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Comment Re:wrong priorities (Score 4, Insightful) 27

Oh, yes, "they" should. Because infrastructure doesn't help with any of the problems you listed, and there is no middle class in Africa (definitely not a rapidly growing one). Furthermore, there is no variation at all in a continent of over 50 countries and a billion people - every last person in Africa is constantly ducking snipers whilst starving in the middle of the desert and coughing up blood on account of ebolavirus AT THE SAME TIME.

Comment charming guy (Score 0) 124

Good lord. Clearly this man has a healthy respect for the law, freedom of the press, international institutions, and our friends in Central America, whom he treats as equals even though "half of them can't read". And the crowd at slashdot is too busy jerking off to his pseudo-libertarian entitlementist thoughtporn to care.

Comment you can do better than that (Score 4, Interesting) 423

don't use firefox. don't use any browser at all. if you need a browser, you need windows 7. sorry to burst your bubble, but anything else is going to be dangerous. you should be getting rid of any potential vector for badness (any software, particularly software that is known to touch the internet) altogether.

Comment abrasiveness is unbecoming (Score 1) 480

techies are abrasive. i am abrasive. you are abrasive. but it just doesn't work for the head of the FSF to be abrasive to the point of rudeness. will you please step aside and let someone who isn't afraid to play nice take the helm, or at least handle the PR-type functions of your position? a LOT more good could be done this way.

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