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Comment Re:Using government to advance one's business (Score 1) 160

If a gov't utility could set up "last mile" wiring, then [...]

Then instead of the poorly-competing oligopoly, we'll have a bona-fide monopoly -- with government policing the Internet traffic.

Why must the organization that owns and maintains the physical wires also control the traffic that runs across the wire?

Comment Time-of-use data caps make sense... (Score 2) 160

...because people tend to max out their bandwidth all at the same time during the day, creating a headache for network data management. To encourage people to schedule their torrents to throttle back during the day, ISPs should make their data caps only apply during peak usage periods, similar to "unlimited nights and weekends" cell phone plans.

There's a service called NightShift that helps people watch Netflix on bandwidth-constrained connections like dialup. It works by scheduling downloads to occur overnight so they're ready to watch the next day. Netflix could do something similar to bypass time-of-use data caps. "Do you wish to stream this program now or download to watch later? [Stream] [Download]" Then the ISPs might realize that the data caps don't need to apply to overnight downloads.

Submission + - WrkRiot collapses amongst allegations of fraud (

HockeyPuck writes: This week, WrkRiot, began unraveling in a highly public fashion. Its former head of marketing revealed that the start-up had been mired in internal chaos and had sometimes paid employees in cashier’s checks before delaying payment...

Comment Re:Softare and wording problem (Score 4, Interesting) 210

But label the 80% charge "100" and the 100% level as 120 (no percentages)

Or 125, because 100 is 25% more than 80.

It would also be good to have a "storage charge" feature which keeps it charged at 40-50%, for battery powered devices that you leave plugged in most of the time, like laptop workstations.

Comment Re:Already Have Fiber and Broadband at the curb (Score 1) 160

I notice that you added a word there, as if "cable" and "ISP" are somehow inextricably linked.

Exactly, because I don't have fiber to my home, and DSL has been deregulated such that it's no better than cable.

No, because they would leave you with NO choice for ISP. You would then truly be stuck with Comcast as your ISP

For a year or so, yes, until it's time to choose again.

And letting your neighbors (or landlord) choose the ISP you have to use is not "competition", it is the opposite.

So, multiple sellers competing with each other is not "competition"? That doesn't make logical sense.

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