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Comment Re: I wouldn't have (Score 5, Insightful) 116

96 bytes was a lot of data in the mid-80s. On a 1200 bps connection, that's almost an entire second per packet. When I was a college student in the early 90s, we had 2400 bps modems in the dialup pool, and the entire university (~3000 students) lived on a 56k leased line. Nowadays, that's trivial. In 1984, not so much.

Comment Re:Come the fuck on (Score 1) 366

I use Syno + offsite. Have a DS412+ (old now, I know) but that's what was available when I bought it. I populated it with two WD Reds and two Seagates, but both Seagates have failed (one in warranty, one not) - so it's WD from here on out unless I find some strong evidence like Backblaze saying there's a better choice.

Comment Re:Where am I being shafted? (Score 1) 42

Does anyone use the high-power graphics when on battery? My laptop is old, ca. 2009, but the HDMI port can only be driven by the high-power graphics chip. About the only time I use it is when I'm watching Netflix on a hotel TV, so it's plugged in. After all, if I wanted performance, I wouldn't be using a seven-year-old laptop.

But, if you're okay with the limitations, it's perfectly capable of doing anything the average person would need a computer for while on the road. You're not going to crunch a big set of numbers with it, but for the average task that requires a more capable device than a tablet, it's perfect. After I was able to flash a Galaxy SII into working condition while in Kenya, I decided that I was never leaving home without it again. Too many tasks require a real general-purpose computer.

Comment Re:Stupidity to follow: (Score 1) 209

I work part-time at a state mental hospital, putting people to sleep for electroconvulsive therapy. IOW: if you end up in front of me, you're someone who has by definition failed to respond to drug therapy.

We have one guy who has committed murder. He's never stood trial, because they can't get him sane enough to stand trial. Insanity is an excuse for breaking the law, but it's not just "homeless guy who mumbles a lot" insane, it's "has zero connection to reality and spends his life in a drug- and shock-induced haze because that's the only way we can keep him from attempting to kill everyone he sees".

Comment Re:In Germany, lights work that way (Score 1) 203

No kidding. I've driven enough on high-truck-traffic routes to understand just how hard it is to be a safe truck driver. It's WORK.

Sadly, the politeness of even professional drivers seems to be going downhill. Twenty years ago, I could always count on the light flash "Come on"/"Okey-dokey" (was how I learned it) for changing lanes. Maybe it's because I'm driving a Lexus (now) instead of a beat-up Pontiac (then), but I always let them know when they're clear to move over, and I almost never get the thanks in return the way I used to. Not all of us in four-wheelers are ignorant, and not everyone in a luxury car is an entitled ass.

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