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Comment Re:Most "automation" isn't, just like this. (Score 2) 324

My hospital does this for handwritten progress notes in charts. It's nice. Especially in anesthesia, which has an elegant (if densely-packed) system of record keeping. For years after the VA put everything in a flat-text note syste, their anesthesia records were done on paper and stored as images.

Comment Re:Saturation (Score 1) 170

Laptops have real OS's. I needed to put a new ROM on an Android phone once when overseas (reasons are complicated, but this was the only solution). I couldn't have done that with a tablet. It wasn't my primary phone; it was one I was using as a backup with a local SIM, but it made my life a lot easier to have it rather than pay through the nose for roaming data service.

For surfing, a tablet is fine. But there are lots of things that require a real OS to do, and old laptops (mine is at least 7 years old) are better than brand-new tablets for those tasks. My next laptop will be an Apple so I can run Bootcamp and have both OSX and Windows available for whatever I need.

Comment Re:A question of definitions? (Score 1) 165

Your friend the renter has exclusive control over his apartment, with minor exceptions for the maintenance thereof. He is the person who can authorize someone else to enter. The landlord, outside of fairly narrow exceptions for maintaining the property (often subject to prior notice to the tenant except in emergencies), cannot do so. The no-sharing policy is unenforceable because it is invalid; the renter has the right to loan a key to someone (yes, even if subletting is prohibited, he can legally loan his key to someone else, e.g. for petsitting).

The differentiation is: who controls access? In this case, the company owned the computers, and the dude accessing them did not have permission to access them. I'm not a fan of the way CFAA is used, but this is a pretty clear violation.

Comment Seems like a long time... (Score 1) 175

3.5 hrs flying? Something's wrong with the analysis. I put up with TSA in the US and can get from my garage to an airport slightly farther away than that (not enough to matter) in - tops - two hours. It doesn't take an hour and a half to pick up your bags and get to the city center, does it?

Comment Re:That will make Uber *WORSE* (Score 1) 96

The only real negative I've noticed with Uber is new drivers who can't read the directions in real time. I ended up directing a guy the other day - literally telling him how to get from A to B, even though it was on his smartphone screen. He lived there, and I've never been there before, but I know how to read a Google Maps display in real time, and he doesn't. I settled on just doing the navigator duty. Nice guy, though. Wish him well.

Comment Re: WTF? (Score 1) 760

An alternative way to view it is that the government gives you every single moment of your life by not executing you at birth. From a certain perspective, true, but from the average person's perspective, that's not how it works.

When the government pays you your own money, it's not really an expenditure.

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