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Comment Re:Oh, sure (Score 2) 354

Christopher Pike able to talk and laugh... no problem.

As the timeline has been altered, the circumstances leading to his alternate-timeline incapacitation have changed.


Vulcan destroyed... no problem.

As the timeline has been altered, circumstances have led to the destruction of Vulcan.

Spock and Uhura making out in the turbo lift... No problem.

As the timeline has been altered, the circumstances leading Spock to be more strictly logical have been altered, and he secretly leans more towards his human, emotional side.

But make Sulu gay? THIS SHALL NOT STAND!

So, *circumstances* lead someone to be gay? It's not an inherent trait? See how that can be an issue?

Comment Re:Gone, but not forgotten! (Score 2) 361

It's not technically a "free speech" issue, since it's not a Government agency forcing this..and at this time the only "free speech" restrictions are the Government, a private corp can do whatever it wants inside it's contractual agreements.

Inside it's contractual agreements is the key phrase. If the apartment complex changes it's leasing terms, you pretty much can get out of your lease instantly, as the original contract you signed is now invalid. A contract that says the terms are whatever one party wants it to be is unenforceable, all the terms need to be laid out at the time of signing. Any modifications need to be agreed to by all parties. It may be slightly different for rental contracts, but the basic stipulation applies.

There may be additional regulations that apply to rental contracts as well. Generally you can't lump terms into rental agreements that are completely outside the scope of renting an apartment. You can write in that the renter has to maintain the lawn. You can't write in that the renter has to take care of the super's parent's house. I think regulating social media activities falls pretty far outside the scope of renting a piece of real estate.

Comment Re:Can you explain something to me? (Score 1) 91

Can you explain why unemployment (or more accurately, the labor force participation rate isn't a priority in your analysis?

Because, if your country is experiencing stagflation, your employment rate is going to be pretty darn low. Fixing that situation should be #1 on your list of priorities.

There are, of course, lots of other important factors to take into consideration for a healthy economy, but if you are setting your economy up for deflation, that's the only factor that you really need to pay attention to, because it's going to affect *everything* else.

Think if it this way - unemployment is like cancer and deflation is like a heart attack. If you have cancer and are having a heart attack - you still need to take care of the cancer somehow, but if you don't take care of the heart attack first, the cancer is kind of moot.

Comment Re:It's protectionism (Score 4, Interesting) 91

It's because China is using a protectionist practice.

Western scholars figured out the problem with this practice hundreds of years ago. Problem is - it screws with your money supply something fierce. You end up having to radically manipulate your money supply, and you wind up with deflation and endless stimulus spending. Japan did the same thing in the 70's and 80's, and they've been paying for it over the last two decades (stagflation in the 90's-2000's, deflation since then.) China's turn is coming up soon.

Comment Re:Look at Netflix reviews of kids series (Score 1) 858

Most kids shows on Netflix have bad ratings because most kids shows on Netflix are garbage. There are a few good ones - those generally have better ratings. They stock up on those ultra-cheap Pixar/Disney/Dreamworks knock-off "movies" from Brazil, there are a ton of them. They also stock up on cheaply made "educational" TV shows made for the FCC's educational requirement.

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