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Comment Re:about hash functions (Score 1) 159

It seems obvious to me that a small string sequence could be identical from two differents long original texts. Even it happend, the hash function is NOT the original message, and a collision could happen. It does'nt mean that the two original texts are the same.
Am i right ?

Yes. A hash is nothing more than a function mapping data of arbitrary size to an output of fixed, smaller size so by definition you can always construct two inputs which yield the same hash. What makes crypto hashes secure is that this is normally very, very hard to do - that is, given a hash generate an input from it.

Comment Re: In other news (Score 1) 159

But i don't quite get it yet. git push --force is not supposed to be a straightforward, or even common operation, as it can destroy history. And selecting/enforcing a ranching schemes is a problem you'll run into with every other SCM in existence.

I'll admit that git gives you enough tools to shoot yourself in both foots if you're willing to, but it also provides very straightforward, easy to use commands for everyday operations. Anyone proficient in SVN can pick up git in 20'.

Comment Re: In other news (Score 1) 159

I've been using git on and off for a while and, honestly, it is the most developer-friendly SCM out there. Which kind of problems do you refer to?

My main pet peeve with git is that it really doesn't work well with big repositories, large number of users, or binary files. Other than that it is a joy to work with.

Comment Re:Here's what it means (Score 5, Informative) 159

FWIW, you're correct, but "hash function" englobes much more than that. Technically, a CRC is, by definition, a hash function. So is bit parity.

A cryptographic hash function has the properties you mention, plus the fact that it must not be easily reversible and uniformly distribute results over its entire output space.

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