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Comment Re:scare mongering getting old (Score 1) 77

People should consider asking for an IP PIN to help prevent an additional vector of identity theft

by signing up at the above (well in advance of the return due date, it's likely too late to ask for one for your 2016 return), it essentially functions as a password for your return

Comment Re:Migration path? (Score 1) 98

(1) you could use tags if you want which would function as well if not better than folders

(2) the api seemingly allows one to export your notes pretty easily at least with the windows client (resophnotes)

I've been using simplenote for years with resophnotes as my primary client and it automatically syncs with my iOS version on my phone so I can research things in a pinch

I use it as a sort of knowledgebase where any individual idea or thing I'd want to come back to gets its own note (plus I have some scripts to generate a header/name for each note automatically so it sorts in my desired way...) I have around 1100 notes now

I used to use evernote before mobile devices became a thing and the new version was too slow for me to tolerate it

Comment This is assuming such things like pelvis... (Score 1) 277

...size are heritable/genetically determined in the first place

if everything were heritable/genetic then we'd never have childhood fatal cancer cases anymore since those kids don't live long enough to have their own children

the more concerning trend, I suppose, which is more meaningfully genetic is that those with lower IQ's tend to have more children than those with higher IQ's...

Comment Re:I wonder (Score 2) 180

As a corporate accountant, I've dealt with all sorts of banking transactions and various bureaucratic systems in companies.

I suspect that Comcast has no official mechanism to deal with issuing a check in these circumstances and it simply fell through the cracks until it received media attention.

As for Comcast's suggestion to the effected individual, in a sense, it probably wasn't bad advice (albeit still embarrassing) - his bank likely has the ability to reverse the transaction since it was initiated by a third party without authorization, i.e., any time someone else initiates a "direct debit" (i.e., a withdrawal) from your account, if they can't provide evidence of your authorization, the funds can be "clawed back" (subject to them still being in the account that they went to).

Whoever he spoke to at Comcast probably realized the lack of an established process to cut him a check and suggested that the bank simply reverse the unauthorized debit.

Comment Re:Time to give the consumer total choice (Score 3, Informative) 164

In a sense you're right but at the same time, it's a better value than most any other [bundled] channel in that it
1) has no commercials
2) wide variety of content all on demand
3) costs less than any other channel available a la carte
4) offers multiple stream plans

you can always go pure a la carte but that's oddly more expensive in the form of buying just what you want from amazon

Submission + - SOLVING THE BLOOD SHORTAGE BY draining the dead? (

schwit1 writes: Roughly 15 million pints of blood are donated each year by approximately 9.2 million individuals. Over the course of the same year, about 2.6 million Americans will — sadly — pass away. If hospitals were to harvest the blood from a third of those people, roughly 4.5 million liters would be added to the reservoir. . . . Draining the blood from a body is hardly out of the ordinary; it's actually a regular part of the embalming process. To prepare a dead body for funeral services and eventual burial or cremation, morticians pump out all of the blood and interstitial fluids and replace them with an embalming solution, typically containing formaldehyde and methanol. Would it not make more sense to remove the blood at the hospital soon after death, rather than let it all go to waste?

Comment Re:How many other flaws (Score 1) 173

For better or worse my plan is to...

-Convince my future children to study abroad in Scandinavia (or some other legitimately 1st world country) and ultimately move there
-When they do, I'll follow
-Give up on the United States as it's a poor excuse for a 1st world country (especially when we trail in virtually every measure)

Consider watching the first 10 minutes of Newsroom except that the anchor there has higher hopes and expectations than I do (i.e., much easier to go somewhere already fixed than live in a place which will be broken for a long while...)

Comment Getting faster speeds than you pay for (Score 4, Insightful) 142

I've found that if you provide your own DOCSIS 3.0 modem on a connection where they would typically provide a DOCSIS 2.0 modem, at least on Time Warner in NYC, you get markedly faster speeds than you would otherwise be paying for - especially during off-peak times

Perhaps those with DOCSIS 3.0 modems on faster paid connections might get higher priority than I do for those speeds, but perhaps not?

Comment Schwab offers security token for regular banking (Score 1) 271

It's one of the reasons I signed up is that they offer a free security token for signing in.

There are no fees and sadly, when I asked them how popular it is, they said virtually no one uses it.

I suspect it's not so popular because most accounts are insured against most fraud so there's little incentive to using them for most users.

What I'd like is to use that token (or even SMS) for an ATM pin...

Comment Hopefully this still gets read... (Score 1) 167

To address the two common themes I see here:

(1) Make no mistake, semi-autonomous cars are useless, but meaningful collision avoidance systems are useful and that's the first stepping stone in the process

(2) Autonomous cars are still decades away from any sort of real adoption and automobile manufacturers should (I suspect they are...) develop them in the context of a shared usage vehicle given their much higher utilization than a regular car (an autonomous car could be in use 100% of the time as opposed to how most cars sit parked most of their time). As such, most users of such vehicles will use them like taxi's but they would cost much less, be safer, and would be available anywhere and for any length trip unlike just metropolitan areas.

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