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Journal einhverfr's Journal: Hiring FOSS developers!

Metatron Technology Consulting, my business, has begun looking for qualified Perl and/or PL/PGSQL programmers to help us fill the growing need for open source development of LedgerSMB (and other programs). In short we have more work coming in than we can fill and are looking to expand our capacity.

An ideal candidate would be mathematically minded, either understand or be willing to learn the fundamentals of accounting and database design, and be able to write clear, easily-understandable code in either Perl of PL/PGSQL. Also while it is important to understand OO development, the fact that we are database-centric means that developers who are married to the idea of doing OO programming are likely to have more difficulty than those who understand it but are willing to adapt the concepts in other ways as the needs demand.

If people are interested in doing this sort of work, please send a resume to me (mailto:chris@metatrontech.com). You can also send one to my email I use for community project work (mailto:chris.travers@gmail.com).

Pay depends on employee and is likely to be hourly with the possibility of overtime.

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Hiring FOSS developers!

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