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Comment Bad for Me (Score 4, Interesting) 142

Without getting into the nitty gritty I have had challenges with general anxiety disorder / agoraphobia for a while and the combination of telecommuting / computer-based hobbies I don't leave my house very often. And by "very often" I can probably count on my hands the number of hours I've been outside in the last 2-3 months.

Social media gives me a distraction I can pull up at any time and people to talk to, which is great for the ol' depression (sort of, I'll get into that later) it connects me in ways I never thought were possible before. Whether or not the kind of interactions I have are more or less healthy I can't say but I do know there are a couple things that I see in others that are damaging.

The main things I find actively damaging about having a life through social media as I see them:

1. If somebody is being a jerk you can passive-aggressively remove them from your life, I mean this happens in IRL but sometimes you can't escape people like this (work, family) so there's a tendency to craft the people you follow / interact with socially online. I think this becomes a problem because you get into a group-think type situation where you bury yourself in only one side of anything. If I ONLY loved Star Trek I wouldn't follow a Star Wars person, that makes sense, but when I bury myself solely in Star Trek people it can warp me. I try to be careful about it and ensure I have a good variety of people / communities I take part in but there are some people who are so super-focused they only expose themselves to a narrow world and it really is surprising how it changes their thinking over time.

2. Social media is gamified, that fact is NOT obvious to most people who use it. There are a lot of people who really stress about how many notes, likes, reblogs, +s, thumbs up, etc they are or aren't getting. They associate their personal value to these metrics. I'm aware of this and yet it still invades my thoughts, it's potent and it adds stress to the activity, this kind of stress leads to more depression, you have a social circle and you can now "measure yourself" by these gamified metrics. It's really bad and in general it makes depressed people even more depressed.

The good side is I feel connected and sociable the bad side is it manipulates me into using it more. I think ultimately it's bad for me because it has become a total replacement for going out, it gives me tools that make it easier to not want to go out, which is not good if you're agoraphobic.

On the flipside I have met local people online that have forced me to go out and do things I would not have done otherwise, like attending a comic convention for four days straight / going out to celebrate friends' birthdays / going out for coffee (who does that?). When things are bad though its always there for me, which I don't think is particularly healthy.

As always YMMV

Comment Re:FB is not entertainment (Score 1) 32

I think the big error Facebook made early on was making it too easy to post links and to share other such posts. This diluted the content from "stupid shit my friends say and do" to "clickbait social media shares" with no original content from friends.

I remember when I got started on Facebook, not a high volume of posts from people, still some semblance of decency. With alarming speed that started changing, people began putting every thought into words. On twitter if somebody is being an asshat you just unfollow, when it's a family member or a close friend it becomes awkward.

So for years I just kinda ... didn't GO to Facebook anymore. When I finally came back the feed is mostly dusty memes, dad jokes and links to things "of interest". I'm pretty sure this is FBs plan because it keeps people scrolling, reading stupid trash. Sure the crazy rantings are still there but it's really no different than Twitter or Tumblr now, just you may be related to or be close friends with some very troll-like entities.

The only place that seems focused and cordial is G+ but the population density there is so low I'm not surprised, not that I use G+, nobody does

Comment Mobile gaming tablet with a TV dock (Score 1) 105

We've known for some time that the guts would be Tegra based and we saw the promotional video that sells us the idea that this is meant to be mobile first. Looking at the list of partners they have on board at least one is a telecom provider (Web Technology Corp, aka Vodafone) another is a well known mobile eCommerce portal (DeNA). This is Nintendo creeping into the smartphone market.

What we have here is a 6" gaming tablet, how much of the mobile parts will make it intact to North American / European markets who can say, but at the end of the day this is a gaming tablet first, the game library will likely reflect this.

Comment I'm the wrong person to ask... but since you did (Score 4, Interesting) 341

I barely go to the theatre anymore because of a lot of reasons, if you let me pay to have Day 1 access to the digital copy to either stream or outright buy DRM free I'd never set foot in an overpriced auditorium ever again.

The model would become more like digitally distributed video games, Launch day sees a big spike in sales (hell, pre-orders?) and then it kind of tapers off after a month or so, then you got a back catalogue you can keep old movies on. Things that normally wouldn't get distribution have a cheap option now... hell the more I think about it the better it sounds.

I mean, do for movies with what Steam did for games and you're gonna win

Comment Re:Paper? What's that (Score 1) 260

Service hosting / app development.

In a previous life as a subcontractor I got used to a lot of paper flying around at client sites however they were generally government in nature and in some instances paper was an actual output. Moving on to where I currently work was a bit of a shock at first, no paper, no timesheets, no desk phones (well, we HAD ip phones but nobody used them), telecommuting (if you want to) everyone actively maintaining the company CMS / wiki, everyone using IM...

I love it

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