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Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 272

Seven Earth sized planets orbiting at such close proximity to a sun that is just marginally larger than Jupiter, so say the sun has three-times Earth gravity. Isn't that a highly unstable system? Every planet orbit in that system is being strongly influenced by the orbits of the six other planets.

Comment Re:The usual 2 Windows10 questions: (Score 1) 74

Telemetry is not spyware.

I beg to differ. In fact, places that deal with HIPAA and PCI compliance rules have to be crazy-OCD about this sort of stuff. On paper, it would seem that the mandatory telemetry could easily violate these regulations, and Microsoft refuses to give assurance or proof otherwise.

Windows is racing Apple to see which can become wholly unsuitable in an enterprise environment first.

What a load of bullshit. I have hundreds of HIPAA and PCI systems in my enterprise and Windows 10 never even comes up in the discussions with the compliance people. Stop making shit up just to fucking hate on Windows 10.

Comment Re:Agile! (Score 1) 74

When agile is done correctly you are right. But agile, like socialism, is always "perfect world" scenario stuff.

To be fair Capitalism is also a "perfect world" scenario. You can paint it red (communism) or blue (capitalism), but what we have in reality is the very same modernized Feudalism.

No, capitalism is self correcting. Capitalism acknowledges flaws but allows for markets to fix them. Socialism does not, can not and will not do so. What you're talking about is crony capitalism which is a mix of capitalism and socialism where government picks winners and losers.

Comment Re:The usual 2 Windows10 questions: (Score 0) 74

1) Can I disable it?
2) Does it remove the spyware?

Microsoft, please get it: NOTHING ELSE matters to us concerning your Windows 10 updates.

1) I don't want to disable it. I want updates, especially when they are free and provide security and usability enhancements.
2) Define spyware. Telemetry is not spyware.

Comment Re:Agile! (Score 3, Interesting) 74

When agile is done correctly you are right. But agile, like socialism, is always "perfect world" scenario stuff. All too often management wants you to release early and often and miss the "fail quickly" component.

Where I am now we're expected to release often with the same standard of QA we had with a traditional waterfall project management style. It just doesn't work, leads to higher stress, turn over and ultimately failure. Then you have the shops that want to apply agile to fucking everything from janitorial services to sales. This is the cookie cutter approach, or like my old boss used to say "Give the fuckers a hammer and suddenly everything looks like a nail"

I'm just not impressed with agile. The quality of development the last 5 or so years from every shop I've seen use it has fallen sharply.

Comment Re:Ummm, Apple won the smartphone war. (Score 0) 224

I hate that Apple is so dominant here. I really want to like and use Android but the truth is in the numbers. Every Android user I know at work is now going iPhone. The bugs, the slow updates, the lack of security, it's all broken them down. Apple has really nailed this and it shows in their profits.

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