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Comment Re:No it can't (Score 1) 176

Why? Predicting the winter weather in Britain is pretty simple

Uhhmm, wrong, predicting British weather is a PITA,( some might say a ROYAL PITA), the meandering jet stream and retrograde systems that come off the continent are a bitch to figure, Its not at all like the USA where you can watch storms march across 3000 miles and rightly predict rain on Tuesday.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 235

+1 to this, the left will paint this as "racist", but as a nation we have instituted selective border control before, what the sense of having a border if it isnt controlled??
  If a particular nation or religious sect has a proven track record of violence towards western countries, they do NOT have a right to enter the country, same goes for ILLEGAL migrants,notice I said ILLEGAL, which also gets lumped in by leftists to be racist. I am an immigrant, it cost me thousands of dollars that I had to scrimp and save for, to go through the process of living in the country i now reside in, I respect its laws and I speak the language, I expect no special treatment and would fully expect to be deported if I committed a felony. I am not a burden to its welfare system, and hopefully never will be, I HAD to PROVE I had a job lined up before entering.
So yes, I get royally pissed off when i hear of people jumping the border for free, going onto welfare right away, or espousing views hurtful to the nation kind enough to let me in.

Comment Like all tools (Score 1) 304

CGI should be used to enhance a movie, not be the point of it. Its more a reflection of the poor scripting/producing going on these, a good movie should stand on its own, the cgi should only be icing on the cake, unless the whole thing is shot in cgi,(Like Avatar).

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