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Comment Re:Fake news != Flawed news (Score 1) 314

The law says that a player cheats when they "alter the elements of chance, method of selection or criteria which determine:

(a) The result of a game;
(b) The amount or frequency of payment in a game;
(c) The value of a wagering instrument; or
(d) The value of a wagering credit."

My point is, they did not. They did not surreptitiously switched the shuffler nor the deck of cards; they openly asked about it and the casino agreed to the terms.

Comment Re:Random aspersions (Score 1) 270

p>"Thus historian Vincent J. Cannato concluded in September 2006, "With time, Giuliani's legacy will be based on more than just 9/11. He left a city immeasurably better off — safer, more prosperous, more confident — than the one he had inherited eight years earlier, even with the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center at its heart. Debates about his accomplishments will continue, but the significance of his mayoralty is hard to deny."

You might be correct, in that Giuliani was not hired because of competence, but you are completely incorrect implying that Giuliani is wholly without competance.

I did not imply anything. I was very clear: Giuliani might or might not have been a good governor, but he has zero competence in cyber security and computers in general.

I do work on IT and security. That does not qualify me to design a bridge.

Comment Not really a big deal. (Score 5, Insightful) 270

Robert Graham explained it succinctly: http://blog.erratasec.com/2017... .

The real story here is that Giuliani is now a goddamn cybersecurity advisor, not that this personal site is crap. The guy was hired not because of competence but because he spent the entire campaign kissing Trump's ass.

Comment Re:512TB of address space means nothing (Score 1) 125

Anyway, it doesn't mean the cards themselves would need to have such huge amount of memory, it means they are now able to handle a memory address space that vastly exceeds their physical memory. Graphics cards don't need to have everything in local memory.

I've replied this below a good number of times below, but for completeness sake: this is not new. Not even for AMD, which i'm unable to find the exact number of addressable bits for each GPU family but they all support unified virtual memory with 64 bits CPUs since the days of the HD7700. Hell, Linux has support for this feature since 3.20.

nVidia? CUDA 5 has you covered as well.

My point is: current GPU offerings can already address way, way more memory than they usually physically carry. No idea why someone would push this as a selling point other than 512GB sounds like a large number to people who don't know better.

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