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Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 151

This will certainly save a lot of money for enterprises. I expect it will be the RARE company that will actually need 5Gbps per workstation. Most can probably get by on 100Mbps.

Anyone that upgrades to VOIP will need a 1Gbps network, preferably with CAT6; CAT5e is okay but CAT6 really enables it.

Comment Re:So no cable ripping, but... (Score 2) 151

I don't see why. If the cable is the same the jacks use all the cables. At least when I put the head on the cables I connected them all.

It's a matter of the frequency tolerance and ability for the cable to carry the requisite signals. CAT5 doesn't have the tolerance for 1GBps transmission while CAT5e does, but CAT6 and CAT7 do even better as the signal tolerances are significantly improved and able to push higher frequencies.

Most likely, when they say that you don't need to tear out the cables, they're referring to CAT6 cable installations. It you have CAT5 you'll definitely need to upgrade the cable; you will *likely* need to upgrade if you only have CAT5e. Nearly everyone has CAT5e at minimum and many have been upgrading already to CAT6; so if they can pull the 2.5Gbps and 5Gbps on CAT6 then most everyone will be quite happy that the investment they just did (in the last 5 years) to handle 1Gbps will be easily upgradeable to the new standard with just router and NIC changes - much like the 100Mbps to 1Gbps switch was with CAT5e installations.

Comment The "right" (but slimey) way to discriminate: (Score 1) 454

Insist that because future projects "may" require a security clearance and that the company wants flexibility to move people around, all applicants must be able to pass the "initial gate-keeper" steps of getting a security clearance, including "must be a US citizen or demonstrate ability to get a security clearance despite not being a US citizen."

This will weed out most people who were neither born here nor have been here long enough to get citizenship, including disproportionate numbers of people of Asian descent.

Is this legal? Very likely. Is it slimey? Assuming it's a cover for discrimination and you really aren't going to need a workforce where everyone can get a security clearance in short order, yes.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 164

In California, it's almost $50 a month for a 380W server. I switched to an old 14W netbook with an SSD and a 4TB drive hanging off the USB 2 port, which acts as a file server just as well. It can't transcode, but I store everything in MP4 anyway. I turned off the Wifi and Bluetooth radios and saved another 4W.

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