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Comment How the F*** do you rideone of those holes down?!? (Score 1) 91

So instead of melting our own hole to Europa's ocean, we use on of these plume holes.

For simplicity sake, let's say the hole is perfectly smooth, no jiggered edges.
How the F*** do you go against that kind of pressure?
If the plume of water/slush ice is 100+ miles high, imagine the PSI!
You'd need something like a diving bell that stop the plume from spewing so that you can go down the hole.

Comment Re:Rich people toy at best due to energy costs (Score 1) 134

No you're just making that up. The energy to run a horseless carriage wasn't unprecedented: it was about the same needed to run a conventional carriage. You're correct that a manufacturing line and economies of scale were the major factor in making cars affordable though, because the cost of manufacture was what made cars rich people toys for over a hundred years before the model A came out, not energy costs.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 637

Gonna need a source for that. Consumer-led boycotts for political reasons in general are a neutral tool that could be used for good or bad. There have only been a few we'd consider bad today, most were explicitly organized by governments or political parties. Whether a boycott against Palmer Luckey or anyone else ends up on the wrong side of history depends on the intent and effect of the boycott, not on the simple fact that it is a boycott based on objections to an individuals' political donations.

Again, would you consider a boycott of my hypothetical supermarket where John Smith, ISIS donor, works to be evil? Answer that plainly for me please, and maybe we can get to the root of your assertion that this type of action is categorically evil.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 637

We'll just have to disagree on whether ceasing to fund a business due to contributions to political activity you disagree with is evil. I think it isn't.

And BTW, we do basically live in a society where everyone does every evil thing they think they can get away with - almost all of the population does in at least some areas, some do in almost all areas. Laws are there to set the boundaries on behavior, limiting how much "evil" people can get away with. Some activities flourish on the fringes however...see: Tax avoidance, predator colleges, the mugshot shaming industry, PacNet, etc.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 637

How are my examples different, because I didn't use an employee's name? Well let's say a high-ranking employee named John Smith at the hypothetical company is making the donations out of his pay. If the company fires John Smith, money you spend at the company will cease to fund the activity in question as a result. Now tell me if you would continue to support my hypothetical ISIS-funding supermarket, and at what point you feel a line is crossed between an acceptable and unacceptable boycott.

I will now go on record specifically supporting and endorsing the right to cease doing business with Oculus over Palmer Luckey's donations. Throughout this discussion I've supported freedom of association in business relationships for political reasons so this should be no surprise to you, this particular situation is no exception.

Your move.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 637

Now you're just resorting to name-calling. I'm not in charge of any blacklist. I just have the freedom to choose who I do business with for political reasons, and I am willing to exercise it, and see no reason not to. Many others happen to think the same way.

It's laughable to call no longer patronizing a business nasty or evil. Hurtful or punishing, perhaps in a small way, but I might find the offending action they've taken hurtful or punishing, or even nasty and evil as well. There are plenty of companies I have no problem with that I haven't given any business, am I being nasty and evil to Lamborghini? If a company uses the money I've given them to do things I find abhorrent, and I simply wish to cease indirectly funding this activity, how is that nasty or evil?

Furthermore at what point is it OK to stop funding harmful activity indirectly? I assume it would be acceptable to you to stop patronizing a supermarket that was found to be making donations to ISIS (for the sake of argument - if they could legally get away with that). But at what point would it be wrong to change your business practices? If they were funding the KKK? A local communist party or neo-nazi party? Is there some Overton window or legal definition that the activity must fall within where you draw the line, or would you indeed find it wrong to stop patronizing my hypothetical ISIS-funding supermarket?

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 637

So it seems you're actually interested in equating the collective effect of freedom of association with industry and government employment blacklists. They're simply different things. One is enforced by a centralized authority and makes it impossible to be hired regardless of the politics of a company's customer base, the other is simply an effect of decentralized freedom of association and as I've said, would require strict controls on freedom of association to prevent. It doesn't prevent someone from working with a customer base that agrees with them - Palmer Luckey could get a job managing a Trump hat production fac- uh, final assembly plant right now.

Branding the intent of those who choose not to fund people who contribute to political efforts they find abhorrent as evil, hatred and an attempt to hurt is (like,) just your opinion (, man). I, for one, think the things that Brendan Eich and Palmer Luckey support are evil, hateful and hurtful. What now?

Comment Re:Hypocrite much? (Score 1) 637

Exactly. If he put any thought into that statement, he's certainly a closeted Social Injustice Enthusiast of some kind. They want special protection for their political speech and will try to twist logic into a pretzel to make it seem like a reasonable goal possible outside of a totalitarian dictatorship.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 637

You misrepresent the collective effect of people being free to choose who they do business with for political reasons as a "blacklist." I, for one, will publicly state my support for freedom of choice in business relationships, including for political reasons, by any arbitrary number of people.

The alternative would require a state policing mechanism to offer special protection for certain political speech and force business relationships to continue where there is a suspicion that they may have been discontinued for political reasons. Is that what you want?

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