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Comment Re:Trains (Score 1) 125

Trains are just like planes, only a lot slower.

And sometimes jetliners are slower than bicycles.

Another nice thing about trains, besides not wasting time getting to altitude and besides being 3-5x as energy efficient as airplanes (if it's an electric train) and besides not making you stand in line to get groped and besides allowing to use your laptop and cell phone the whole trip, is that you can build a train station right in the middle of downtown where there's good transit and where a lot of travelers want to be anyway.

Comment Re:How about 18 minutes without the tunnel? (Score 1) 125

Because everyone going home after work would... what... exactly? Not go home after work?

That's one alternative to (1) commuting (versus telecommuting), (2) during rush hour, (3) in a car, (4) solo, (5) on that congested freeway, when you (6) work at one end of that traffic jam, and (7) live at the other end of it.

As you can guess from my numbered hints above, there are many other alternatives.

Comment Re:People like Musk need to do more homework (Score 1) 125

The solution is to ask why is traffic so bad in the first place.

Because people tolerate that traffic enough to create it and sit in it at the same time. Because sitting in traffic is more desirable than the alternatives available to them.

Because traffic congestion is a sign of prosperity, and so the only thing worse than having congestion is not having congestion.

Comment How about 18 minutes without the tunnel? (Score 2) 125

Google Maps says Westwood to LAX takes over an hour during rush hour, or 18 minutes when traffic is light. So all they have to do is charge a variable congestion toll on the 405. If the price is set correctly, this would permanently eliminate traffic congestion on the 405 without overcharging anyone, and as a bonus it would replace taxes as a revenue source for maintenance or even, if people want it, to build the tunnel.

Lower taxes and congestion-free travel at the cost of a toll. That's two benefits for the price of one, and who doesn't like 2-for-1 deals?

Comment Re:Session, not Trump (Score 1) 156

Another clueless statist.

From this side of history, the will of Session to stoke up the war on drug and particularly get more repressive against Marijuana

And you say that why? Because Sessions himself has said he will not go against state legalization

You can't really be blamed for not knowing what is going on, since you only read news from people who are tying to lie to you to make you mad...

Comment Re:Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 1) 349

Most employment agreements are such that the company owns it even if it is outside of normal hours. So inventions you come up with on your own time are not yours.

I've seen this on some W2 and 1099 contracts...and I simple line them out saying that what I do outside hours on MY time is my business and my intellectual property.

They usually agree easily as long as you're not in direct competition with them.

Most all of those agreements are boilerplate they got from their lawyers to try to cover everything, but most I find are amendable to reasonable changes like this.....

Comment Well, sadly, probably.... (Score 5, Interesting) 349

If you are a W2 employee and working on company time on your own projects, you might have more to worry about than being fired.

If you are creating new content, inventing a new gadget, etc....and you do it on company time, you may find that you DO NOT OWN what you have created.

Many if not most employment contracts/agreements have verbiage that states that anything you come up with on company time, belongs to the company.

They may not fire you, but they will now own it and you won't make any $$ on the side for it....

Comment Re:Why is it wrong to care? (Score 1) 156

Hasn't the most militarily aggressive country done most of the Moon exploration to date?

Yes, but do you want the militarily aggressive that is for free speech and human rights or the one that is against it?

Though frankly the U.S. has toned down from the age of military drone strikes on weddings.

Also it's not like we mounted any weapons on the moon whereas the Chinese certainly would. Do you truly doubt that?

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