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Journal enforcer999's Journal: Title to a Class Help 16

I need help. I am trying to come up with a title to a class that I have to give. It has become a contest on who can come up with a better title at work. We, at work, all need continuing education. My boss decided that we would start giving ourselves our own CLE (Continuing Legal Education). There has been some funny titles.

I am the geek of the office and my subject is Electronic Discovery. You would not believe how scared lawyers get when they see the E-Discovery name. So, I was thinking about including some Matrix quotes. But, I can't quite get there. A young attorney in our office thought it would really be fun to call it..

I still think that the Matrix with the blue or red pill works but I cannot come up with a title. What I am trying to say is that lawyers freak out with terms like metadata. They are scared and do not know how to handle "documents" online. I need a funny title to reinforce this. I will teach a good class but I am trying to get them to come to my class first. I think I am too geeky.

I hope you guys can help. Thanks.

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Title to a Class Help

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    1. "Electronic Discovery for Dummies" - the "Dummies" books are well-known, and nobody fears them.
    2. "The zen of E.Discovery 2.0" - reminiscent of "The zen of motorcycles"
    3. "The E. Discovery Channel" - blatant ripoff of the E and Discovery channels
    4. "Bart Simpson's Guide To Electronic Discovery" - because everyone would expect the Lisa Simpson version to be dull, and the Homer version to be dumb
    5. "The Hitchiker's Guide to Electronic Discovery - 42 tips, shortcuts, etc."
    6. "Electronic Discovery - its Not About Hackin
    • LMAO. Those are great! I like number 5. I think I might use it. Thanks. I will attribute your title to you and /.
      • I'm glad you liked them ... haven't seen you post in ages, so its good to see you back (or is this just for "a bit" - either way, its all good :-)

        • I am around. I have been very busy at work. Also, I am an avid organic gardener and have been busy in the garden and putting all the food that I grow up. You know....doing things like pickling, canning, drying and freezing. My gardening is just now starting to slow down even though I still have spinach, peppers and carrots growing.

          BTW, the boss picked "The Zen of E-Discovery 2.0"!! So, I am going to put a footnote to Tomhudson & /. Thanks again!

          • Glad to hear I could help. Good for you on the gardening - I can't do any here because the dogs basically p0wn the back yard - they'd eat anything that looked even remotely edible, "just to see if it can be eaten." I end up using frozen veggies, which is okay I guess, but just not the same ...

  • At first, I was going to suggest How not to email your hard drive but that one sounds kind of limiting, and doesn't have any pizazz. So my other suggestion is Even Postmasters Get the Blues. You young'uns might not recognize the title, but the older people might, and you should probably know a little bit about the namesake [] before you go advertising it.

    But that title probably will pique the interest of a few attorneys. Of course, they will all be from the Public Defender's office. ;-)

  • Perhaps something like Taking the Blue Pill: Fundamentals of Electronic Discovery. Or is it the red pill? I can never remember which was which. :-) Or you could head in a Star Trek sort of direction, with some kind of variation on The Undiscovered Country (though the original usage from Hamlet referred to death, rather than the future).

    Perhaps something with an explorer. I can't think of anything offhand, though. "What do you want to discover today?"
  • by zogger ( 617870 )

    Computers are Just File Cabinets

    CYA for Fun and Profit

    Can you Beat a Ten Year Old?

    Your Choice-Prison, or a Big Fat Bonus

    Dinosaurs went Extinct for a Reason

    Get a Grip on Grep

    Leveraging Magnetic Storage, a Newcomers Guide

    Evidenciary Egress-Extracting the Electronic Empiricals

    Digital Data-Threat Analysis and Mitigation

    or... Winners take this class, losers sit in the back row at county and wear plaid suits

    • Oh cool, zogger from technocrat! Maybe you can answer my question here..."Stop buying the products of industrial petro-farming and buy as much as you can from the zogger's of the world []" ...what does that mean?

      In the meanwhile: Love the 10 year old one. I hate being thought-police-like, but 'beat' could use a change; maybe, outwit? (Can You Outwit a 10 Year Old?)
      • It just means to buy locally as much as possible, look for better quality, food that hasn't been shipped thousands of miles, etc. You keep more cash circulating locally, help keep your neighbors employed, support sustainable agriculture. I live/work on a big farm as an employee and frequently talk about agricultural and economic topics. It's two different deals here though, the larger farm would still be classed as a normal petro farm, albeit it is more or less independent except for marketing, it is under
    • LMAO!!! I love these two. If I use one, I will put a reference to you and /. Thanks!!

      Evidenciary Egress-Extracting the Electronic Empiricals

      Digital Data-Threat Analysis and Mitigation

      • No probs. The latter one is the term I used for myself when I was consulting. Actually thinking about picking up that schtick again in these uncertain and shaky economically times. I did disaster threat consulting for individuals and small business, but never had a really large client. Fun while I was doing it and gave me an excuse to write outside my normal forum board slanglish.
  • Electronic Discovery: The Hidden Menace
    Electronic Discovery: The Silent Killer
    Electronic Discovery: Where Babies Come From
    Electronic Discovery: You'll Find Out When You Get Here
    Electronic Discovery: Now With More Power Point!
    Electronic Discovery: What's The Point? You'll Still Just End Up Asking Me Anyway.
    • Electronic Discovery: What's The Point? You'll Still Just End Up Asking Me Anyway.

      LMAO! That's so true that I am tempted to use it!! I am going to run these by my supervisor. Thanks! If I use one, I will attribute it to you.....well, it might be kind of hard to explain the Stalin part but I will figure it out. ;-)

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