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Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 135

I keep saying this:

I'll drive an EV when it can carry the load my ML320 does (or, if you like, an Explorer or Trailblazer or Grand Cherokee) for at least 300 miles on and off Interstate highways at freeway speed (70+ MPH) with adequate power reserves for passing, then be ready to do it again in 15 minutes, repeated indefinitely. Oh, and I have to be able to buy it used for $15K or so.

The technology is nowhere close to that yet.

Comment Re:Not mine, you won't... (Score 1) 135

probably not applicable to many USA cities...

You are exactly correct here. Once you get outside the rabbit warrens of the upper Atlantic coast, the cities are large enough physically that conventional mass transit as Europeans think of it does not work as well. Sure, lots of folks depend on it, but they accept mobility restrictions that only a car can alleviate.

And then there's the USA outside the cities...

Comment Re:Immigration policy is not hate speech (Score 1) 1031

"Alot of folks just don't understand the frustration that the liberalists create by basically saying we can't say anything bad about anything. "

They should by now:

Nominee Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Party Republican Democratic
Home state New York New York
Running mate Mike Pence Tim Kaine
Projected electoral vote 306 232

Because I've not seen a better single-sentence summary of why Trump won than your post. Thank you.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 554

...and you're part of the problem.

1) to say "well look how dangerous THOSE things are" and somehow suggest that therefore pot must be safer is a simple tu quoque fallacy. Same with criticizing the commercially-motivated studies by alcohol and tobacco against pot; simply because they have a reason to dislike pot DOESN'T INHERENTLY MEAN their facts are wrong...just that it's possible they're spun.

2) "Everyone knows pot is safer than alcohol, opioids and tobacco."
Really? What I /know/ is that ANECDOTALLY (which we all know is useless in terms of determining policy) potheads seem to be less trouble than alcoholics. Smokers are mostly a danger to themselves, and opioids are strongly constrained by law so most recreational use is HIGHLY illegal.
If you're talking about 'traffic deaths and domestic violence' etc from alcohol, well, that's not the substance, that's resulting behavior from WIDESPREAD overuse and acceptance - let's let pot get into widespread casual use for generations, and THEN compare those factors.

Comment Only in China? Nah. (Score 3, Informative) 204

In a US where there is a broadly sweeping and growing generational consensus that government should:
- provide all healthcare
- protect everyone from any conceivable harm whether practical, realistic or not (from terrorists to pedophiles), - even from their OWN CHOICES - and at literally any expense're fooling yourself.

"Any government powerful enough to give the people all that they want is also powerful enough to take from the people all that they have."

Famously NOT said by T.Jefferson, but pretty damned good comment nonetheless.

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