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Comment I've been carless for over a year now (Score 1) 1385

And have instead been relying on Philadelphia's Regional Rail to get to work. It's so much nicer than having to drive into work. Consider the following:

- 25 minute train ride versus a 45-60 minute drive

- I can read or sleep on the train. Can't do either when driving!

- I no longer have to worry about maintaining my car, insurance, gas prices, etc. Not only do I have more peace of mind, but I'm saving hundreds of dollars per month now.

I've noticed something else when dealing with public transit companies, they respect us more than car companies. Every time I took my car in for maintenance, or when I would buy a new car, I would also feel like I was being taken advantage of--it was just this unpleasant vibe I got from doing business with the dealership. But with public transportation, I don't get the same feeling.

Don't get me wrong, SEPTA has tried raising its rates and cutting service a number of times, but when that happens, there is a public outcry as passengers criticise the company en masse, and SEPTA backs down. That's the way it should be, and it's worked out pretty well so far.

Please, Mr. Obama, build more trains. I'll ride 'em!


Submission + - Anti LGBT Rights Group Blows Web Campaign 1

$robertus writes: "It's an old story by now, but you almost have to feel sorry for the National Organization for Marriage. First, they decide to be called NOM, without knowing that everyone who's heard of lolcats will be snickering every time they hear the name. Then they launch their Two Million for Marriage campaign with The Gathering Storm video, and someone posts the audition tapes to YouTube, since pulled. To make matters worse, they decided they needed their campaign to sound hip, so they want everyone to refer to Two Million for Marriage as 2M4M. Obviously no one involved reads the personals. Rachael Maddow had fun with that. They also did not have the foresight to register the obvious domain before launching their campaign. So a group of marriage rights supporters have secured, and have set up a site to counter NOM's claims, and support marriage rights. They, or their supporters, have also secured 2M4M on LiveJournal, Twitter, and FaceBook."

Submission + - Is HD DVD Trying to Lose? (

mrnomas writes: "Clint over at Audioholics is on the HD DVD bashing bandwagon again. This time he's charging that HD DVD is trying to lose. With hybrid HD DVD/DVD discs costing more than their Blu-ray counterparts, maybe he's got a point.

"Why won't consumers want these hybrid discs? Because no one likes to spend 3x the cost of a regular DVD just to have a disc available in the eventuality they decide to buy a high definition DVD player whose format may or may not exceed niche status let alone "win" the current format war.""

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