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Comment Re:No no no. (Score 2) 270

As a former guitarist, i can tell you this: is not so much about the sound, but how tube amps react to ones playing. The old Line 6 stuff, f.ex, already sounded fantastic on recordings back in 1999 but didn't quite "feel" like the real thing.

Having said that: i haven't tried the latest state-of-the-art offerings from Kemper et al, but i hear this has improved a lot since then.

Comment Re:Not really groundbraking (Score 4, Interesting) 113

I *can* tell you that this stuff is not easy *at all*, and the fact that the game gets such good performance across such a wide range of hardware, while still maintaining a high level of visual fidelity on lower end machines, is impressive in its own right.

This. The most impressive thing about Doom 2016 its not the way it looks (honestly, there're plenty of AAA games with comparable, if not better, graphics) but that it runs silk smooth on relatively underpowered hardware. You can consistently get 60 fps at 1440p on low-tier GPUs.

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