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Comment Re:Elegent way to do micro transactions? (Score 1) 38

Exactly. The problem is that dust transactions (pennies) are currently not getting picked up in the Bitcoin ledger, because there is not enough space in the transaction block for them. Miners choose the largest amounts of transaction payments, sometimes which go as high as 50 cents. Obviously, 50 cents is no big deal if you are moving thousands of dollars, but it's a huge deal if you are paying a penny for a listen.

Comment Re:It probably has little to do with Bitcoin (Score 1) 38

This is totally false. Bitcoin absolutely works. Just because they use a payment processor to avoid fluctuations doesn't mean that they can't instantly take payments for content from every country on earth the instant it goes up. What's wrong with a worldwide direct sales market for artists? Sounds great to me.

Comment Re:Don't bother - the money is poor and weather sh (Score 1) 195

Cost of living in NZ is quite reasonable.

Said no one, ever. My distant cousin is the nearly the top surgeon in the country and didn't want to eat out because it's "too expensive". And while they had a nice house, it wasn't anywhere near what I would expect from the top surgeon in a US state.

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