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Journal Journal: Gargoyles for Halloween 3

I have a running trail behind my house. We constantly have runners back there with their dogs. I decided that I needed gargoyles for my protection. So I propped up a couple of my legless tailless cats.....


Just kidding. They have legs and tails. They just like to sit there and torture the dogs that are going by.

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Journal Journal: Title to a Class Help 16

I need help. I am trying to come up with a title to a class that I have to give. It has become a contest on who can come up with a better title at work. We, at work, all need continuing education. My boss decided that we would start giving ourselves our own CLE (Continuing Legal Education). There has been some funny titles.

I am the geek of the office and my subject is Electronic Discovery. You would not believe how scared lawyers get when they see the E-Discovery name. So, I was thinking about including some Matrix quotes. But, I can't quite get there. A young attorney in our office thought it would really be fun to call it..

I still think that the Matrix with the blue or red pill works but I cannot come up with a title. What I am trying to say is that lawyers freak out with terms like metadata. They are scared and do not know how to handle "documents" online. I need a funny title to reinforce this. I will teach a good class but I am trying to get them to come to my class first. I think I am too geeky.

I hope you guys can help. Thanks.

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Journal Journal: The Zen of Enforcer.

If at first you do not succeed, change course and try something new. Or, just do what I do instead of what I say.
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Journal Journal: Deletion 7

I am sorry that I did not warn everyone. Anyway, I will get back to writing here later. I still read many of my "friends" JE's everyday, so keep up the good work. ;-)

And no...I do not have a stalker or any other life threatening reason to delete my JE's. I will explain later.

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