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Comment Why should he present that info to you? (Score 1) 304

All what he said was cited and cited over and over and over. Just go to real climate science FFS. But you guy keep repeating the same lie, and every time ask for the thankless job of citation. Just to ignore it again in the next story. Personally I stopped caring. I am old enough that the effect will be minimal on my life, and I have no children. So I egoistically don't care anymore. Go ahead continue pumping CO2 in the atmosphere, and go ahead continue ignoring the very fucking simple science about the greenhouse effect (heck that effect was long known, but apparentely for idiot like you climate change denier , having a higher CO2 ppm in the atmosphere does not warm it, go figure). I'll be long dead when the worst effect will start to be felt. And go all fuck yourself *bows*.

Comment That was not fake news again (Score 3, Insightful) 112

Fake news are hoax news made especially to lie to people. The rolling stone stories was not fake news it was somebody which lied about being raped. That is not the same thing. Again, if I pretend I was raped by a NFL quarterback, and give an interview to CNN, it isn't fake news, because they do the interview in good faith. That is the hinging point : the publisher publish in good faith - at worst you can say they are a crap journal because they did not check properly. But if CNN start publishing a news that republican have a special club where they fiddle kiddies, and manage to get it spread, while fully knowing it is wrong, it is fake news.

Comment Re:Wait a year (Score 1) 504

When Bush was president 200,000 new jobs was considered anemic as it didn't cover the rise in working age adults.

When Bush was president, the USA gained 3 million jobs. Sounds like a lot, but that amounts to 93,750 jobs a quarter over his 8 years. 200,000 would have been on average a GOOD report for him.

Now, with a greater population 187k is considered great. A sign that the economy is truly booming.

Obama has added somewhere in the (very rough) neighborhood of 10 million jobs during his term. Considering he was handed a economy that was *losing* jobs and took a few months to turn around, doing 3-4 times better than Bush in the same amount of time isn't too shabby. You can see where the talk around these jobs numbers would be a bit more positive, even for cherry-picked reports that happened to have the roughly same number for that month.

Also, this is not exactly the same USA it was in 2008. The Baby Boomers are starting to retire now, (2016-1947 = 69 years). So the labor force is not growing like it was back then. There are some who argue it is now shrinking. So 200k new jobs for a quarter now would be more like 400k back in 2008.

Still, I have not heard anybody use the word "booming". Economists will actually tell you that you don't want "booming" because that has a nasty tendency to be paired with a bust (and inflation). What you'd like to see is sustained moderate growth. That way WHEN the next recession happens after that (they happen), it shouldn't be too horrible, because it doesn't have so much over-exuberance to correct for. Roller-coasters need to stay in the amusement parks.

Comment Re:Why is this news? Obama has the power now... (Score 1) 549

I know a wee bit about the process myself, and some of the info there looked kinda dubious, so I went out to look at the home page for that website....

...uh...Oh wow. This guy ... erm...

So do you have a source for any of this information that isn't from a website full of one-sided (and sometimes ridiculous) attacks against Democratic politicians?

Comment Re:Lifetime Accomplishments... (Score 2) 182

Seriously thou I don't see a problem with the US burning taxpayer's money to bring the guy back. He's ...

More to the point, this is something they end up having to do all the time, with much younger people there. For example, just five months ago, two other people had to be evacuated for health reasons. Having to do this every now and this is just part of the price of operating there.

So its not like it means he's necessarily any less hardy that anyone else out there.

Comment Re:If??!?!?!! Really, now Twitter?!?!?! (Score 1) 1041

But something tells me only the right-wing politicians and supporters will get banned. Call it a crazy intuition

No, I call it a persecution complex. Twitter bans and suspends accounts every day. For some crazy reason, nobody gets up-in-arms about it until it happens to a right-winger.

Comment Re:Battery drain (Score 2) 130

It's my 15th wedding anniversary today, and my wife said look at this.

Facebook had without her asking, put together an anniversary congratulation, that included a slide show of engagement photos (from 16 years ago!) and wedding photos!

Scary stuff!

What I find even more interesting is that Facebook knew enough to do that for her, but not for you.

Comment Probably not (Score 0) 226

There is only a small subset of people angry at this : the small subset of US folk which either see any censorship as extremely bad no matter which, and those from the right which had belief in pizzagate (my god I read what they consider evidence , and I think those folk are insane). The rest of the world ? Don't care will continue using reddit.

Comment Private property (Score 1) 1041

"If you don't agree you can go fuck yourself you stupid cunt." fuck off twitter private property if you don't want to respect their rules. Personally I see nothing lost, but I support 100& their right to censor everything they want. For years I have stated the danger of censorship was not anymore government in the west, but private company which overtake all communication channel and thus can censor far more effectively, without repercussion. I was pretty much ignored by everybody I know because their media cherie could do no wrong. Now I get to tell you all fuck off , and I told you so.

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