re:Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 158

Two pounds is about 1 kg, the weight of an average iron mallet, I'd say - more or less.

The weight of the head of the average iron mallet is somewhere between 5 and 10 pounds. A two-pound hammer is not unusual.

Being hit on your head with a falling mallet could very easily kill you - it is only luck that saved this woman.

A drone is not a mallet. It is more spread out. It's still dangerous, but stop with this mallet nonsense. You started from a bogus assumption and are now proceeding on that basis, and you cannot prove anything in this way.

Comment Re:Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 158

I both agree and disagree, the problem is community service is hardly something that is going to prevent other idiots from doing the same braindead thing and in the long run the public in general are probably better served by being severe on this sort of thing.

Wrong. Criminalizing this will not have any effect on others because they think they are smart, and it won't happen to them. Even the death penalty is not enough to prevent people from committing murder, you think 90 days will stop people flying drones over crowds?

Once you set a precedent for treating this highly stupid and dangerous act as just a slap on the risk it no longer represents a deterrent for others.

And yet it's already not going to serve as a deterrent to others. Meanwhile, we know that incarceration increases criminal activity. If we're trying to radicalize drone pilots, throwing the book at them is a good way to do that.

Comment Will I actually be able to get this one? (Score 1) 10

I still have literally never seen a Pi Zero for sale, except for exorbitant markups that make them multiple times their supposed price. I live nowhere near a Micro Center. I am way closer to a Fry's, and several Rat Shacks, but they can't manufacture enough Pis to sell into those channels.

Comment Re:The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 1) 320

It depends on which country you are in. I happen to live in Germany where taxis are usually awesome - recent model Mercedes, informed drivers, commercial insurance, commercial license, efficient service.

Yeah, that must be nice. Here in the USA they do literally all the things that it is illegal for them to do. If that weren't true, Uber wouldn't even exist!

Comment Re: Overboard, Sad! (Score 1) 158

Concussion covers a multitude of injuries. I've had a few, the worst when I was a child and decided to swing from some scaffolding that turned out to be less stable than I thought. I fell backwards and hit the back of my head on the corner of a doorstep (the concrete - the softer wooden step hadn't been installed yet). I spent the night in hospital, but was fine the following day. In the more mild instances, I've had a brief response check at the time and otherwise continued (though with a splitting headache).

A concussion just means that your head has been hit hard enough that your brain bounces off your skull. That can be fatal, or can be something that you shake off immediately, depending on the amount of force and the angle (and, presumably, how bouncy your brain is).

Comment Re:It's all out of whack... (Score 1) 668

As long as populations increase and jobs are available the demand will continue to push prices up.

That's two conditions that could cause a pop. Number one: companies realise that there's a big advertising bubble and little ROI from online advertising. Companies like Google, Facebook, and so on that depend heavily on advertising revenue see a massive drop in customers and have to aggressively start trimming workforce. Sudden drop in bay area jobs and people have to pack up and move to somewhere where they can get a job and afford to live.

Number two: cost of living reaches a point where it's cheaper to open a new office somewhere cheaper than to expand you SV presence. Jobs don't leave the area, but new jobs appear elsewhere instead. Gradually the exciting tech developments move so that management also moves to the other areas and eventually the SV office becomes the satellite office where people who retire or leave aren't replaced.

Comment Re:Landlords (Score 1) 668

Why is this a troll, he's exactly right. Significantly raising the median income has the effects that the grandparent is complaining about, but raising the minimum wage typically doesn't do that much. It does increase the costs of anything labour intensive, but we're already living in a world where the vast majority of things where labour costs are a significant fraction of the total price are luxury goods and services.

Comment Re:"borrow money to make it through the month" (Score 2) 668

Of course, if you're willing to have employees that work remotely, then your talent pool is the entire world rather than one small geographical area. And somewhere like the Bay Area without the ability to hire remote workers also locks you out of a lot of talent: i.e. all of the ones able to do basic arithmetic and realise that they won't have any financial security if they move to the Bay Area and work for a company that has a 50+% chance of not existing in a year's time (i.e. any startup).

Comment Re:Don't buy what you can't afford. 3,500feet, $24 (Score 1) 668

And the important corollary: look at cost of living before you negotiate a salary. If the employer isn't willing to pay you what you need for a comfortable cost of living, then run. You're obviously not valuable to them, so you'll likely be the first to be let go and you'll find it hard to get the next job after that.

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