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Comment Not sure that's a good idea (Score 1) 57

NPC cars in GTA V usually drive quite "neatly" and predictably. Not sure it will be an adequate representation of real life where you have morons doing stupid things every once in a while.

Unless they are using the online version of the game, in which chase there will probably be too much chaos on the streets.

Comment Re:FSF = not practical (Score 1) 171

You choose to focus only on the entertainment value of Netflix, and it's easy to argue that people don't really need that form of entertainment and could choose other "free-er" forms of leisure.

First of all, that is a very utopic argument to make. People live in a society, and most people don't care about the details of technology, privacy, DRM and the moral / ethical implications of all that. Let's call these people "sheep". Most sheep just want to watch good shows and couldn't care less about the political aspects. And those people who actually care about that stuff still have sheepish friends they want to connect with, and they want to watch the same shows.

Also, there are many other, extremely useful services provided by other information harvesting megacorps. Google search, google maps, cloud infrastructure, social networking... by banning all of that from your life, because it's not "free", you are effectively banning a large part of recent human progress and civilization from your life.

Comment Re:FSF = not practical (Score 1) 171

The most popular distribution of the most popular OS kernel is wrapped in a tightly controlled ecosystem in which everything you can do, which by default isn't much, is tracked and logged.

What percentage of operating systems in the world are running in an open and "free" environment as per FSF definition? Less than a fraction of a percentage? How can you consider that winning?

Comment FSF = not practical (Score 5, Interesting) 171

I sympathize with his ideals, because the truth is that a lot of DRM sucks ass and big companies like facebook are screwing their users in unethical ways. But it's still hard to take Stallman seriously because he doesn't provide practical solutions to these problems. The reality is, we live in a world choke full of DRM and information harvesting megacorps - the free software idealism has lost and will never win - and Stallman seems like a radical extremist that advocates blowing up parlament and engaging in civil disobedience by opting out of all the services modern life offers. This is not a practical or tolerable solution for 99% of the population. Most people want to watch Netflix, connect with their friends on facebook and perform Google searches. If you just tell them they can't have all that, you'll never win them over.

Comment Re: Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1222

star wars is Greek mythology in outer space. Lucas even consulted with Joseph Campbell to get the story right

How's that? I always thought Star Wars is World War 2 blended with Asimov's foundation.

Empire - Nazi Germany
Rebel Alliance - Allies
Space Combat - World War 2 style dogfighting

Everything else, Coruscant, psychic abilities, galaxy spanning empire, is obviously inspired by Asimov.

Comment Re:I still don't 'get' realistic war simulations. (Score 1) 174

. As a father I use to take my boys out twice a month and go play military simulations using Airsoft guns before I became disabled.

Sorry to hear that bro. All the best wishes. Be strong.

Also, I agree with your point of view.
I've played violent video games, starting with the classic Doom, since I was a young teenager, and I haven't turned out a crazy, violent maniac. Quite the contrary. I catch insects and arachnids I find at home and bring them outside instead of crushing them.

Having said that, I wouldn't let my young kids play violent videogames until they reach a certain age (13+). And I do think that if you have a certain predisposition towards violent behavior, playing violent games (and watching violent movies or consuming any kind of violent media, for that matter) might have the potential to get you worked up and anxious to behave violently.

You wouldn't want to give a box of matches to a pyromaniac either.

Comment Re:Your plan? (Score 5, Informative) 620

The US and many western countries have been curbing CO2 emissions. China, India, Russia, and others have been increasing

At the moment it is actually Europe, China and India who are seeing the need for climate control and pushing for renewable energy sources, whereas it's the US trump administration who is singing the praises of fossil fuels and degrading environmental policy to a footnote.

Comment Re:"We're" loosing it? (Score 2, Insightful) 444

This guy is 1) A professor, and 2) in Boston - ergo, he's probably extremely liberal (how'd I know???)

Not everyone is losing the information war. Just your side.

It's sad that it has come so far that being educated and informed automatically labels you a liberal. I think it really reflects the low point that conservatism in the US has reached, peaking with Donald Trump being elected as president.
Because by saying that you of course suggest the other side of the coin, being that conservatism in the US has shifted towards ignorance, populism and a science-denying base of people with simple solutions to complex problems.
Such as building walls.

The Age of Enlightenment is what separated the West from other parts of the planet, such as the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This is what enabled our amazing progress in the last few centuries. Critical thinking, intellectualism, freedom of thought and religion, all of these great and amazing things. It seems some parts of the US want to turn back the wheels of time and return to the age of monarchs, priests and superstition.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 0) 667

Populism has a narrow meaning, and refers to the members of the Populist (or People's) Party first active in the United States in the 1890s...

No it doesn't. Maybe it did, in the US, at the time you went to school and learned about this word, but language evolves, and the current mainstream use of "populism" is to describe simple ideas and solutions that appeal to the wide, uneducated and frequently deceived (without their knowing) masses.

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