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Comment Re:No, it's the hour in the middle you can skip (Score 1) 388

Did not watch myself. No need the concept is stupid on its face.

This is quite ironic, since this:

Puting the two together though is just silly. Superman is for all intents and purposes a god. While not wholly omnipotent, he is so far above man that he can freely toss our greatest war machines around like children's toys and even slow the spin of earth altering time. Batman simply isn't in his league. Additionally Superman's original character was almost Christ like in his unfailing sense of justice and strength of character regarding doing the right thing. The Superman of the early comics would never have agreed to even associate with the Bat, ...

...was essentially the exact set of issues the movie you proudly didn't watch was addressing.

(Full disclosure: I'm one of the weird 27% who actually liked it)

Comment Re:Misleading and false (Score 1) 129

Perhaps, but the ultimate ancestor in this thread was referring to "multi-junction cells have breached 46%", which tend to made of things like Indium Gallium Phosphide, Gallium Arsenide, Germanium, and Indium Gallium Arsenide.

I believe the point was that that we know how to make them far more efficient than 26%, if we really want to. It just tends to require making them of relatively exotic things that probably aren't worth the trouble.

Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 1) 497

The American agricultural industry has been consolidating for years - small family farms are in a slow but inevitably decline. Those big corporate farms have a great advantage in simple economy of scale.

...and that I think is the answer. When most people think "farmer", they think of a single family-owned and worked operation. Those are still around, but the industry is increasingly large corporations who hire out all the labor. Equipment maintenance is just another bit of labor for them to hire out, and doing it to another large company (eg: the manufacturer) is probably simpler for the books anyway. Deere is likely designing their equipment for those operations. Traditional small farmers are just not their market anymore.

Comment Re:How come html5 but not on firefox? (Score 1) 70

HTML 5 video has many mechanisms to restrict media access based on client properties. For example, there is a robustness parameter which implementations are expected to evaluate according to their perceived ability to prevent user-controlled access to content.

I suspect that Widevine (the DRM plugin used by Firefox) did not provide a robustness level on Linux which Netflix was comfortable with. To a degree, this is still ongoing. I think the maximum resolution you can get on Linux still is 720p, while Windows will go to at 1080p at least.

Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 1) 497

Growing up in a farming community I know that many farmers do a lot of their own maintenance on equipment.

My Grandfather thought nothing of stopping a piece of farm equipment and rebuilding its engine in-situ. That's the thing about being a farmer; you have to be able to do *everything* yourself. You can't exactly call the Auto club and have your harvester towed back to the dealer. At least I thought you couldn't. Apparently, that's what Deere expects you to do now. Not sure why anyone who isn't a big corporate farm managed by remote MBAs would agree to do that.

Comment Re:So Hillary's account got deleted? (Score 1) 202

Except they are sort of limited to who throws their hat into the ring...

You're kidding, right? There were at one point so many Republican candidates that they had to split the field in two and hold the same debate twice to get them all in. There are a ton of things you can say about how the Republican Party got to this point, but lack of better choices is not one of them.

... and unlike the Democrats, worked to not play favorites

*chortle* I couldn't even count how many articles I read about organized Republican efforts to stop Trump. At one point they even tried having all the other candidates to collude on which states they would compete in, in hopes they'd each win their strongest states and throw the nomination into the convention. The only reason you didn't hear Trump supporters screaming "Shenanigans" like Sanders supporters it is because nothing they tried came close to working.

The Republicans had preferred party candidates early on (eg: Bush and Grahm); candidates dropped out due to lack of electoral support roughly in the order of how reasonable they were, which meant the preferred candidates were among the first folks to go. I won't claim to know what their voters were all thinking, but if someone were to argue that Republican primary voters were voting entirely based on who the party leaders DIDN'T want, I'd have trouble arguing against it.

Trump won the nomination because, given a menu of 20+, he's the guy Republican voters wanted. If you think that's a problem, your problem is with that party and its voters, not with its nomination methods.

Comment not anonymous (Score 1) 270

It appears that Bitcoin, a currency designed with anonymity in mind...

No. Bitcoin is designed around decentralization, not anonymity. Every transaction is logged forever; for anonymity, that's a nightmare. This misconception is widespread. Bitcoin is not anonymous; if privacy is important to you, you should not be using it.

Comment Re:Look at the revised map (Score 1) 319

Look at the revised map. Most of northern Africa is wider than the U.S. (at the same latitude).

...Which might partly explain why North America was far easier for Eurasians to colonize than tropical Africa. A large part of the rest is that A lot of North America had biomes that supported Eurasian crops and livestock, while most of sub-Saharan Africa does not (until you get all the way down to the tip, which is not-coincidentally the only place Eurasians successfully pushed out the natives and set up shop for themselves).

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