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Comment Re:Will they stop going backwards? (Score 1) 115

Have you used a device with a fingerprint reader for any amount of time? I have - the iPhone 6S+ and the Note 4. With the Note 4 it kind of sucks because it's unreliable. With the iPhone, it's a game changer. I can unlock my phone so much more quickly and easily that Apple just basically removed a barrier to how often I pull my phone out to check something. For instance, I can reliably unlock it at a red light without having to glance at the screen, and open Shazam. The difference was so glaring that I basically stopped using the Note 4.

Comment Re:From a security perspective... (Score 1) 924

But please.
WHY. THE. FUCK. break decades of well-established Unix conventions? Why the actual fuck?
I hate the arrogance of the systemd folks who think they are doing everything better. Even Darwin respects Unix conventions more than systemd. And yes, they scrapped sysvinit too. And yes, I still prefer sysvinit.

Comment A lot of hate for a good point (Score 1) 188

There's a lot of hate here for what is not a novel point, but a good one. Who likes to work with the technically brilliant arrogant jerk? What's the point of an awesomely engineered solution that took 5 times longer to develop than a simpler one which also did the job? If you want to do computer science research, go to a university, but 99% of you have not done that and would not thrive in that setting. Software engineering is about building good solutions with simple maintainable code, not about programming whiz tricks. Even if you're working on very performance-sensitive code, like say graphics, I'd rather you code something up based on the research or use the right library rather than spend a lot of time cooking up a possibly half-baked solution yourself. If you spend all of your time coding and don't know how to interact with people, you are a team of one, and for all but a vanishingly few, that hugely limits what you can achieve. There is no question as to Facebook's social value, just ask your grandmother where she shares her pictures. And for all the people scoffing at Facebook's technical achievements, what about HHVM, OpenCompute, Cassandra, Hive, Flux, React, GraphQL, M, and hundreds of random open source projects. And who employs the coreutils maintainer?

Comment Re:We can't have this! (Score 1) 830

That's funny, but growing up in Hungary, language had adapted: people say "Give 'em a centimetre, they'll take a metre." Of course, it doesn't sound weird in Hungarian, but it does in English, because "inch" and "mile" are Anglo-Saxon words whereas "centi" and "metre" are Latin words. So "Give 'em an inch, they'll take a mile." sounds familiar, whereas the other sounds clinical.

Comment Re:Plot Hole (Score 1) 179

Trees came before the Elves and Men. The Elves raised the Ents from among the trees. In a sense, both are right - Treebeard's lineage is from amongst trees, plants, who are the eldest living things. But Bombadil is the eldest of those who can speak and think.

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