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Comment Re:What is going on here? (Score 1) 535

Microsoft is forcing Windows users to choose:
OPTION #1 - Free-Spy-on-me OS
      - or -
OPTION #2 - Pay-every-year OS

With Option #1, your data+metadata is sold to whoever will pay.

With Option #2, you must be smart enough to config your OS to get privacy but stupid/desperate enough to not seek options.

Comment Prophecy foretold (Score 2) 165

Dan resolved the dilemma by doing something even more unthinkableâ"he lent her the computer, and told her his password. This way, if Lissa read his books, Central Licensing would think he was reading them. It was still a crime, but the SPA would not automatically find out about it. They would only find out if Lissa reported him.

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