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Comment Re:Stick a fork in it (Score 2) 156

What really killed it:

Hey developers - ya know that really cool language we made called C#? Well use it to develop really cool Silverlight apps that will run natively in any browser or on our phone! Go to it!!! ... 2 years later ...

Woops! Hey now developers... you know how we said to invest all your time and development strategies behind Silverlight? Yeah well now we're going to deprecate it and we're replacing it with C++/Metro/Windows Store. There is no migration path. So, you know, go to it!!!

Comment Re:It's not silly. (Score 1) 540

If you want to try out your analysis of silly, start by trying to answer "What employment sector can absorb the 3.5 million truck drivers who will be replaced with automated vehicles?".

If you knew that you'd be rich. Economics is like geology - it isn't about predicting the future, but finding out how things work and why things happen. In general, when an industry becomes obsolete, or replaced by another industry, the replacement industry spawns a bunch of other jobs. Another way to look at it is capital used to do one thing is freed up to do another. Also, making transportation cheaper makes everything cheaper, driving prices down.

So far this has happened in most industries. The important thing is allowing for new industries to pop up, which means making sure there isn't protectionism or regulatory capture happening.

Comment Clinton (Score 5, Informative) 412

Clinton voted to invade Afghanistan and we wrecked that country - even more so than it was before, which is quite a feat.
She voted to invade Iraq and we wrecked that country - killing hundreds of thousands of civilians directly and indirectly.
She recommended invading Libya and we ruined that country.

Her next step would be military intervention in Syria. Because we have had such a good track record over there.

What's your definition of psychopathy?

Comment Normalization of existing data (Score 1) 497

You have a 20 year old AS/400 system with millions of customer records using hand-typed-in data that needs to be correlated on a new system. Company names, customer names, addresses, routing numbers with variable use of dashes, periods, part numbers, account numbers, prices with variable decimal places, etc...

Not a strict programming issue per se, but an issue that is expected to be solved with programming, with extremely variable results.

Comment Re:Or just use MythTV (Score 4, Interesting) 49

I ran Mythbuntu for a few years. It was pretty friggin' sweet:

1. Automatic commercial skipping - worked *amazingly* well
2. Web access for scheduling and watching shows - it would transcode on the fly to mp4 and you could watch on your phone/tablet/whatever
3. A nice 10 foot interface for emulators, music, etc...
4. Plugins for all kinds of cool stuff - integrated Skype calling (a popup would appear on TV showing you caller ID, hit a button and TV pauses so you can answer) ZoneMinder, burning DVD's of TV shows with a few keypresses (used this for my friends pretty regularly)

Never had too many problems with installation/maintenance. Had some difficulty getting an old ATI RF remote set up, but it was mostly configuration, once set up it worked flawlessly.

Some guy on the forums had a crazy setup with something like 8 CableCard tuners and a few TB of disk space in a monster server in his basement, with thin clients acting as front-ends to the TVs in his house. Had it wired into a multizone sound system, controlled the whole thing through a web page on his tablet, or phone, or whatever. Pretty slick.

Comment Re:Maybe both have their place. (Score 4, Informative) 325

That's the problem - the F-35 was supposed to do *everything* - air superiority, close air support, attack, amphibious assault - and it wound up doing nothing particularly well. So, yeah, it has a different operational envelope than the A-10, and that's the problem. It isn't as good as an A-10 for ground attack, it isn't as good as an F-16 for air superiority, and it isn't as good as an F/A 18 in STOL situations.

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