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Comment Re:Livable minimum wage makes a difference (Score 1) 403

The fact that a lot of people in the US have multiple jobs working many hours just to be able to buy food and pay rent is not something you should be proud of.

Those people already collect EBT and welfare. Frankly if they have the tenacity to work multiple jobs then I really don't worry about them. The ones I worry about are the 95 million people presently out of work entirely.

Comment Re:Yes it was! (Score 1) 124

It better be made of pretty tough stuff! Venus isn't a material friendly place. I think the longest lasting Venera probe made it for two hours. Pretty much anything that we make would be dissolved fairly quickly.

On the surface, yes. But this ancient stuff would probably be under layers of dirt, sand, ash... whatever, perhaps even fossilized. It could have been buried under the planet surface before the surface got as hazardous as it is now.

Comment Re:Yes it was! (Score 4, Interesting) 124

Well, they either smoked a hell of a lot, or they had civilization and burned up wood and all their fossil fuels, leading to the runaway greenhouse effect the article mentions.

Wouldn't it be ironic if humanity is searching the vastness of space with the most powerful telescopes for extraterrestrial intelligence, all the while the remnants of a fallen civilization reside on the planet right next to us, somewhere under layers of dirt and dust?

What a gloomy, foreboding picture that makes.

Perhaps they sent probes and robots to Earth, like we do to Mars, and life on Earth is the descendant of the microorganisms that made the trip on them.

Comment Re:that would be the opposite of intelligence (Score 1) 70

well, yes, the word intelligence means to choose based on comprehension. But this is choosing from data. Having data is very much the opposite of intelligence.

Figuring out how to drive across the city by reading a map, is all that this is doing.

I'm intelligent. I can navigate my way across a city without a map -- even without a compass. I can hike across a wooded area without a trail too. It's getting from here to there without knowing what's in-between; that's intelligence.

This is data.

But you can make those choices because you have previous experiences (data) for doing so. You learned what a sign is (data), and how to read said sign (data). You learned what streets are and sidewalks. All of this is data.

Intelligence is just stringing together all of the previous data, such as what you've learned, memories etc. and coming to conclusions. I'm not calling Deep Mind intelligent yet, we're just not there. But your interpretation I think is off.

Comment Re:surprising lack of coverage (Score 2, Informative) 357

The large-media coverage on this has been near nonexistent. NYTimes is carrying one AP wire story about it, but no editorial comment. CNN has literally *nothing*. This has been news for weeks (thought the charges were changed from trespassing (after it seemed hard to make that stick) to rioting). Rolling Stone had been reporting on it, but really? Why do I have to get important political news from a music mag (or from, say, a tech website)? Why do I hear so much more about Trumps hand size and sexual escapades than I do about obstruction of freedom of the press? I mean, yeah, I know why, really (a generation fed on intellectual pap); just whining, I guess. Now GTF off my lawn, 'k?

Because the press doesn't care anymore. James O'Keefe broke a story today with video evidence of Hillary's campaign working illegally to create violence at Trump protests and the media won't report it. Wikileaks has broken so much info the last 3 weeks that Hillary should already be under indictment but the press won't report it.

If you look at who runs the news orgs, every single one of them are either a brother of a DNC operative or married to a DNC operative. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Who's in power right now? A Democrat President. No way are they going to report anything negative to the political power base that they favor right before an election. Our media is now just Pravda for the US. It's pathetic.

Comment Re:Time for the average folks (Score 2) 212

To start running OpenVPN and letting anyone they know personally abroad connect in and view the content they want. My connection should be able to handle 2 or 3 more regular HD Netflix streams in and out. They block my IP? Big deal, I can convince the ISP's DHCP server to assign me a new one. Once they've blocked enough dynamic residential IPs to piss everyone off, they'll most likely just give up.

It's easy to play whack-a-mole when there are only a handful of very visible moles. Put millions of them underground and see how much effort the rent-seekers are willing to spend on blocking.

1) Securing your own network from a foreigner connecting to it would be a pain.
2) Data caps in the US make this untenable.
3) Why should US citizens pay so that foreigners can watch our videos? Shouldn't you just unsub from Netflix and let them know why?

Comment Re:Augmented Reality... (Score 2) 55

...isnt iPhone specific. Technically any smartphone with a camera can become "augmented reality" with the right software.

In the phones case its simply just 3D graphics overlay, with plane/movement/motion tracking software.

You're missing the part about the headset. Microsoft really kicked this into gear with HoloLens. Apple sees the writing on the wall with that. Google Glass was pretty inspirational, if you look at the videos they put out early on where glass was constantly reporting to you visually things in your surroundings. Those things never came to pass unfortunately.

Apple has a real opportunity here. If they can put all of this together (which is their strong suit) then we could really see a revolution in tech. VR has no appeal to me and I suspect most others. Its really only useful for gaming. AR on the other hand has so many possibilities that it is really incredible if we can truly get there. In a sense AR will do for us what internet searches originally did. Truly AR feels like the logical extension of todays technology.

Google failed to do it and Microsoft is slowly doing it. Apple is looking to make a big splash for the iPhones 10th anniversary next year so I wouldn't put it past them to do something like this.

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