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Comment Re:Paper? What's that (Score 1) 260

Service hosting / app development.

In a previous life as a subcontractor I got used to a lot of paper flying around at client sites however they were generally government in nature and in some instances paper was an actual output. Moving on to where I currently work was a bit of a shock at first, no paper, no timesheets, no desk phones (well, we HAD ip phones but nobody used them), telecommuting (if you want to) everyone actively maintaining the company CMS / wiki, everyone using IM...

I love it

Comment I hope so... but (Score 1) 531

Well, I hope so to but currently the "wisdom of the masses" is generally trusted among internet cranks, Facebook moms and social crusaders over rationality.

I mean, "this image of a tweet went viral - it HAS to be true!" is startling to me because of how such diverse groups all seem to be manipulated by this sort of pre-packaged confirmation bias (I don't know if that's the right term).

Even after junk like Kony 2012 people still don't stop themselves and think first, particularly if it fits their own personal outlook and in the case of most cranks/crusaders if it comes from a "non-authoritarian" source.

I'm not saying I'm superior either, god knows I've been fooled by seemingly legitimate "news" the difference is like you say, I've grown skeptical of things I hear... from all sources.

Like you say, let's hope

Comment Paper? What's that (Score 3, Interesting) 260

I've been working in a paperless office for 6 years now. I don't even bother with scratch notes anymore, just OneNote and/or a whiteboard + phone camera

Our fax/printer has been out of toner for 2 years... and so far nobody has needed it (out of ~20 people)

The only paper product we get anymore is the crap that comes in the mail slot we throw out... I don't even think about it anymore. Which is odd really, place I worked at before generated mountains of paper (even for scrum, we were using cardstock and pins on a cube wall rather than an app, g'gah, how did we even generate reports back then???)

Anyway, the only thing I miss is doodling I guess.

Comment Re:Perfection in an imperfect world (Score 1) 162

First of all, how dare you sir! I am Canadian and we have vastly inferior coffee chains that make Starbucks appear to be some form of caffeinated nirvana. I mean if you want to wait in an unfathomably long line for a cup of Hot Brown liquid you can go to Tim Hortons (also you can get a freshly thawed donut that was made over 3,000 km away.) I don't dare mention rolling up the rim or Tim Bits

Secondly don't you Aussies intentionally eat Vegemite?

I'm not even gonna talk about Burger Rings or Pie Floaters - I've lost my appetite for seal flippers already

Celebrate the differences ... or whatever

Comment Perfection in an imperfect world (Score 4, Funny) 162

I mostly work from home and I brew a 6 cup pot of coffee almost every day, I put in two scoops (which are roughly equivalent to 1 heaping tablespoon) and it got me thinking about a month ago what the actual coffee to water ratio was supposed to be.

I found this chart (or one like it)

Tried it out and my god, if that's the actual ratio I'm surprised most people can't see through time. I'll stick with my weak brew... if anything to ensure my particles don't vibrate through the fabric of reality

Comment Best Buy & Amazon are somewhat mutually exclus (Score 1) 167

DISCLAIMER: I'm Canadian, Best Buy bought up Futureshop so I don't know how much of "Canadian Style" Best Buy is actually Futureshop and vice versa

I went into Best Buy on Saturday with my mom (she wanted a composite extension cable, spoiler alert they suggested Amazon much to my amusement) anyway, I saw that they have a HUGE sections devoted to appliances, phones (and phone accessories yikes), laptops and LCD TVs but that was about it. They did have a shriveled, vestigial section for "movies" and "games" (and "cables" apparently) but I'm guessing that most people go directly to Amazon for that stuff

So is the plan for these stores to be some kind of brick and mortar AV shops, like the ones they systematically decimated? Or are they distributed warehouses for faster delivery / drone mustering points with front doors (like those old SEARS catalogue shops)

Comment Zeitgeist (Score 1) 251

That kind of crap is almost exactly what I associate about a third of my Facebook feed to, people love click-bait garbage and they love sharing it and debating it constantly

Facebook trends actually match what trends on Facebook (and it's terrible,) surprised? No. ...I get a lot of use out of that mute feature...

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