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Comment Goddamn these advertisers just don't learn! (Score 1) 113

They know, well, that people don't want auto-play video with sound.

History has shown that users will block such things with a vengeance or walk away from a service that won't stop this sort of nasty behavior.

Yet FACEBOOK is going to try it again. Like it wasn't fucking obnoxious and undesirably the first umpty-fuckin-bajillion times it was tried.

But hey. Go ahead! Make your platform ever more irrelevant! All in the name of chasing ad dollars!

You fucking twits...

Submission + - SPAM: Poll: Favourite use of Pi

boaworm writes: Options:
* As a basis for calculus
* Multiply any estimate before submitting to management
* As dessert

Comment Re:Reminds me of a crazy, hot girlfriend (Score 1) 298

The thing is, YOU were talking about economic damage, loss of land, social ramifications, etc of flat out losing a town/community from a nuclear accident.

My point is that nuclear power isn't the only way to leave people bereft of a town, and that similar problems, along with historical examples, exist with regards to fossil fuel as well.

Now I DO agree with you that Fukushima residents should probably be reimbursed for the full, pre-accident value of their homes and belongings, as well as compensation for the damage done to their lives.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 114

It's a damn shame they didn't do it with the shuttle external fuel tanks. Those things were huge. How many would we have in use now if that was part of the design?

They didn't do it because the ET would have become the cargo - the Orbiter itself couldn't carry much beyond it's crew. On top of that, the altitude they would have been delivered to would have required regular reboosts. (Any tank launched before the turn of the century and not reboosted would be gone by now.) On top of *that* it required a number of dedicated Shuttle flights to lift all the stuff needed to outfit the interior.

In the end, using external tanks was very, very expensive for very little functionality.

Submission + - Why are GitHub and censoring content? (

Miche67 writes: The internet is known for the free and rapid dissemination of uncensored information, but lately sites and services have been censoring content--including GitHub and

Bryan Lunduke says: "GitHub, a service primarily used for open source and free culture projects, recently censored a repository that contained information proving the NSA developed malware targeting numerous systems." And "censored content posted by “Guccifer 2” that was potentially damaging to the reputation of the Democratic party."

Neither organizations have responded to requests by Lunduke to find out why they took those actions.

This comes after Twitter and Facebook came under fire for their censorship actions.

Lunduke poses the question:

When something that many people feel is important to their lives occurs and the major online platforms for disseminating that information censor them, what does that say about those platforms?

Comment Re:Too bad they can't use the SS ext. tanks (Score 1) 114

Shuttle ETs never got up to a stable orbit. It would have been possible to use the OMS to take them up there, but then the Shuttle would have had basically no payload capacity on that mission.

And even then, the tanks would be low enough to require regular reboosts. Without reboosts, any tanks launched before around the turn of the century would already have re-entered.

Comment Re:uranium runs out (Score 1) 298

The problem with breeders and thorium reactors is that they are unproven on commercial scale. Every time anyone has attempted them, there have been many serious and expensive problems.

The main expense is trying to actually get anyone from the government to actually talk with you about them in the first place. Because the current political climate runs something like this:

NRCGuy: Hi! What can I do for you!
You: Hi! I'd like to talk about building a small-scale Thorium reactor for research purposes.
NRCGuy: *Holds hand out, expecting money*
*After you pay the fee.*
NRCGuy: Okay! Thanks! Your time is up! *Holds hand out, expecting more money.*

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