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Comment Re:Jesus, what's with all this Wayland bashing? (Score 2) 151

So, the question seems to come down to whether Wayland can do remote apps as effectively as X can, either by itself or by way of some kind of extension. I've read the entire thread so far, and no answer, not even a theoretical one.

The thing is, X cannot even do remote effectively anymore - at least not with modern DEs/WMs. We're way past the days of rendering with geometrical primitives.

Comment Ummmm.... (Score 1) 179

"The purpose of the keygen tool is to generate a 16-byte random number for use by the other tools. This simple task can be accomplished by reading 16 bytes from /dev/urandom."

No, not really - not if you want to maximize entropy. The procedure he describes afterwards seems awfully convoluted, but might be a good way of generating strong pseudorandom numbers in systems with a poor /dev/urandom implementation.

Comment Jesus, what's with all this Wayland bashing? (Score 1) 151

Gnome 3 (pffft!) user here. I've been using Wayland by default with it for almost a year one... with zero issues. And i do mean zero. It runs better and using less resources than ever did.

You might whine about Fedora all you want, but the switch makes a lot of sense for non-remote *nix desktop users. Which i'd venture to say it's pretty much all of their user base nowadays.

Comment Never understood the appeal of the original (Score 1) 65

Not meaning to troll, but i tried to play Goldeneye back in its day and again recently, and i can't just understand why it is so revered. It is because it was one of the first decent FPS for consoles?

My main peeve is that it always felt so slow. Remember, this came out the same year that Quake II was released.

Comment As a former user and fan of Opera... (Score 1) 85

...i honestly couldn't care less. This is just another nail in the coffin; good riddance.

Opera died when, for some unfathomable reason, they decided to rewrite their browser as a Chromium skin. The original Opera browser was a fantastic product.

Nowadays i use Chromium myself while i eagerly wait for the first stable release of Vivaldi.

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