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Comment Re:First Post (Score 1) 240

I remember having a conversation with a tech about my Windows CE phone, explaining that I should be able to download and install apps directly instead of connecting up my PC and syncing to do it.

He argued that "Nobody wants to do that."

I replied, "I do."

Microsoft had the market share, but they were too interesting in tying the phone to their Windows monopoly to give users what they wanted. Apple did this too, until everyone told them they needed apps on the phone.

Comment Re:eBay just as bad (Score 1) 192

Actually, eBay reversed a clothing sale that my wife made of a legitimate product (bought at a yard sale at a very rich person's house, so almost certainly real and she checked 17 ways online to confirm.

It didn't matter, eBay told the buyer to destroy it (she didn't because we found her "destruction" photo on Google reverse image search), refunded the buyer the money and gave my wife a strike about selling counterfeit products.

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