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Journal enforcer999's Journal: Gargoyles for Halloween 3

I have a running trail behind my house. We constantly have runners back there with their dogs. I decided that I needed gargoyles for my protection. So I propped up a couple of my legless tailless cats.....


Just kidding. They have legs and tails. They just like to sit there and torture the dogs that are going by.

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Gargoyles for Halloween

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  • That's a very "cat" sort of thing to do. :-)

    How are things with you? Good to see you around.
    • Gardening season is starting to slow down. Though I still have spinach, peppers and carrots growing. I feel lazy today. I think this is the first Saturday in a long time that I did not have tons of yard and house work to do.
      • I had a big green bell pepper for lunch today (along with some chicken). But I finished my bag of carrots yesterday. :-) Sounds like a good Saturday. I'm at work, trying to diagnose a problem from one of our client sites. Fortunately, we have a database backup so that we can reproduce the problem here. Remote diagnosis is a pain.

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