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Comment Re:dust (Score 1) 85

Looks like the disk in that drive hasn't been removed in 25 years as well. If that's the case it wouldn't really surprise me why it still works.

The only thing, in my experience, that would reliably kill 5 1/4 floppies were magnets, even small ones. You could bend them and, as long as they wouldn't crease they would still work fine.

Comment Re:Name Calling (Score 1) 134

And it's a surprise because his manner of speaking is not very sophisticated at all.

Agreed. That, sadly, speaks more about the US voters than Trump.

This years' elections are shit. Clinton would be on any other occasion a bland candidate, at most. And Trump... i still can't believe the guy is running for president. Or that there's people actually buying his horseshit.

Comment Re:Name Calling (Score 1) 134

I meant the guy is really good at verbally arguing. It doesn't matter if there's no substance to it or half his statements are bullshit - those simple projection tricks like AK Marc describe are eerily effective on some people. About half the US population, in fact.

Trump has literally talked his way to a GOP presidential runner. It's scary as hell.

Comment Re:Name Calling (Score 1) 134

I dunno, he seems really easy to bait on Twitter and uses lots of easily discovered scams like pretending to be his own press officer. His constant use of hollow threats to sue doesn't help either.

And yet he made it to a GOP candidate with the support of almost 50% of the country. Don't take the guy for granted, he can deliver bullshit like no one else.

I find Trump unfathomable as a presidential candidate, and still, here he is.

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