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Comment Re:Disturbing, but practical (Score 1) 414

If you see someone falling into mental illness, do you treat them early or do you wait until the illness has gripped them and who knows what happens?

That sounds more practical than throwing him in prison and letting him out before he's been rehabilitated.

But I digress. Prison is never really about rehabilitation, it's mainly about revenge.

Comment Re:Complete? (Score 1) 117

Okay, I read the FAQ translated into English, and you're right, it will not support RGB:

Frequently Asked Questions

Soon to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Tectoy could not fail to celebrate such an important date. And the way we find to celebrate this moment will be the re-launch of the most successful videogame of the '90s, Mega Drive, in a limited edition. Attending to the requests of thousands of fans, Tectoy was committed to reproduce to the maximum the unforgettable experiences that only the Mega Drive provided.

Below you will find questions and answers that will help you to better understand this project.

1) Is this Mega Drive the same as the original?

No. Because the main components of the original Mega Drive are no longer manufactured.

2) Are the Mega Drive components the same as the original ones?

No, because the originals are no longer manufactured.

3) Is Mega Drive an emulator? Do you play games with components similar to the original console, or do you run games via emulation?

Mega Drive is not an emulator. The device has a circuit that integrates components similar to the original product, since the original integrated circuits are no longer manufactured.

4) Does the Mega Drive run all the cartridges?

Mega Drive runs most cartridges on the original console. Some cartridges may not work because of the differences from the original hardware and software.

5) Will Tectoy re-launch cartridges for Mega Drive?

So far there is no definition. Tectoy would like to launch cartridges, but for that we need to negotiate the licenses, a complex matter in the case of games and brands created decades ago.

6) Can I insert more games into the micro SD card?

The games inserted in the SD card, supplied with the Mega Drive, were properly tested by Tectoy as regards their compatibility as hardware, as well as all the licenses necessary for its commercialization. It is technically possible to add content to this card, but it is the responsibility of the consumer to carry out compatibility tests as well as the necessary licenses.

7) Is it possible to save games?

No. It is only possible to save the game if the cartridge used has this function.

8) Why Mega Drive does not have HDMI?

The vast majority of TVs on sale in the Brazilian market have composite video input (RCA), compatible with the Mega Drive output. Adding the HDMI output to the console would raise the final price of the product to the consumer without increasing the original resolution.

9) Comes with how many controls? Can you buy additional controls?

The product includes a 3-button cord joystick in its original size. You can buy extra joysticks through the official website

10) Can I use old Mega Drive joysticks?

Yes, as long as they are original Mega Drive joysticks.

11) Do the accessories such as Game Genie, Sega CD, Power Base Converter, 32x Meganet, Activator, Mega Mouse and multitaps work on the new Mega Drive?


12) Does the Mega Drive work on LCD, LED, Plasma TVs etc?

Yes, as long as the TV has AV input.

13) How do I configure the TV format on the TV so it does not distort the image?

Tectoy recommends setting the TV to the 4: 3 aspect ratio.

14) What is the resolution of the video output of the new Mega Drive?

The resolution is equal to the original, ie 320x240 pixels

15) Is the new Mega Drive capable of outputting video in the RGB standard with the correct cables, as the original Mega Drive did natively using a SCART cable?

Do not.

16) Can I use any headphone?


17) Is the audio output stereo or mono?


18) Many emulated solutions have trouble reproducing accurately the sounds of the original Mega Drive. How does the new console intend to play the original console audio?

Mega Drive plays the audio through similar components, so the result will not be 100% the same as the original.

19) The Mega Drive is bivolt?

Yes. The product has an internal 110/220 volt power supply.

20) What is the warranty period?

Mega Drive is warranted for 90 days from the date of purchase invoice.

21) Does Mega Drive run a game with special chips like Virtua Racing and Sonic & Knuckles?


22) What will the packaging look like?

The packaging will be based on the original with some changes, such as the exchange of styrofoam for an environmentally recommended solution.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 598

That still doesn't tell me a damn thing about what time it is over there - can I call them? Are they home? At work?

Um, you have to know the answers to those two questions anyway. What this proposal does is eliminate the need to know how to calculate local time from those two answers.

Although that's not so hard when you know your own UTC offset and the other time zone's offset. But DST makes that a little more complicated.

Comment Re:Spoofing numbers (Score 1) 139

Not all that hard to block spoofing and also allow HP to outsource its call center. You allow only HP to spoof lines as HP. Therefore in HP owns a call distribution node, any calls routed through it can use HP's number and caller ID, even if they come from India.

Or make HP route those calls through their own USA center so that no spoofing is needed. Then when a telephone company sees a USA HP number coming from India, they can block that call.

Comment Re:Did renewables replace any carbon based plants? (Score 1) 340

2. Renewable's storage requirements to meet base load demand simply do not exist - presumably because storage costs are also very high.

I wouldn't worry about that because the perfectly inelastic portion of base load demand is quite low and therefore requires very little energy storage.

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