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Comment Re:Already Have Fiber and Broadband at the curb (Score 1) 160

I notice that you added a word there, as if "cable" and "ISP" are somehow inextricably linked.

Exactly, because I don't have fiber to my home, and DSL has been deregulated such that it's no better than cable.

No, because they would leave you with NO choice for ISP. You would then truly be stuck with Comcast as your ISP

For a year or so, yes, until it's time to choose again.

And letting your neighbors (or landlord) choose the ISP you have to use is not "competition", it is the opposite.

So, multiple sellers competing with each other is not "competition"? That doesn't make logical sense.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How would you deal with unreasonble companies?

Ash-Fox writes: I recently ran into troubles trying to get reasonable quality of support from an anti-virus vendor, where they are attempting to cop out of providing any reasonable support and then refusing to offer refunds under the guise of their EULA does not allow it. However, their EULA does not implicitly say that they cannot provide refunds in other circumstances as the support tries to imply and further living in Europe (as is the anti-virus headquarters), this EULA for sales is only valid if that was provided as the terms of sales contract, which it was not. How do other Slashdotters look to address companies that behave poorly and seek to only provide at best their minimum legal requirements?

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