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Comment Re:Yes please (Score 1) 228

Having the computer show compassion is easy.
if (criminal.gender == female & criminal.attractive == true)

      showCompassion = true;

that looks like the algorithm they use in custody battles.

No, that one is simpler. if(female==TRUE) then female.custody=1;

It cost me $25k and four years to get full custody when it was blatantly apparent she was being abused.

Comment Re: most people already prefer listening to accele (Score 1) 296

It is not just you, and it's a huge reason why my wife and I rarely even go to the theater anymore. There are lots of other reasons such as the high cost, but honestly it's so much nicer to just get the Blu Ray and watch it on my big TV where I can pause it, stop it to watch the rest later, etc.

Comment Re:Oh, the irony! (Score 1) 207

Oh dear, this is ironic. Russia is a haven for online criminals, something they really ought to crack down on. Instead of pursuing actual criminals, they're looking to reduce the privacy of people who haven't done anything wrong. What a screwed up country!

That is what one gets when one's President is also controls the organized crime groups. Putin might just be the first head of State who is also an active mob boss. Not just a mob boss. The mob boss.

Comment Re:wut (Score 4, Informative) 35

"Premier Farnell is one of the only companies with a license to design and distribute Raspberry Pis."
Licensed? I thought the Pi was "open hardware" so anyone could make them. Maybe a license fee for the video render or something, but that shouldn't be restricted.

No, the Pi is manufactured by a few companies under a licensing agreement. It is not open source hardware.

Comment Re:The enemy of my enemy is my friend (Score 5, Informative) 307

They had zero right to post what they did then to ignore a court order to take it down. This is not a good test case for freedom of the press. Gawker was in the wrong and got bitch slapped for it. It has nothing to do with liking them or not. They crossed the line. Freedom of speech is not absolute (citation: SCOTUS rulings over the years). They were wrong then when ordered to take the video down they thumbed their nose at the court.

Comment Re: After I got banned from even playing single-pl (Score 1) 178

Just be glad they still allowed you to play the rest of the games you bought.

This. I can no longer play Half-Life 2 after my nephew said some stupid things in chat in TF2. I paid for the game. I should be allowed to play it!

Don't let other people use your account. That would have solved your particular problem.

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