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Comment All code is necessary. (Score 1) 239

All code should be necessary. Either for the compiler, or for my own understanding, or for the next person trying to make sense of it.

Strictly speaking, things like talking variable names aren't "necessary", the code will compile just find if you rename "error_flag", "sample_index" and "accu64" to "joe", "bob" and "alice".

Comment Re:urgh (Score 1) 239

This one bugs the snot out of me, especially when the braces don't line up.

Your coding standard might require that even blocks with single statements are enclosed in braces.

My personal choice: If it's a single statement, it's in one line including braces. If it's more than one statement, braces get their own lines.

Comment Re:Fake (Score 1) 185

Russian oligarchs ARE the Russian version of THEM...

Only if they're ex-KGB. If they are, then they will keep their part of the deal (and possibly book touristy space flights just to keep up the conspiracy).

Otherwise, they are merely tolerated by the Russian version THEM and this tolerance can be withdrawn if their behavior is inappropriate.

Hey, this is fun if you don't seriously believe in it ... ;)

Comment Re:Fake (Score 1) 185

And you want to intimidate Russian oligarchs with your petty version of THEM?

Well, considering that the US must have made some kind of deal with the Soviet Union about playing along with the whole moon landing thing, I'm sure that keeping Russian oligarchs in line can be outsourced to the Russian version of THEM.

Never underestimate the imagination of conspiracy afficionados.

Comment Re:Thanks for the concise summary (Score 1) 187

In many cases the clock doesn't start ticking on the statute until someone is aware the crime was committed.

Well, at least in this case it was quite clear that a crime was committed, and when.

At least in criminal law, the statue of limitations is also meant to prevent law enforcement (and hence, taypayer-funded) resources from getting tied up by prosecuting crimes probably won't get solved or that are so far in the past and not serious enough to warrant decades-long prosecution.

Comment Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 209

If you have a cell phone, why would having VOIP connection stop you from calling?

The premise was that calling is not optimal and email or text chat should be preferred. Sure, with a cell phone you could call tech support, but if the problem can be resolved more quickly by email or text chat, you could use the internet connection of the phone for that purpose.

From my experience, calling tech support with a cell phone is even more of a nightmare than calling from a a landline due to the inferior quality.

Comment Re:So calling sales when you want tech support ... (Score 2) 209

> no company wants a large number of customer complaints to external bodies -

Unfortunately, this threat only bears a lot of weight in heavily regulated industries (e.g. medical devices, where the respective regulatory bodies can shut down factories, ban the sale of products, force recalls, etc), but not so much in the typical "my internet stopped working" case.

Comment Re: tl;dr (Score 1) 209

... or a cut and paste that answers a situation that is similar to yours,

Or, even worse, a cut and paste that answers a completely different situation and it should have been obvious to anyone reading the original question that the cut&paste is not helpful at all.

Comment Re:What typically happens (Score 1) 209

I don't know how long he got away with it, but eventually he got walked.

Well yes. The calls are being monitored for uhhh quality control purposes.

Now someone will eventually start a service for phone tech support people that will call them, faking a mock conversation that only requires a pattern of "Yes." and "No." answers from the tech support person.

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