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Submission + - New compromise? 3

dcsmith writes: In the past few days I have received SPAM from four separate e-mail accounts belonging to friends or acquaintances. Some are regular, frequent Yahoo! users while others only have a e-mail address to access Yahoo Groups.

Has there been another as-yet-undisclosed breach at Yahoo?

Submission + - iOS6 allows "Meeting Hijacking" via Exchange Server (

dcsmith writes: Meeting hijacking is the intentional or unintentional changing of the ownership of a meeting (in this case, in MS Exchange). The new owner can modify or delete the meeting in ways that an attendee or invitee should not be able to.

Apparently the latest update to iOS6 increases the likelihood that an iPad/iPod user can hijack a meeting to which they have been invited.

With the recent release of iOS6, we have noticed a marked increase in support calls due to meetings having the owner of the meeting changed (sometimes called “meeting hijacking”).

Among Microsoft's recommended work arounds;

Block iOS 6 devices — Exchange server comes with the Allow/Block/Quarantine functionality that enables admins to block any device or user.

Tell users not to upgrade to iOS 6 or to downgrade their devices – This solution may work as a temporary fix until Apple provides a fix but many users may have already made the decision to update.


Submission + - Washington, D.C. Police affirm citizens' right to record police officers 1

dcsmith writes: Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier says that "A bystander has the same right to take photographs or make recordings as a member of the media", and backs it up with a General Order to her Department

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) recognizes that members of the general public have a First Amendment right to video record, photograph, and/or audio record MPD members while MPD members are conducting official business or while acting in an official capacity in any public space, unless such recordings interfere with police activity.

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