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Submission + - FY 2017 NASA budget proposal place Obama on collision course with Congress (

MarkWhittington writes: The Obama Administration has put forth its FY 2017 NASA budget proposal, according to GeekWire. The overall spending level is $19 billion, an almost $300 million cut from the current fiscal year. Much of the money comes out of the development for the Orion deep space vehicle and the heavy lift Space Launch System, the very basis of the space agency’s plans for exploring deep space beyond low Earth orbit.

Comment Mediocre (Score 2) 168

You don't often see as many superlatives modifying 'mediocre' as I've seen in reviews of this movie.

"Powerfully mediocre" "Terrifically mediocre" "Decidedly mediocre" "Aggressively mediocre" "Stunningly mediocre".

I went and saw it anyway.

I deserve this ache in my wallet.

Comment Bummer (Score 1) 113

Uninstalled from my phone, changed my rating from 5 stars to 2 and dropped them a note on their web site inviting them to contact me if they revise their TOS to respect my privacy again.

I didn't live and die by Gas Buddy, but I did find it useful. Just not useful enough to bare my soul quite as far as they are now requiring.

Comment Re:Are you kidding me? (Score 1) 322

Some cash registers need to be on the internet. It's how they process electronic payments. Modern eftpos terminals don't use dial-up connections anymore.

I gave the counter guy at my mechanic a strange look the other day when he processed my payment via credit card and I heard the modem dial out. He rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah, they 'upgraded' us last week. More secure because it doesn't have to go over the Internet."

Comment Re:Yet they've had airline phones for years (Score 1) 366

They're so concerned about people making calls, yet they've had airline phones for years.

And how is it any worse to be trapped on a plane with such idiots than on a bus? At least on a plane you're only stuck with them for a couple hours, not all day on an overland trip.

Airline phones = Way Expensive = Nobody used them = No Problem
Idiots on a bus = People who don't have enough money to fly = Fewer people used them = Not as big a problem.
See also; As a rule of thumb if you can afford to fly you're not taking the bus.

Comment Re:The basics... (Score 1) 324

Next they'll go to the FCC and get them to reclassify ISPs are common carriers so that it's impossible to make new competitors due to regulatory hurtles.

I'd like to think I'm paranoid and/or kidding.

I'm pretty sure you are kidding. It's inconceivable that "they" would try to get ISPs classified as common carriers. The courts just told the FCC to take a long walk off a short pier over net neutrality because ISPs *WEREN''T* common carriers.

Comment Re:Lesson from this story...don't be a glass hole! (Score 1) 1034

I remember once, after paying for a tickets, my wife and I got the the theater doors (big multiplex theater) and there was a guy with a bin and bags sitting at the door making everyone put their phones in little plastic bags, write their names on them and toss them in the bin. My wife and I stopped going to the theaters for a couple years after that. We were rather insulted they made us pay nearly $50 (no refunds) before making us give up our brand new phones without telling us a head of time and we weren't going to leave our phones at home just because the theater didn't want us to have them

I'm sorry - did you not have pockets? Or did they frisk you on the way in?

"making" everyone put their phones in little plastic bags... pfft. Yeah, right.

Comment Re:Lesson from this story...don't be a glass hole! (Score 1) 1034

The FBI's prime directive is to protect the citizenry from corporeal harm, not protect the corporations from perceived financial harm.

The FBI's prime directive is to, "to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of the United States".

Not any more... "The primary function of the FBI is national security."

Submission + - New compromise? 3

dcsmith writes: In the past few days I have received SPAM from four separate e-mail accounts belonging to friends or acquaintances. Some are regular, frequent Yahoo! users while others only have a e-mail address to access Yahoo Groups.

Has there been another as-yet-undisclosed breach at Yahoo?

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