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Comment Re:Stick with iOS (Score 1) 212

Should you trust your handset vendor/(and telco, if it's a phone that they've had a hand in)/Google? No, very probably not. The vendors do seem to care slightly more about bugs that might cause customer support calls or returns; and a lot less about security patches or providing vaguely recent versions of anything;

Well, if you're talking Apple - if the FBI has to call in for help to crack an iPhone, I'd say Apple cares about device security, at least. Sure they turned over iCloud data due to a subpoena, but anyone would have to do that.

Comment Re:Da, comrade. (Score 1) 281

No, he's simply aware that those ideas are only good on paper and that in reality they (and all other ideals) are failures, causing more harm than good and are typically used disingenuously during argument.

Turn the other cheek? Only good for achieving matching bruises. Ethically, it can be said that returning that slap is better as it may prevent the slapper from abusing others.

Do unto others is a good life goal, unless you keep doing so after getting screwed over by those others. Then it's simply enabling.

The last depends entirely on your interpretation of great and whether it was inserted genuinely or as a political barb.

Comment Re:New projects are even more misguided than the o (Score 2) 93

Again, you don't replace those unless you have billions in backend investment and billions of users.

There are some really interest projects going on that allow for decentralization of applications (eg ipfs, blockchain technology). With the continued increase in broadband speeds and distributed technologies it's not as far fetched as it once was.

Comment Re:Fingers crossed (Score 2) 120

Better is to feign age. That gives you hard of hearing, confusion, memory problems and the need to go look for your wallet with the credit card. After diddling with them for around five minutes I carefully and quietly lay down my phone on the desk and go about my business.

That or, if I'm in need of catharsis, I speak very softly to make sure they're listening then scream like a I'm being attacked by an axe murderer. Always makes me feel more relaxed.

Comment From comic book dictionary (Score 1) 164

canon: (noun)

What some writer decides today what happened in a fictitious past. This is primarily caused by s/he wanting a personal thumbprint on a character set combined with an inability to imagine extensions to current story lines. In most cases this leads to conflict in story lines that produce confusion in the readership and at times actual outrage at the bastardization and extreme vandalism of admired characters (see Green Lantern).

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