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Comment You are the one with the fantasy (Score 1) 270

In your fantasy world the Republicans united to destroy Obamacare.

You are the one with the real fantasy, where there are Republicans and Democrats. If that were true, this bill would have passed.

In te real world, there are Democrats (increasingly irrelevant), Republicans, and Trump supporters. Trump is neither Democrat nor Republican.

So basically, any forward motion now on anything is a compromise between Republicans and Trump supporters. The bill they had arranged was never going to pass because it had the support really of only Republicans.

Half of the cabinet lied to Congress during confirmation

And you say *I'm* the one with the fantasy? Riiiiiight.

Enjoy your eight years of being utterly mystified why anything happens the way it does! I'll let you have the last word because Democrats will argue for days without saying anything of value or truth. You can learn rom the discussion, but I know you will not.

Comment Not a Republican defeat (Score 1, Troll) 270

What you just witnessed what not a Republican defeat. It was the true death of Obamacare. The bill proposed just patched up a few things about Obamacare, not what people were asking for and not enough to save it.

People are acting like it's a problem for Trump or anyone when in fact Trump was the one with the most to gain by the bills defeat - because it essentially thrusts Paul Ryan out of power in the senate.

Later on this summer you'll see an actual repeal of Obamacare, and that will pass nicely... even more nicely after the Democrats short-sightedly force the Senate to drop the bits of filibuster still remaining. If they'll filibuster someone like Gorsuch, the Demcrats proof to the public they are utterly unreliable to govern at all, and can simply be bypassed without undue fuss.

Comment Re:Oh yeah (Score 1) 199

and I have some of the best dark skies in the country. Most people have never seen a dark sky, and underestimate its value.

Oh man, I envy you there.

I'm wanting to try my hand at some astral photography, but I dunno when I'll get a chance to find somewhere to go that isn't trashed with urban light pollution.....

It was just before Katrina, when I went with a girlfriend to a little beach house type thing in Mexico, well away from the large cities, that I last saw a nice, unpolluted nighttime sky.

I'd forgotten what a beautiful display a black night full of stars and planets looked like.

We got there and just sat on the deck with a couple beers that first night (and most nights afterwards) just staring into the night sky and marveling how wondrous it was...

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 4, Informative) 199

Did you know that your children are more likely to die violently in a rural area than in the city? And people in rural areas are also more likely to die from heart disease and cancer, among other diseases and injuries.

A suburb is a cross between an urban and a rural area, so it isn't clear at all that a suburb is a "much healthier environment" than a city.

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 250

Yellow means "Stop if safe to do so" in many places.

In most of the USA, yellow means "the light is about to change to red." But you're right, in a few places it means "stop if safe to do so" which is much more ambiguous, meaning it can be (mis-)interpreted by the wrong jurisdiction to mean things like "stop if you are black".

Here's a bit of trivia: in the USA, drivers have a red phase and a yellow phase, while pedestrians have two red phases (don't cross flashing and don't cross solid). And in Los Angeles, it's illegal to cross while elderly because you can't be in the intersection when it changes from flashing to solid, unlike cars which are allowed to be in the intersection when the light changes from red to yellow. It's madness.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 1) 199

Right now, as a retiree, urban suits me because we don't need or want a large footprint and we don't want to be driving into town for most of the things that we need and want to do.

I can see your point on this for sure.

However, with SO many things now being able to be delivered at a reasonable price to your home door....even living out more suburban, you don't have to drive quite as much for shopping, etc....and with things like Uber, you can cheaply let someone else drive.

So, things like that might make living out of the urban areas even more attractive to some.

Comment Re:If self driving cars take off (Score 1) 199

If you like your car/motorcycle/doctor, you can keep your car/motorcycle/doctor. Just because there will be more options in the future doesn't mean you have to give up your motorcycle.

The reason I that I'm foreseeing that if self driving cars become the norm, they will then be mandated and human driver vehicles will not be allowed to occupy the same roads as driverless.

IMHO, a very real possibility and I'd hate to lose that option....

Comment Re:If self driving cars take off (Score 1, Insightful) 199

I'm still not seeing how all these self driving cars will work....

Will they also be able to drive out out of the city and go off roading?

Will they be able to pick up your boat and drive it to the launch, drop it in and then park with the trailer to wait for you?

Does this do away with motorcycles? Geez, I'd be hard pressed to want to give up the freedom and fun my motorcycle affords me on my days off....

Not everyone uses a car/vehicle strictly to go to/from work or other mundane, utilitarian usage.

Comment Re:Exactly (Score 4, Interesting) 199

I don't know why you are downmodded troll. The demographic trend has been going on for this reason for over 50 years. Most Americans want to avoid a life of ignorance, violence, and fear.

Well, in general, you do see less violence in the suburbs than the densely populated urban areas, and the school systems are often much better away from the inner cities.

You can't blame people for wanting to try to raise their families in a much healthier environment.

Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 2) 199

That's hardly the entirety of the decision. Aside from the pros/cons of renting vs buying, if that apartment is 30 minutes closer to work, you just saved 250 hours a year of your personal time. What's that worth?

Well, of course there are trade-offs for everything.

I personally cannot STAND sharing walls with people.

I have a pretty high end sound system, and I like to crank it up from time to time for music or maybe just watching the Flintstones at concert volume....without having to worry about people complaining.

And too...many of us enjoy having a bit of room in our own yards to stretch out..have a nice patio. I love to grill on my Big Green egg....or fire up my smoker and do BBQ (slow and low for up to about 18 hours or so).

I might want to fire up the big pot outside and have a crawfish boil with friends.

You can't keep a stack of smoking wood, that many cookers or even often use a grill with real fire on an apartment balcony.

I also like to have my own garage or carport for my car(s).

Sure there are trade-offs between living in the greater metropolitan/urban areas, you have to decide about your lifestyle and what suits it best.

Where I live, people engage in a LOT of the things I just mentioned, I won't even go into the number of people that have boats at their houses they take out quite often for fishing, skiing, etc. You can't do that stuff readily in an urban setting.

I have friends that like to be even more out, almost rural...that's not me, but I do like to stretch my arms out a bit in my own house and yard.

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