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Comment Re:Microarchitectural details? (Score 2) 86

Nope. Officially it's now: Process-Architecture-Optimization, but tick-tack-tock is what some people are calling it, with the tack having been tacked on there to allow selling 'refreshes' of processors with the same architecture and process whilst giving the impression of meaningful progress.

Comment Re:Progress (Score 1) 133

I get the presence of the engineer and co-pilot are temporary its still kinda funny though

No, it isn't. Any other way to introduce this technology would be stupid and reckless.

They also haven't replaced the driver with an engineer and co-pilot. They (will) have replaced the driver with self-driving software. That is the 'proposed solution'. Whether or not they'll pull it off with this experiment is a different story. I'm actually quite skeptical of that.

Comment Re:Developers are at fault (Score 1) 125

That is a counterexample.

What you propose would be superannoying, namely having to take an extra step to go to the downloads folder and then run the file. At that point the OS doesn't even know that it was a file just downloaded from the internet which would make showing a warning dialog at that point even more annoying as it would have to do so for every executable, always.

Also, please keep your ad hominems to yourself.

Comment Re:Its a continuation (Score 1) 254

"Just no need to have that much in a car [...] unless you want to use a flow battery as a local energy source, [then there is currently clearly the need for that amount of liquid in a car]. Which is kind of the thing we're discussing here."

You do understand that a car needs a local energy source to be able to achieve motion, don't you?

Anyone with half a brain understood what I meant. The statement "Just no need to have that much in a car" was and is a ridiculous thing to say, which is what I was pointing out.


Comment Re:Its a continuation (Score 1) 254

I clearly meant: "Unless you want to use a flow battery as a local energy source [in a car]".
The addition of 'local' was to preempt attempted pedantry from people saying "batteries are not energy sources!"

I have to say that your lack of reading comprehension is exhausting.

I will reiterate: "Just no need to have that much in a car." is nonsense, as I have shown.

Comment Re:Its a continuation (Score 1) 254

Give it some air space

Why would you do that?
If I'm not mistaken flow batteries are a closed system when in operation: the liquids are not used up (like gasoline).

Just no need to have that much in a car.

Unless you want to use a flow battery as a local energy source. Which is kind of the thing we're discussing here.

Comment Re:Its a continuation (Score 1) 254

But carrying about 350 litres of liquid doesn't make sense unless we are talking about some sort of large truck for transport.

Why? I think the Tesla S batteries have a comparable volume and weight and those certainly seem to make sense.

Also, given that we're talking about liquid 'refueling', range becomes much less of a problem (for cars, at least).

Comment Re:Its a continuation (Score 4, Interesting) 254

I admit to having little knowledge about them, but I think flow batteries have great potential.

The numbers are probably exaggerated, but these guys claim a range of 1000km in a car with a total of 350 liters of fluid storage. That would mean an energy density of roughly 1/7th of gasoline. That isn't stellar, but it's also far from 'useless crap'-territory. It would be fine for at least industrial energy storage (from renewable sources), it seems.

Let me reiterate this, though: I'm far from an expert on these things.

Comment Re:Next up for debunking (Score 1) 330

I'm not breeding any contempt: they've single handedly earned it w/ everything they've done worldwide since 9/11

You're so stuck in your hatred that you cannot even see that I was talking about the contempt you are breeding among Muslims. You're giving them every reason to hate you.

Be an adult and answer my earlier question:
Imagine a Muslim in the US. Do you think that if that Muslim read what you just wrote, that it would:
a. decrease
b. increase
the chance of him committing an act of terrorism?

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