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Comment Re:This is retarded conservatism to help 'coal' (Score 3, Informative) 467

"something that is dying because of market forces"
I'm not sure that's /precisely/ true? Market forces?

Coal is dying because of massive government investment and subsidies compared to the other industries.

As much as we'd like to simply 'declare' that coal is dead, the only reason we can afford the other technologies is ... because we're staggeringly wealthy and can afford to blow money on them.

"U.S. Energy Information Administration data shows that:
- solar energy was subsidized at $231.21 per megawatt hour
- wind at $35.33 per megawatt hour
- coal at $0.53 per mwh
- natural gas/petroleum at $0.67 per mwh
- hydroelectric power $1.47 per mwh
- nuclear power $2.10 per mwh"

Comment Re:Oh noes (Score 0) 248

"but should you pay more simply because you're using an iphone connected to verizon's cellular data network vs someone using windows 7 on a slow-as-snails pacbell dsl line?"

Yes, you should. You're using a boutique phone on an expensive carrier vs a cheap shit phone on a crappy network. If you can afford those things, likely $8 to you is less important than $2 to that other person.

"pay more because third-party database links tell the site you're an affluent white male living in the bay area?"
Oh my god yes, they should get fucked hard.

Comment It doesn't make you a sucker unless you are one (Score 2) 248

Me paying what I am willing to pay for something I want isn't making me a sucker.

It's really the most ideal, individualized capitalism possible.

If I pay more than Mary or Bill, it's because either I have more resources and prices matter less to me, or I want it more. You can't really get more essentially Adam Smith than that. Universalized consistent pricing is a relic of the industrial era.

Comment it's politics, obviously (Score 2) 248

No, the river course was changed by glacial melting and retreat.

The cause of that was clearly warming.

The cause of that is still open for debate. Was it exacerbated or caused by human activity - your answer, and the certainty with which you issue it depends on whether you're a member of the AGW secular religion.

Comment Wait (Score 1) 166 you're suggesting that taking a person from roughly a 15th century existence and handing them a smartphone doesn't immediately make them a sophisticated, worldly Western-world consumer?

Well hell, why didn't someone say that before?

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