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Comment A Microsoft Example (Score 1) 216

Sure, coding this up should be pretty quick, since I just need to plug A into B using X. .NET does W, Y and Z, so it should do X.

Me: Wait, where is X?
Microsoft: X has been deprecated in 64-bit.
Me: Wait, why? W, Y, and Z all work, why not X?
Microsoft: Nobody uses it.
Me: It's listed as a feature in your docs! It's the recommended method! If people are doing W, Y and Z, they are definitely doing X!
Microsoft: Whoops, wait a sec... There now they say NOT to use X as it's deprecated.
Me: Fine I'll write a 32-bit shim
Microsoft: .NET won't allow you to do that with X for security purposes
Me: Holy cow I need to write a friggin' service and pipe crap to it just to get X to work?
Microsoft: Or write your own implementation
Me: The whole point of X is it's a pain in the neck to implement properly and I'd rather be spending time on user-facing stuff, rather than become an expert on X, which I'll only be using for this one particular feature. Fine I'm re-implementing, my original estimate has now increased 10x.

Six Months Later:
Microsoft: Good news, X has now been implemented in 64-bit! Download it here...

Comment Re:Unintended consequences II (Score 1) 519

So... how would you handle pregnancies where parents say "we want the kid, thought we cannot afford one"? (do you force abortions? do you deny healthcare or food-money for the kid?).

If it's a child after the cap, then the parent's are going to have to figure out how to financially support that child.

There are no good solutions... and any basic income system will see huge numbers of people having kids just to get more money.

Absolutely, however, dis-incentivizing having a lot of children is a step in the right direction.

Comment Unintended consequences II (Score 2) 519

A better way to handle it might be to divide the funding so that some of it is general use, but some can only be used for shelter and basic utilities.

Most economists agree that basic minimum income should be no strings attached, as the various costs of living can vary greatly from area to area, even within the same city. In some areas food costs less, in some areas housing costs less, in some areas transportation is very expensive, etc...

I agree with subsidizing children, but there should be a cap. If you don't have any means of supporting yourself, we shouldn't be subsidizing you having a half dozen more people you can't support, either.

Comment First V-Tech! (Score 1) 857

The original V-tech "learning computer" with membrane keyboard and LCD screen. Did approximately nothing, though playing around with the music creator cartridge was fun.

Second was a Timex Sinclair 1000 which was just barely usable. I sort of learned to program, but the minuscule membrane keyboard made doing anything beyond painful. At least it had the 16k expansion pack so you could write something more complex than "hello world." The only game I had was subLogic flight simulator, which took forever to load off of tape, than ran at a maddening few frames per minute in glorious black and white character mode graphics.

Then I got a VIC-20, and never stopped using it. A real keyboard. A non-garbage tape drive. Sound! Color! Graphics and basic implementation were garbage, but it was more than I ever had, and I could play a passable version of Omega Race on cartridge.

Comment Legality (Score 2) 233

United ordering him to leave his seat may have been against their own, or FAA, regulations. He has a point there. He could argue to his hearts content to the attendant, pilot, boarding agent, whomever.

Not doing what a police officer orders? At that point it doesn't matter - you have to comply. The place to argue an unlawful police order is a court of law.

Comment Neat idea with one problem... (Score 5, Insightful) 151

This might be somewhat helpful, but there is one problem. Most budget chain hotels are remodeling in the following manner:


Every Motel 6 is going to look *exactly* the same. A few years ago my friend was traveling extensively for work. After a few weeks on the road, staying exclusively at Staybridge by Mariott, he would forget what town he was in, as every room was exactly the same, down to the artwork on the wall. He'd have to check the weather on his phone to get an idea of how long it would take to get to the work site from his hotel.

For the smaller, really cheap independent hotels this might be helpful, but most people going on vacation are staying at chains.

Comment E-Magine (Score 2) 213

In Michigan we have theaters called E-Magine. Awful name, outstanding theaters. All of the theaters themselves are fairly small, which means you aren't sitting too far away from the screen. The screen stretches from wall to wall, and they are all dimensioned properly. All of the seats are motorized extra-wide recliners. For a couple of extra dollars you can sit in a row with more leg room than you could possibly need. All the screens, projectors and speakers are properly maintained. They also have reserved seating so you can pick your seats hours before you show up to the theater. Most theaters also have waiter service, so you can just sit down and they'll bring you a drink and popcorn, including liquor, before the movie starts.

They also have special matinee showings for kids with sensory issues, so no trailers, they keep the lights on dimly, and turn the sound down, which is fantastic.

Ticket prices are, of course, a bit more than regular, but we don't see many movies so it doesn't matter that much to us.

Comment Lawyers (Score 1) 108

Every night on TV I see ads for lawyers offering to sue pharmaceutical companies for making products that do exactly what they are supposed to do. The worst is a lawsuit against a company that makes blood thinners because they potentially cause internal bleeding. Well, yeah, they thin your blood so your heart doesn't stop, internal bleeding is more manageable side effect than your heart stopping. One law firm is starting a class action against a company that makes chemotherapy drugs because they make your hair fall out.

Where are the lawyers suing these scam clinics? Aren't these lawyers ostensibly suing companies for the good of the public? Or do these clinics not make enough money to be worth suing?

Comment Re:Bad assumption (Score 2) 297

Economists, and the like, keep using 20th century (some even 19th century) models. Intellectuals cling to the past as badly as others.

That's like saying physicists cling to outdated 19th century ideals of Newtonian physics. The field of economics has changed massively since the 1800's, with the introduction of game theory, econometrics, etc... The reason you start with Smith, Malthus and Hume is they laid the foundations of modern economic theory, the same way Newton laid out the foundations of modern physics.

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