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Comment Re:The MS Merry Go Round. (Score 1) 212

Yep and I'll be advising customers to disable updates, which won't be an issue since the browser runs in a sandbox and all web pages are scanned before load.

Meanwhile all my business customers are looking at exit strategies, some looking at Apple, some looking at Linux with a Windows VM for the Windows centric software that is required. All MSFT is doing is shooting themselves in their face with this dumb shit because a desktop is not a cellphone and the shit people will put up with on a cellphone the majority will NOT put up with on a desktop. I should know as uninstalling windows 10 is frankly one of my most popular services, it even surpassed Win 8 uninstalls awhile back, its just too fucking buggy.

Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 379

Ah, so you were deliberately picking a "bad" example. And when that's pointed out, you get all aggressive. In a free market, one could choose whether they want to import Canadian, UK, or Somalian drugs. A "free market" doesn't mean you can only buy the cheapest supplier, but that you have choice.

Learn what "choice" means, then try again. Or is that the real reason the conservatives hate a free market? "Choice" is a bad word, so any "choice" must be ended at all costs.

That there will be choices is exactly what I was pointing out. People would be free to choose Canadian or Somalian, Indonesian, Pakistani, or any other nation's pharmaceuticals. The point is that it's a pretty good bet that not all those nations' pharma regulations & standards will meet or match those in the US. As a matter of fact many drugs would be imported which are restricted or banned in the US on top of bad batches of low quality pharmaceuticals. Even with current restrictions regarding importation of pharmaceuticals, literally tons of both 'legitimate' prescription-only and 'illicit' recreational pharmaceuticals are illegally shipped by foreign suppliers to people in the US from online orders every year and results in many overdoses, poisonings from bad batches, and deaths/crippling disabilities.

There has to be restrictions on importations of pharmaceuticals because all the various national standards are not the same and neither are laws regarding banned/restricted drugs. Opening foreign online drug purchase will also throw the door open wide to recreational designer-drugs with little or no quality standards or safety testing.


Comment Re:free choice (Score -1) 230

Yeah, they're perfectly free to go back to dire poverty and hunger if they want.

- correct, the key word in your sentence being *back*. Back is where they would have to go in order to get away from these 'horrible companies' that are giving them something they never had before - a choice of not going back, from where they came.

I guess they are making their own choices every day regardless of what you think they should do.

No one is holding a gun to their heads to force them to feed their kids and have basic shelter.

- precisely, nobody is forcing them to eat and to feed their kids. They are choosing to do so by working for the companies that are offering them these jobs. They can go *back* of-course, back from whence they came.

Comment Re: First item on the agenda... (Score 1) 108

I think the problem is not that its on the internet, but that it accepts commands from the internet, if they just sent data everything would be fine.

IoT can be made secure, because encryption exists, so long as master key is not stolen, or backup master key, but these problems exist for all security things not just IoT.

The way I see it, even when things are "read" or "display" only, no appliances should be connected over the internet without 2-way SSL, pairing the appliance with a set of devices (say smart phones or tablets), or some other robust, fail-safe pairing mechanism.

A smart fridge (assuming that shit made sense) shouldn't be available for read, let alone write, by default on the internet. It shouldn't even be easily discoverable.

Comment Re: Morons (Score 1) 280

A male nerd who is good at talking to girls?

Iron Man was pretty good at this one.

A cop who is happily married?

I don't think that exists in real life. Interestingly, I've seen several women on dating sites write in their profiles something like "no men in law enforcement; been there, done that". I've never seen women specifically exclude any other professions like that.

Comment Re:Cloud Based Backup (Score 1) 336

Wouldn't it make more sense for them to launch some radio relays into space and then use smaller, cheaper ground based dishes to communicate with those relays? This would also eliminate the problem with the Sun being in the way (position one relay far away from the Earth so that you can beam the signal around the Sun).

Comment Re:see what the Union free work place get's you! (Score 5, Interesting) 230

Where independent unions are banned.

Basically when China and Russia gave up on socialism, they created a version of capitalism in the image of what they imagined capitalism to be; not the kind of liberal society you find in advanced Western democracies with their regulated market economies and worker's rights guarantees.

Comment Re:indigenous? (Score 2) 44

Indigenous means "originating where it is found", or "naturally occurring in a particular place". It can be used referring to individuals, groups of people, flora, fauna, minerals -- pretty much anything. It shares many of the same dictionary definitions as "native".

The word usage problem is using "indigenous" for an artificial, mobile invention, which is a bit unusual. You wouldn't say "indigenous airplane" because it's not something naturally found in a place or confined to a place. That would be an unusual usage, but people would understand what you meant -- you'd mean "domestically produced".

Comment Re:Captain Kirk says...More like Vampire Chronicle (Score 1) 284

I'm old enough now that, when feeling particularly sour I said something about not liking the music now, the attitudes now, etc. And in the next sentence, I admitted that my father felt that way about current times when I was in my 20s.

Assuming you're around my age (40s), your father was wrong. The music of the 70s-80s was the best. The music being made now is crap, at least if you're talking about commercialized stuff. (There's a lot of good independent stuff though.)

The world has changed and I don't fit in quite so well anymore.

Oh please. The nice thing about modern times and the internet is that you don't need to "fit in" any more; you can live in your own secluded subculture. There's no shortage of online communities (and offline ones too: see catering to any eclectic interest you might have. You really do need to live in or near a metro area to take advantage of much of this though if you want any in-person interactions with others of your subculture.

Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 1) 284

you still have infinity more years. What will you do for the next thousand? the thousand after that?

You don't have "infinity more years". The chances of you living more than a few thousand is not that great, even with biological immortality. At some point, something is going to happen to you: either you're going to have an accident, or someone is going to kill you. Or you could die of a new disease that they don't figure out how to cure in time. Sure, auto accidents will become more rare in coming years thanks to self-driving cars, but people die in accidents all the time, and there's always murders, terrorist attacks, etc. Your chances of dying this way in a 100-year life are not that high, but change it to an unlimited lifetime, with a 30-year-old body (so you don't spend your older years just sitting around the house), and now your chances of dying by accident or murder become 100%.

Comment Re: Idiots Rule The World (Score 2) 280

How so? The other choice is at least as bad, and just perpetuates the problem.

The best choice, IMO, is to vote third-party; if enough people did that, they wouldn't be "third parties" any more. But I can understand someone voting for Trump just to shake things up like a bull in a china shop.

What we really need is an all-new system that allows multiple parties to exist, enabled by a voting system that supports this (i.e., anything besides first-past-the-post).

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