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Comment Re: I'm trying to look at this objectively (Score 1) 375

As a Canadian I'm not allowed to vote.

The premise of the question is that I'm going to get beaten and I have to live with that. The premise of the election is a choice between Trump and Clinton. Both are bad, but I believe one is much worse then the other. If you don't live a swing state, feel free to vote for a 3rd party, but if Trump wins there may not be a next time to try and get better choices.

Comment Re:Aging? (Score 1) 145

It wouldn't be a problem if nothing changed, but as the posting pointed out new features are constantly being added and if those features weren't considered when the system was first designed they set up being kludges. When you're piling kludge on top of kludge for 50 years, it can get really bad. So bad that one day you have to reboot and it doesn't work and no one knows why.

Sometime you just have to refactor. You can still keep any code that still works well (usually because it was refactored more recently).

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