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Submission + - When to round 1

doconnor writes: We do a rather complex financial calculation involving a fair number of steps, like multiplying and dividing by various factors, choosing one value or another based on criteria. The issue has been raised about what steps along the way we should round to the nearest cent. These steps are showing in various reports with various levels of details. Should only the major input and output values be rounded, should rounding be done after each step that is shown in the reports or is it worth rounding at all?
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Canadian investigators hack unsecured wireless net (

doconnor writes: "Canadian human-rights investigators used a women's unsecured wireless network to post on white supremacist websites as part of an investigation. It was discovered when the source of the source of the messages was subpoenaed from Bell. The office of Privacy Commissioner is investigating. The article goes on to warn of the dangers of unsecured wireless networks."

Submission + - Ulysses spacecraft on its last legs (

doconnor writes: "JPL announced that Ulysses' mission will be ending after 17 years. The power generated by the decay of a radioactive isotope has been slowly decreasing. To conserve power its main transmitter was shut off. Unfortunately due to a fault in its power supply it cannot be turned back on. The team plans to continue operating the spacecraft in its reduced capacity, using the alternate S-band transmitter, for as long as they can over the next few weeks."

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