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Comment Re:Verizon (Score 1) 208

And speaking of "what can you afford", I've found that with my phone on Verizon and my wife's on AT&T (she's still on her parents' plan after fifteen years of marriage), one of us will have service almost anywhere. If you can split the big two carriers, you can vastly improve your service availability. The new Verizon "unlimited" plans are well above my usage level, and treat Canada, USA, and Mexico as one big no-roaming zone for call and text (though they do throttle you after 500 MB/day data in CA/MX).

Comment Re:additionnal lines (Score 1) 208

There's one person's name on the bill, and that person has pay the whole bill (and subsequently collect from everyone else) every month. When you're all family, this is pretty straightforward. Can be trickier with friends. Furthermore, from the add-on's perspective, would you really want someone else to be able to cancel your phone service at any time, no questions asked, because they're the account holder and you're not?

Comment Re: My parents would... (Score 1) 267

My mother didn't start having affairs with other men until after I was born.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but how would you know? Shit, my father-in-law is in his early sixties and just found out that his "dad" wasn't his genetic father. Even if they agreed upon an open relationship at some point after your birth, that doesn't mean she wasn't doing it before that. People who cheat tend not to make a point of telling their SO/spouse when they do so.

Comment Re: People have always talked on planes (Score 1) 99

To hell with that. I fly first just so I don't have to deal with that crap. Same reason I spring for the lounge membership - it's well worth it not to have to hang out in the general terminal. I wish lounges still had phone booths so people could make calls without bothering anyone else, but the current system of retiring to an isolated corner to make your calls usually works.

Comment Re: Post up your favorite init string! (Score 1) 245

Oh, man, I used that Russian flasher too. On a 5690 Winmodem, IIRC.

As for your speeds, there is a standard protocol (T.38) for sending FAX over VOIP, most ATA's support it. Don't know if there is an equivalent for pure data transmission. The last time I had a modem running over VOIP (ReplayTV 3000 series, best UI of any DVR I've ever used) was ca. 2004, and it worked well enough at 9600 to keep my guide data updated. It probably failed about once a week, but it would get the full info the next night.

Comment Re:Actually iOS is safer, more likely to get patch (Score 1) 154

Yep. I've debated switching to an iPhone for a while now. I don't really want to, because iOS frustrates the hell out of me on my iPad (you do it Steve's way, or you don't do it), and because Android has lots of nice little features that iOS doesn't. Simple example: you can make an Android phone act like a USB storage device. Handy, that. Android lets you rename Bluetooth devices, too. My hospital bought a bunch of Bluetooth systems to play music in the operating rooms. They bought the same system for every room. So iOS users, who can't rename paired devices, have a dizzying list of devices with the same name, and good luck figuring out which one is the right device for this room (often will be two or three within range, so you can't just use discovery). I just went in after hours, paired to each one individually, and renamed them "OR 1", "OR 2", etc.

iOS also has the fuck-you features, like the fact that you can't send a group text to more than ten people unless all are iOS users. Why? Because lock-in.

Oh well. I guess I'll last another year or so on my Nexus 6P, and then I'll just bite the bullet. Maybe Apple will fix some of the more annoying things about iOS by then. It only took, what, five or six years for them to put notifications in iOS? And they're still asking carrier permission to activate tethering, which the 6P has never questioned me about at all.

Comment Re:Email isn't dead because it's universal (Score 4, Insightful) 140

Why should phone service be obsolete? I despise long text conversations. If you want to have a back-and-forth, call me. When we're done, one of us can write it up and email the other so there's a record of what conclusions were reached - or we can just not, and nobody but the NSA can prove what we discussed.

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