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Comment So Apple is the villain here?! (Score 2, Insightful) 841

So let me get this straight: Apple spends several years carefully building an ecosystem for it's hardware and software, and it is nice enought to give away aan excellent free program specifically to gain market share and to leverage hardware sales. It is a closed ecosystem, which is what you pay for being able to use a nice free state-of-the-art music management program.
Enter Pre, a direct competitor of Apple in one of the most strategic lines of Apple's business. How do you think Apple should react when Pre starts (ab)using iTunes, thus gaining more ground and cannibalizing iPhone/iPod in process? I'm surprised they were nice enough to let it stay for a while instead of forcing a mandatory update down everyone's throat and making an incompatible change to the iTunes Store protocol (which would be justified given the shamelessness of Pre strategy).
Maybe Palm should consider making it's own compelling software instead of weaseling it's way through and piggybacking the success of Apple. Or, as a more open (yet inferior) alternative, use Microsoft Media Player as it's music software

Submission + - SCO stock up 55%

abelikoff writes: "As of May 29, SCO stock has jumped up 55%. There have been no significant news releases for the Company, hoewever some analysts note that the ongoing litigation used to be the primary catalyst of the stock movement in the past."

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