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Comment Romney (Score 1) 178

Anyone remember when Mitt Romney called out Obama for not paying enough attention to Russia, and Obama laughed it off with "The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back becausethe Cold War’s been over for 20 years.”

Good times!

Comment Re:Give some protection to Combetta (Score 1) 382

The first link give links to a strategy memo where the author, Penn, suggests that Obama has comparatively weak American roots and that Clinton could make a big point of her middle class middle American roots. It never questions that he is American, or suggests implying he isn't. This is categorically not evidence that Clinton or anyone associated with her claimed Obama wasn't American.

Isn't that a bit hair splitting? Don't you see how, if we were talking about a republican candidate, this would be labeled, in the very least, as running a xenophobic campaign? The details may differ but the insinuations are the same.

Comment FCC (Score 1) 195

I was under the impression that those covenants were unenforceable, as the FCC has direct jurisdiction over all consumer communications equipment and ordinances.

In other words, if the FCC says you can't restrict the placement of antennas, then nobody can place additional regulations on antennas - HOA or not. This was brought up with DirectTV style satellite dishes, and the FCC stomped all over HOAs, and even apartment buildings, attempting to regulate them.

Comment Re:Devil's Night... (Score 1) 305

There is a reason the car industry that remains in America is not in Detroit (some is near).

GM was the only company of the big 3 that was headquartered in Detroit proper. Ford was in Dearborn and Chrysler was in Highland Park, now Auburn Hills. Most of the original post-war car factories are still open. Pretty much all of the older factories were closed down because they were obsolete.

The issue isn't that the car companies left Detroit, the problem was the *people* left Detroit. The suburbs are doing fairly well - while roughly 700,000 people live in the city of Detroit, the Detroit Metro Area's population is over 4 million. The 3rd and 4th largest cities in Michigan are suburbs of Detroit.

Comment Re:Epinephrine cost per dose in about 50 cents (Score 4, Insightful) 396

Several years ago Primatene Mist was removed from the market. Our health care system is now fully controlled by corporations that don't give a rat's ass if we live or die as long as their profits continue to skyrocket, at any cost.

Primatene Mist was banned by the FDA in 2011 because it contained CFCs.

Do you have evidence that Primatene wanted the FDA to pull their product off the market?

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