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Comment Resistence is futile (Score 1) 128

Anyone else worried this is how the Borg started?

People are tired of strapping on a watch, having pockets for a phone and requiring an audio receiver jammed in one's ear - all with abysmal battery life.

Wouldn't it be simpler if one had nano-implants powered by one's own metabolism, connected via 4G 24/7 to all your friends who could sense your thoughts, with a gigapixel video camera augmenting your eye socket?

Shove a cable into your belly button and you could directly charge all your USB devices via your own tummy fat.

Comment Re:Definition of "preview"? (Score 1) 149

I'm running testing, mainly because at the time I bought the machine, drivers were work in progress, i.e. Intel's xorg implementation.

if you're running a Linux LTS release that's older than the hardware you're running, 'unstable' may be more stable than 'stable', if that makes sense.

I could now downgrade back from stretch to jessie at this point, probably, with backports enabled.

Comment Re:Oh, that's just jolly (Score 3, Informative) 167

Well if Slashdot had linked the Mozilla blog post instead of some random softpedia clickbait, you might have read where they are working with distros to incorporate the rust toolchain.

We have active discussions from the Rust side on getting the rust compiler into all of the major Linux distributions. There's definitely some complexity there, but the Rust community is working hard on doing it before Firefox would require Rust to build by default.

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