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Comment Re:If true, why are we subsidizing it? (Score 1) 539

Religious institutions, as a rule, do so much more efficiently than the government.

That may be the funniest thing I've read in a good while. Efficiency isn't a rule or even a broad directive, and the lavish use of funds on ornate buildings in prime locations are obvious examples of this.

Comment Re:Thelema (Score 1) 539

You impugn the clear arguments put forth by the AC based on alleged misunderstandings of 'basic' definitions of words without offering any definitions. That's a cowardly way to argue and moreover irrelevant to the argument at hand. Please provide some evidence or alternate definition to dispute that many mainstream religions teach (and billions of adherents consider to be facts) that there are divinely inspired texts that provide accurate historical accounts of supernatural conceptions, resurrections, and interventions in human affairs.

Comment Re:hierarchical filesystems (Score 1) 674

OP mentioned using a file system/folder structure as a 'database abstraction', and  I listed some of the benefits of a database that you don't get in the abstraction.  I guess I'll describe them in more detail as I must not have been clear.  Of course it would be handy to say no log files in the image folder, enforce not having multiple copies of the same file type, don't delete the file but not the metadata, get all the *.jpgs, from two projects, etc.

Comment Re:Good enough that people won't stop doing it... (Score 1) 674

- Agile/scrum, anything related to it, inspired by it, or even remotely like it, and the mindset of managers who advocate it.

buzzwords, but there is some value in it

- "continuous integration"

probably a good idea if you don't hook it up to production

- "devops"

buzzword, but quite a bit of value in it. Why not have a repeatable build process across landscapes?

- server-side javascript

square peg but hey, why not. I don't see this ruining a business, the language has come a long way.

- giving every single person in the IT department the root server access

holy hell no.

- using microsoft "solutions"

some are good, some are not, but if you don't like anything they do you probably do it based on ideology.

Comment Re:Russians really hate Hillary (Score 1) 706

I agree with you that Clinton isn't likely looking to abolish 2nd, though no doubt gun control is something she's spoken about frequently and eviscerated Sanders on his gun control record despite his moderate progressive position. She's definitely not a big 2nd amendment supporter though.

I think there's ample evidence Hillary is doing wrong, but she's a seasoned politician that's been through the ringer and so it'd be quite amateur if she said something damning in email correspondence with DNC.

None of this is mean to be an endorsement of Trump, I'm far removed from either camp.

Comment Re:Guns, freedom and all the rest (Score 1) 1144

Of those 30k deaths, how many do you think were caused by 'high-powered firearms'? What does that even mean? The vast majority of shootings are by handguns, which is probably isn't what you're thinking of when you think of high-powered firearms.

You actually are reading the constitution backwards. The constitution not only grants explicit rights to 'the people' to keep and bear arms, but it further does not grant the federal government the right to regulate it, thus it's retained by the people per the 9th Amendment.

It's worth noting the reasoning behind the 2nd amendment: 'the security of a free state'. Everything I've read on the subject points to the idea that 'the people' need the ability to defend themselves from an oppressive government, ie 'a free state'. You can do that with pitchforks if you like (and you trust your fellow citizens enough to carry them around you), but I'd prefer to have high powered firearms.

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