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Comment Re:Current claim (Score 1) 241

There's a video called: "Sugar: the bitter truth."

My take:
-Sugar and HFCS are virtually the same thing (bad)
-Glucose is the body's NATURAL sugar. Processed in your stomach.
-Fructose is processed by the liver because your body sees it as a poison. (Just like alcohol)
-Fructose is alcohol without the buzz
-Fructose with Fiber (aka real fruit) Good because of the fiber
-Fructose w/o Fiber (aka fruit juice) Bad (Fructose tells you body you ate nothing, so you eat more)

Meanwhile many studies are coming out that say ANY artificial sweetener is bad for you

Comment Re:How Long Until M$ deliberately breaks this... (Score 4, Interesting) 218

It would be deja-vu:

Since December 1991 a pre-release version of Windows 3.1 was designed to return a non-fatal error message if it detected a non-Microsoft DOS.[6] This check came to be known as the AARD code.[9] With the detection code disabled, Windows ran perfectly under DR DOS and its successor Novell DOS. The code was present but disabled in the released version of Windows 3.1.[10]

Submission + - Message for AMD: Open PSP Will Improve Security, Hinder Intel

futuristicrabbit writes: AMD has faced calls from Edward Snowden, Libreboot and the Reddit community to release the source code to the AMD Secure Processor (PSP), a network-capable co-processor which some believe has the capacity to act as a backdoor. Opening the PSP would not only have security benefits, but would provide AMD with a competitive advantage against rival chipmaker Intel. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, is reportedly seriously considering the change, and the community is working hard to make sure she makes the right decision.

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