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Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1) 229

I'm not basing my post on the "single data point", but on these:

were hit by heatwaves that have become more frequent over the last half-century

Earth is fresh off the hottest six months on record

the warmest June in the modern history and also the 14th consecutive month of unprecedented hotness

Gee, did you not even read the freaking summary?

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 1, Insightful) 229

Meanwhile, conservative America still has its head up its ass insisting that climate change is a liberal conspiracy and evolution the thing of the devil.

Now there's something Saudi Arabia and the US have in common. Love for oil, religious nutjobs and ignorance towards scientific evidence.

Comment Re:They do. (Score 2) 159

The HTC Vive uses a different technology, I don't remember what it was called, but it seems to be more effective at preventing nausea, as I read in many reviews that people tend to experience less nausea using the Vive for long periods than with Oculus.

I own a Vive, and when playing Elite I usually get between 45 and 55 frames per seconds, yet the experience seems entirely smooth to me and I don't get any nausea at all. I find no perceivable difference to playing a game running at 90 FPS.

Comment Sudden environmental consciousness (Score 0) 143

In addition to the customer payments, Volkswagen will pay $2.7 billion for environmental cleanup and $2 billion to promote zero-emission vehicles.

Oh, so -now- the US -is- interested in the environment. When its about being at the receiving end, caring for the environment is just dandy, ain't it?

Comment Re: You made it, Syrians! (Score 1) 1592

The value drop in oil, stocks and currencies is a short term panic reaction the markets are known for. Global demand for oil will not change because Britain exits the EU. In a short time (mostly) everything will recover to pre-crash values, with the big exception of the stocks of the British banking sector, who will be hit the hardest.

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