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Comment Re:Wut (Score 1) 55

I think the actual strength of a game like Minecraft is not that it teaches you anything, but that it raises interests in things like architecture, electronics, farming, geography, etc. So it inspires kids to learn real-world things.
I got interested in history, cultures and politics thanks to the Civilization games. Though I doubt the Civ games tought me much in and by themselves.

Comment Re:How did they come up with that number? (Score 1) 284

Why not e, or 12.44426268%? And haven't they something better to do? They are a bank, not a research institute, are they?

They are setting up a new spin for their lawyers. Once the bank has lost all your savings and needs to be bailed out with taxpayer money after the next bubble bursts, they'll be like: "Relax... it's not like we lost real money or anything"

Comment Re:Not going to happen (Score 4, Interesting) 387

I think Obama publicly speaks out against Trump because he has actual respect for the office and Trump is an unprecedented, very unusual candidate. No matter if you're Democrat or Republican, if you are able to see through the populist rhetoric and regard Trump for what he is, one thing seems certain; Trump is completely unpredictable to the point of being erratic and volatile. An accomplished opportunist that always says whatever the current audience wants to hear. It's impossible to know what he will do in a position of power and that can be a very dangerous thing when holding one of the most powerful positions in the world.

Comment Re:Tax avoidance vs. Tax evasion (Score 1) 579

Yeah, lets make those books on law thicker and thicker and fill in those loopholes. All that remains to be done is think of every possible and impossibly creative way anyone might ever think of to evade taxes. Obviously you can't count on people to do the morally correct or sensible thing, you have to spell it out for them.

That's why we have those labels everywhere, right? For the idiots and irresponsible people who need everything spelled out for them. Watch out! Your paper coffee cup has hot contents inside. Wouldn't want to burn your lips, poor baby. Obviously the neo-capitalist world takes every chance it can get to bitch about the "nanny state" and when they abuse the system as they see fit, it's all about... "hey... it's not illegal now issit?"

Comment Re:Russia doesn't need to interfere. (Score 0) 531

Everything is relative. They say Democracy is the worst form of government after all other forms of government. And the West with it's freedom and democracy is full of shit, yet all other parts of the world are even more full of shit.

You can nitpick about western freedoms as much as you like. But compared to most of the rest of the world, the US, UK and EU are fucking paragons of Freedom and Democracy in the world. Look at the state of affairs in China, South America, Africa, Russia, the Middle East, India, and tell me you don't agree.

Comment Re:Russia doesn't need to interfere. (Score 0) 531

Wild conspiracy theories aside, the U.S. and the UK are democracies that guarantee freedom of speech and the press. In Putin's Russia, all the public press speaks out of Putins mouth and journalists that don't get in line are simply beaten up or murdered, as are political rivals.
I'll take the propaganda promoting freedom and democracy over the propaganda promoting a quasi-fascist regime every day of the year. Even though I have no idea what US and UK propaganda you speak of. I certainly haven't registered any in Germany.

Comment Re:Russia doesn't need to interfere. (Score 2) 531

Did you ever read the comments section at tagesschau.de, the principal public news website, whenever there's an article about Putin, Russia, Ukraine or the war in Syria? The same applies to other prominent news websites and forums.

The Russian "Troll Factories" are well documented by now. The BND (German intelligence) has already warned the German government about the intense disinformation campaign by Russian agents.
If you don't see it it's either because you don't want to see, you sympathize with the Russian government yourself, or you simply don't read the comments sections of online news. The amount of pro-Russian anti-west sentiment is so huge and blatantly obvious you can't really miss it.

Comment Re:Russia doesn't need to interfere. (Score 5, Informative) 531

A Russian disinformation campaign has already been in full swing in Germany for over a year. Russia has identified Germany as the key player in European politics and foreign policy and Russian internet trolls are flooding the comment sections of German news sites with pro-Russian propaganda while trying to sow distrust in German institutions, the government and mainstream German media. Meanwhile Russia is funding European far-right parties like FN in France and the AfD in Germany. The AfD releases pamplets in German and Russian language and explicitly targets the "Russlanddeutsche" former German expatriates that emigrated to Russia and returned since then.
The extent of what is taking place in the German internet is worrying and can only be described by a massive Russian propaganda campaign designed to destabilize European and especially German democracy while bolstering parties that are more friendly to Russian interests and foreign policy. There is an information war going on.

Comment Japanese focus on Britain (Score 5, Interesting) 315

Half of Japan's investments into EU have gone into Britain, seeing as a gateway to the EU. Now they are scared shitless that they have bet on the wrong horse. EU tariffs on cars and other products produced in GB means all those factories were built on the wrong side of the channel.

Comment Exponential debris spread (Score 1) 225

And with every tiny particle hitting a piece of space equipment, the likelihood of further collisions is increased.
I'm pretty sure there is an exponential function in this system, which is worrying. Though thanks to the vastness of space, we are still at a very low level on the progression of that function, if nothing happens at some point the function will take off and cause serious problems.

Comment Re:The EU needs money desperately (Score 2) 564

You got things mixed up. By paying 0.05 percent taxes on their profits, Apple and Ireland have cut out a deal in which they basically refuse to pay their rent.

Apple in Ireland is enjoying Irish infrastructure and services like roads, power, water supply, bridges, security, fire department assistance, etc. And since Ireland is/was one of the poorest countries in the EU, it's more than likely quite a bit of that infrastructure and services was financed with the help of EU money.

And for all of this Apple pays 0.05% of their profits.
It's Apple and Ireland enjoying all the perks of the EU and giving nothing back in return.

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