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Submission + - Arizona Ponders FCC Decency Standards for the Classroom ( 1

einhverfr writes: "Eugene Volokh has posted an interesting discussion of a bill that has been introduced in Arizona, which would tie public school educator conduct to the FCC standards or decency for radio and television. The bill is essentially a three strikes system, firing teachers if they violate FCC standards three times.

While the goal of the bill may seem reasonable, the details strike me as silly. What do you think?"


Submission + - 10 Underrated Features of PostgreSQL (

einhverfr writes: Chris Travers writes, "Here are a list of features which I think are generally underrated in PostgreSQL and why. Many though not all of these are being used in the development version of LedgerSMB, and more of these will likely be used as time goes on either by the main software or by addons."

What do you think? What PostgreSQL (or other RDBMS) features are heavily underrated?


Submission + - LedgerSMB 1.3.0 Released (

einhverfr writes: "LedgerSMB 1.3.0 has been released after several years of development, and sporting important database changes, an enhanced security framework and more.

The new release features role-based permissions management, separation of duties, fixed asset management and depreciation, and much more. This has been billed as the most significant release of this open source financial accounting and ERP package to date.

One unique feature of LedgerSMB 1.3.0 is the emphasis on both encapsulating accounting logic in stored procedures, and also making these procedures discoverable, allowing for looser ties between the application and database logic than has been the case in the past."


Submission + - Obama Administration to Seek Encryption Backdoor M ( 1

einhverfr writes: "From a New York Times article (free registration required etc):

Federal law enforcement and national security officials are preparing to seek sweeping new regulations for the Internet, arguing that their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is "going dark" as people increasingly communicate online instead of by telephone.

Their solution? Require all software to be subject to federal wiretaping capabilities. In particular:

Developers of software that enables peer-to-peer communication must redesign their service to allow interception.

Is this even possible? Presumably "peer to peer communication" would include things like email. Even if it is possible, this strikes me as an unbelievably bad idea."


Submission + - Ultracapacitors soon to replace many batteries? (

einhverfr writes: "According to an article in the IEEE Spectrun, the synergy between batteries and capacitors — two of the sturdiest and oldest components of electrical engineering — has been growing, to the point where ultracapacitors may soon be almost as indispensable to portable electricity as batteries are now.

Some researches expect to soon create capacitors capable of storing 50% as much energy as a lithium ion battery of the same size. Such capacitors could revolutionize many areas possibly from mobile computing (no worries about battery memory), electricity-powered vehicles, and more."


Submission + - LedgerSMB turns 1 year old (

einhverfr writes: "LedgerSMB, an open source accounting system, has turned 1 year old today. The past year has seen three major releases, a few problems, and a lot of support from the community. Read below for more information on the last year's accomplishments and the plans for the next year.

LedgerSMB began as a fork from SQL-Ledger by developers who were unhappy with the security of that codebase.

The last year has seen 3 major releases and 21 minor ones. The major releases have added better Point of Sale support, local sales tax support, and many other features, and have also included structural security enhancements. The minor releases have continued to address security issues as well as other bugs in the software. Every major release to date has had at least moderate structural security enhancements, and we expect the next major release (1.3) to be the final release in that trend.

When 1.3.0 is released, we expect it to finally create a stable and robust security architecture. Additionally, the contact management portions of the application will be re-engineered and rewritten on the new architecture. This framework is designed to allow people to write applications in other languages which integrate with the application using any of a number of options (from database stored procedures to web services). 1.3.0 is close to feature freeze at the moment.

Following 1.3.0, we expect to move all the rest of the financial logic over to the new framework. Following that, we will implement any additional outstanding areas into the mew framework. clean it up, and address user interface and workflow issues."


Submission + - Sourceforge used for non-FOSS?

einhverfr writes: "Recently the argument over SQL-Ledger's change of license has taken an interesting turn. Apparently people who feel that this is no longer open source or free software have filed a complaint with Sourceforge asking that the project's mailing list and hosting be shut down. Sourceforge's response seems to be that since the developer isn't actually hosting the packages on Sourceforge anymore, that this is within the terms of use. Some seem to note that this would allow any proprietary software vendor to use Sourceforge for non-Free projects as long as they don't actually host the downloads there. What do you think? Where should the line be drawn?"

Submission + - SQL-Ledger 2.8 released. No longer GPL?

einhverfr writes: "SQL-Ledger 2.8.0 has been released. It includes a whole list of new features, but perhaps that is not the biggest story. The main developer appears chosen to move the license away from the GPL and to a new custom license which appears to be quite different and even incompatable. However, a further examination of the code indicates that several files mention the GPL but that license is not included. So was the oversight not including the GPL? Or in not removing the references to the GPL?"

Submission + - MySQL paper on Port25

einhverfr writes: "Microsoft's has recently published a primer for MySQL on Windows. Although the title suggest that it is mostly an installation guide, it does cover table types, and common gotchas. It is nice to see more coverage of open source software from Microsoft, but it does raise the question of where the organization is going regarding open source. What do people think?"

Submission + - Port 25 publishes PostgreSQL primer

einhverfr writes: "Microsoft's Open Source Software lab's Port25 web site has published a primer (written by me) on running PostgreSQL on Windows. This paper covers the installation and initial configuration of PostgreSQL 8.2 on Windows up to a point where a database is created and plpgsql is installed in it. We assume an ability to walk through the install wizard in general, though screens that do require additional information are covered (with screenshots). Important options in the postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf are covered, as are database creation in PgAdmin III."

Submission + - SQL-Ledger forks over security dispute

einhverfr writes: "A serious authentication flaw has been found in the popular open source accounting program SQL-Ledger which allows users to bypass login requirements. What is unusual about this problem is those who reported it are now offering a fork of the software after accusing the maintainer, Dieter Simader, of being unwilling to work with them on a fix. Mr Simader, for his part is accusing those who forked the software of not playing fair. The individual who released the security alert has an entry on his blog. Which raises the interesting question: Who do you trust with your accounting data?"

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