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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 129

Not sure why you think there is any distinction between patches Windows downloads automatically and the updates IT pushes out automatically.

In past experience, both have broken systems I was trying to use for work.

Basically Windows updates are just not always well behaved to the system; it matters little how they arrive.

Comment Re:It'd ne worth next to nothing now (Score 2) 39 Z would have been $24 Billion richer then, vs $57 Billion now.

I don't get it...sure, that's about double the money, but at BILLIONS of dollars, what does that matter really?

I mean, geez...I'd have taken the $24B and live the rest of my life on easy street.....

I'm pretty sure I could somehow manage to stretch out $24B over the rest of my years on earth....[rolls eyes]

Comment Why? (Score 2, Insightful) 129

Why call bullshit? Macs generally require less user intervention to run, and don't have automatic updates to screw things up at inopportune times. Program installation and removal is generally much simpler.

The hardware is also of much better quality than most "enterprise" computer builds, so it would last a lot longer and not have glitches...

The only people who doubt this story are those that have never used both Windows and Mac computers extensively.

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 192

Besides, the Tivo has been made obsolete already with streamers.

Not really.

I'm using Tivo as part of my cord cutting set up.

I have the Tivo Roamio OTA (comes with lifetime guide service) to record my local OTA channels, and I also have Tivo Minis to stream that from the main tivo to the bedrooms and office televisions.

The Tivo also has streaming built in for Netflix and Amazon, Hulu, etc...and like another poster said, it is good at searching through all of them for show or key words you want to search for.

I will say that the Tivo's interface with the Netflix and amazon prime is a bit slower than my Amazon FireTV and Roku's Iv'e played with...but the search across all of those in addition to all my local channels via antenna is great.

I did add the Amazon FireTV units to each TV that I could use Playstation VUE, and for $35/mo I could get all the "cable channels" I would have missed, like all the ESPN channels during college football season, I get FX, FXX, TCM, IFC...all the news MSNBC, Fox News, CNN...etc.

But I find that this set up is really working well. I have the TIVO for searching and DVR for OTA and the VUE on Amazon FireTV which had DVR capability for all those shows I described above....

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 533

I take it you were opposed to Chick-Fil-A's stance on LGB issues?

The company didn't discriminate against anyone, employees or customers, but the owner expressed his view points.

No, I have no problem with anyone expressing their viewpoints on subjects like this. Everyone is free to embrace or oppose what till recently have been very prevalent thoughts and traditional values.

Comment Re:Short summary (Score 2) 245

they are orders of magnitude less dangerous than the assholes you already see on the road every day! Like the moron I saw trying to ride his bicycle down I-5 in downtown Portland during rush hour the other day...

I would say the same thing if I were envious of the bicyclist passing all that stopped traffic! Like that scene from Office Space.

But really, what's so dangerous about bicycling past a bunch of stopped cars? As long as the person isn't riding in the door zone..

Comment Re:Fair point (Score 2) 533

As a Non-American I find this fixation with guns absurd.

I was going to answer, but I see the ScentCone has beat me to most of my valid points, especially about the Oz example.

So, yes, I fear for my existing gun freedoms.

And as that you are a non-American, it shouldn't really matter one way or another to you, should it?

It's nice that you're interested, but you really needn't bless us with your 'superior' and more 'civilized' outlook on weapons where you live. If you don't like to have full freedoms like we have here (guns being one of them) then fine, stay where you are, but don't moralize or try to talk down how we have things here.

None of your business....

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 4, Insightful) 533

His flagship policy is to build a wall to keep Mexicans out. keep the ILLEGALLY border crossing Mexicans (and anyone else using that border) out.

There's a big difference.

I don't think many Americans have problems with LEGAL immigrants.

We just want them to sign the fucking guest book on the way in, you know?

Comment Re: Fair point (Score 1) 533

John McCain already came clean. They intend to oppose any nominee [] that Clinton makes.

Well, if Clinton put forth a replacement for Scalia like Scalia....a strict constitutionalist and not a legislator from the bench, they'd pass him.

But I"m guessing hell isn't getting that cold any time soon....

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