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Comment Best Buy & Amazon are somewhat mutually exclus (Score 1) 167

DISCLAIMER: I'm Canadian, Best Buy bought up Futureshop so I don't know how much of "Canadian Style" Best Buy is actually Futureshop and vice versa

I went into Best Buy on Saturday with my mom (she wanted a composite extension cable, spoiler alert they suggested Amazon much to my amusement) anyway, I saw that they have a HUGE sections devoted to appliances, phones (and phone accessories yikes), laptops and LCD TVs but that was about it. They did have a shriveled, vestigial section for "movies" and "games" (and "cables" apparently) but I'm guessing that most people go directly to Amazon for that stuff

So is the plan for these stores to be some kind of brick and mortar AV shops, like the ones they systematically decimated? Or are they distributed warehouses for faster delivery / drone mustering points with front doors (like those old SEARS catalogue shops)

Comment Zeitgeist (Score 1) 251

That kind of crap is almost exactly what I associate about a third of my Facebook feed to, people love click-bait garbage and they love sharing it and debating it constantly

Facebook trends actually match what trends on Facebook (and it's terrible,) surprised? No. ...I get a lot of use out of that mute feature...

Comment "unreasonable" (Score 1) 729

I wish the author had defined what they consider reasonable because without that the article has no meaning.

I mean, you can argue the point, but to me it has never been easier or more affordable to build a gaming PC. Hell you don't even need a screwdriver anymore, everything clicks together like Lego bricks now - which I guess is how I fell for this click-baity article - by clicking and reading the damn thing to try and determine how far the intersection between cranium and rectum were.

Comment A few words go a long way (Score 5, Interesting) 206

I'm visually impaired, when I went into the Computer Systems Technology program at NAIT they hadn't really dealt with a visually impaired person before. The committee running the program at the time recommended I take semesters in halves so I wouldn't get overloaded. I took this advice and started during the summer intake. That first half semester was a bitch, they didn't have materials to help me along and the 13" monitors they had were brutal for my vision. Anyway, I got OK grades in most classes, but nothing great, in the introduction to programming I passed with a 65% (bare minimum pass) but I felt like it just wasn't for me. The instructor there at the time took me aside during one of the last days before the semester closed and told me that I had a lot of potential and that I should give it another try.

The next half-semester I re-took the introduction to programming, by now the program had purchased 17" monitors and my grade shot up 30%. Maybe it was finally having the equipment I needed, maybe it was taking the course for the second time but I know it was the words of encouragement that made me do labs as soon as I got them, try to work harder in other courses too, connecting the dots between them.

After that second half-semester I decided to go to normal semesters like everyone else and excelled. Turned out I was naturally gifted for problem solving and all sorts of other things that I didn't really think I was capable of.

Anyway I graduated in 1999 with a love of programming and a lot of confidence. Sometimes I wonder where I would have been now if I hadn't been given that little boost of encouragement from a person I respected, it's not easy to want to achieve things when you are a "minority" particularly when you have a disability because the deck is stacked against you, but then somebody tells you it doesn't matter and maybe the first time in my life I really believed it.

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