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Submission + - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Faults Caused by Two Separate Battery Faults

Mickeycaskill writes: Samsung's investigation into what caused Galaxy Note 7 devices to overheat and catch fire has concluded two distinct battery faults were the cause — not the handsets themselves.

The company said all the devices it's planning to release this year were designed and manufactured after the Note 7 recall and have been tested according to new measures put into place since then.

That includes the Galaxy S8 expected to be released this spring. Samsung mobile communications president DJ Koh said at a press conference in Seoul the S8's release schedule was not "meaningfully" affected by the Note 7 issues.

Samsung used two separate battery suppliers for the device, and the initial problems were caused by a design flaw found in only one of those batteries, which it called Battery A.

Following the first recall Samsung stopped using Battery A and instead increased its order from the second supplier. But in its efforts to vastly expand production that supplier introduced a separate flaw into Battery B that also caused the batteries to overheat.

The design flaw in Battery A was an external casing that was too small and didn't allow the battery to expand and contract during charge and discharge cycles. As a result the positive and negative electrodes came into contact, causing a short-circuit, Samsung said.

The initial samples of Battery B were not flawed, but after Samsung ordered about 10 million new units, the battery maker introduced errors including protrusions that were left over from the ultrasonic welding process.

Those errors also caused a short-circuit.

Submission + - Samsung: two battery defects caused Note7 problems and could delay Galaxy S8 (

Mark Wilson writes: Samsung has finally revealed the long-awaited results of its investigation into the problematic Galaxy Note7. Having issued an apology and pushed out OTA updates to disable phones which had been banned from flights because of the risk of them catching fire, the South Korean company says that two separate battery problems were to blame.

The first problem stemmed from the fact that the battery was physically too small for the Note7 leading to a short-circuit. Replacement batteries suffered from a combination of insulation problems and an issue that cause positive and negative electrodes to touch. Samsung also indicated that the Galaxy S8 would not be unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next month.

Comment Re:What is up with airlines IT structure (Score 3, Insightful) 70

How exactly airplane accidents being at an all time low is a result of capitalism? Are you one of these crazy people who worship capitalism as a deity?
Airplane accidents don't happen that often anymore because of strict regulations and aircraft being generally more intelligent. Capitalism has directly caused a lot of accidents, like Alaska Airlines Flight 261 (airline was too cheap for proper maintenance), Turkish Airlines Flight 981 (manufacturer was too cheap to fix a known design error), American Airlines Flight 191 (again, airline too cheap to do proper maintenance), JAL Flight 123 (yep, again maintenance) and so on. Yay capitalism. Same goes for delays and lost luggage, by the way. Strict regulations making it difficult for the airlines to weasel themselves out have helped, not capitalism.

Comment Re:Fairness has a role (Score -1) 200

Government laws cause the drugs to be that expensive in the first place. There shouldn't be such a thing as government ran FDA. A rating agency can exist without a government involvement. But of course I am 100% on board that there shouldn't be any copyright or patent laws in the first place. Let the authors protect their own rights without any artificial government created and protected monopoly.

I say drug companies need to rely on trade secrets if they want that monopoly, not on any dorm of government intervention. As to prices being 'unfair', that is a load of crock in the free market. Unfortunately we don't have a free market especially where it comes to the drugs, we gave government oppression instead.

If I invent a cure for cancer or HIV or anything serious, I would only sell it as a treatment in a protected facility, so that the information in it would stay private for as long as I can keep it. The price would be whatever I say and if a government comes for it I would much rather see it destroyed, wiped out rather than sine collectivist government violate my private property rights.

Comment Yeah, bit me good (Score 1) 46

Our legacy software we hoped would support SHA-256, which one of our processing platforms moved to 2 weeks ago. Nope, despite lukewarm assurances, it did not. Frantic migrations. Many upset users.

Over a 12+ year old app that has survived conversion from dialup to HTTPS to FTPS, moved through several processor changes, and finally the death begins. I expect other platforms to migrate off SHA-1/SHA-2 and kill this old beast dead.

A little more warning would be nice, but heh, we still would have had to leave it behind

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Which, In Your Opinion, Are The BEST Tech Companies? 1

dryriver writes: Everybody knows who "the biggest tech companies" are — Sony, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, Intel and so forth. It is no big mystery who makes the most annual revenue/profits or employs the most people or files the most patents every year or has the highest stock price. But this is a different question entirely: Which tech companies, in your opinion, are the BEST at what they do? Who makes the best products in tech? Whose tech products or services would you not want to live without? Whose products would you take on a deserted island with you? If you could pick just 5 — 10 tech companies that are absolutely essential to you as a tech nerd, tech enthusiast or other, which companies would those be? And why?

Comment Re:As a tech worker with kids... (Score 2) 311

Here I am sitting in the 'middle of nowhere' on 20 acres. If the kid wants go go outside, we go out side. Walk on our own property. Go sledding, biking, or what ever else he wants to do. If I need a workout I'll go fell some trees. I can't imagine trying to raise a kid in a concrete jungle.

Submission + - The Clinton Foundation is downsizing (

mi writes: You would think, the end of a political career would allow a genuinely charitable family to concentrate on their charity. Instead, the Clinton Foundation is closing shop (or, at least, downsizing) after their champion's electoral loss. According to the paperwork they filed with New York Department of labor, the reason is "Discontinutation [sic] of the Clinton Global Initative [sic]".

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 1) 1501

From Wikipedia /a;

"The charter states that "our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious" and calls for the eventual creation of an Islamic state in Palestine, in place of Israel and the Palestinian Territories"

" It emphasizes the importance of jihad, stating in article 13, "There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad."

"The charter also states that Hamas is humanistic, and tolerant of other religions as long as they "stop disputing the sovereignty of Islam in this region".[6] The Charter adds that "renouncing any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion" of Islam" - to be fair, this IS Islam.

"In 2010 Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal stated that the Charter is "a piece of history and no longer relevant, but cannot be changed for internal reasons."[14] Hamas has moved away from its charter since it decided to run candidates for office." - which could lead us to question if anything Hamas stated can be reliable.

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 1) 310

My laptop drops into a mostly Windows desktop after a timeout for exactly above reasons.

autologin-user=[name] - Name of the user
autologin-user-timeout=[value] - Timeout before session is loaded

If my laptop drops into a DOS looking command prompt they'll think the laptop is dead and won't bother trying to use it. If the laptop is usable the thief will probably try to use it as a laptop. It'll be wiped or dumped.

Submission + - Scientists archiving government data to protect it from Trump (

Cludge writes: And they better hurry: links to climate change began disappearing from gov websites even before Trump's inauguration was over. The activist group "has about 50 members, and it is rapidly working to download and store the government's scientific data. The members are interviewing scientists, policymakers, and current and former agency employees to prioritize which websites and data to protect for the scientific community."

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