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Comment Re: Great! (Score 2) 75

I have a nexus model and it's stuck on 5.x

Used Nexus 6 phones can be had on ebay for $AU206 but if it costs me two hundred bucks just to get the lastest OS on a soon to be unsupported phone then they really aren't that much better than the competition.

(Yes, I'm cheap.)

Comment Re:Price? (Score 1) 283

Perhaps the seaweed can be made into pellets for similar nutritional benefit, to be fed to grain-fed livestock..

The article doesn't state whether it's the process of chewing or the chemical composition of the food that causes the reduction. Maybe grass-fed animals can also benefit by taking a dietary supplement of seaweed-juice added to their water supply?


President Obama Gives Up On The Trans-Pacific Partnership (theguardian.com) 355

An anonymous reader quotes The Guardian: White House officials conceded on Friday that the president's hard-fought-for Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal would not pass Congress, as lawmakers there prepared for the anti-global trade policies of President-elect Donald Trump. Earlier this week, congressional leaders in both parties said they would not bring the trade deal forward during a lame-duck session of Congress, before the formal transition of power on January 20.
One Canadian law professor had argued the case against the TPP included its unbalanced intellectual property rules and risks to privacy, while the EFF believed it locked in the worst parts of U.S. copyright law and also exported them to other countries.

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