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Comment Re:Flaws? That's one way of putting it... (Score 1) 38

A programming session is started by pairing the programmer and the pacemaker with a wand that requires 10cm proximity (this provides the security key).

How is the distance verified? Is it merely a matter of signal strength, or do they actually measure response times and signal trip times?

If signal strength is the only criterion, all an attacker needs is a powerful transmitter and a sensitive receiver.

Comment Re:employee improvement plan (Score 1) 392

Why? Why is simply firing someone a better solution than giving them exactly what they are doing wrong and what they need to change if they want to keep their job?

Simple: The person about to be fired has already demonstrated that they failed to perform their duties. If you hire a new person, you get the change of hiring someone who can do things right the first time. If not, you're not worse off than before.

Comment Re:What the? (Score 2) 110

I know weight and volume are at a premium on such craft but a barometric sensor (even one capable of operating in Mars's rarefied atmosphere, is the size of a thumbnail and weighs just a fraction of a gram.

Even one that works at the velocity encountered during atmospheric entries?

Sounds like you're suggesting putting a Pitot tube on a space probe ...

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