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Comment Women even better off in industry (Score 1) 134

I calll bullshit. There's a HUGE difference between positions in education and in industry and commerce.

Outside of the educational community, the desire for companies to hire ANY technical women is massive. You can for sure gat an interview at any tech company if you are a woman. You will be 99% sure to be made an offer if you are at all competent (and sometimes even if not, the power of quotas).

I have a friend with a daughter who is a CS major, and she was offered extremely well paid internships with a large signing bonus at every single company she applied for (ten or so I believe). She is pretty skilled but currently only in Python.

I say that not to say it is negative but just to speak the truth about how things are, because so many seem to think it hard for women to find tech jobs once they acquire skills and they are scaring away young women from a gold mine with a very rich vein.

To be frank it's not hard for any competent male to find tech work either, but loads of large companies have diversity quotas and they are absolutely desperate to fill them which gives women a huge advantage...

Note that his ease of hiring is utterly separate from the conditions they may find once working there. Outside of Silicon Valley women are usually treated well and as equals, in most California companies they will probably face horrific abuse and discrimination (which is where the myth that tech women are mostly mistreated in companies comes from).

Comment Re:I know just the man for the job (Score 4, Informative) 68

Not just been photos, there's been some reported video as well (also Queensland). I did check the gait of the animal in the video, and it matches a diagram of the thylacine's gait. But that's hardly unique to them, it just narrows down the range of possible species. There's old zoo footage here.

I doubt it's actually a thylacine, but who knows, weirder things have been discovered.

Comment Goes to show: There's public and private (Score 1) 586

We have to face the plain and simple truth: There is public and there is private.

Point in case: I recently (again) met a woman who is into Gangbang and porn ( you'd be surprised how many women are). She's smart, independant, witty, well-mannered, can talk for hours about "God and the World" as we say in Germany. She's my age and looks gorgeous. And she fucks like a pornstar (no surprise here) and also loves to have a few guys on her all at once and no problem with indulging in that. This is the type of woman I have the deepest respect and admiration for. I even asked her if she has a friend from her camp, because I'm currently single and would like to have a sweetheart of her format (she's married ... bummer ...).

Yet there is no doubt that people like her (and me) have to be careful about being to outspoken and unphased when talking about our sexlives. Were I am comfortable and have crossed a few inner borders on my perspective on sex, I have to be aware that most people around me haven't and are still squarely in the "average frustrated" camp - men and women alike. I told her that I have the deepest respect and admiration for women "who know how to spread their legs, enjoy herself and f*ck the living daylights out of a good man ... or a few as the case may be" and got a very positive reaction from her. But mentioning this in public we both agreed, would be bound to get the exact opposite reaction. She'd be slutshamed (the most careful woman with condoms ever) and I would be called a misogynist, despite being the exact opposite ... I usually give women a surplus of respect and sometimes more than they deserve.

Bottom line:
I can totally understand if a project lead wants to keep his project clean of these errrm " unconventional" things. We all live in a culture and have to have some groundrules we follow. Keeping an unusual sexlife to yourself or only with people whom it concerns is a huge part of that.

My 2 eurocents.

Comment Re:Goes Back To Kennedy (Score 2) 154

I once worked at Rockwell-Collins, which had been a supplier for the Space Shuttle programme. When I arrived, they were very stringent about how we handled our time reporting and billing. Why? Because apparently before I got there they had just gotten heavy slapped down for exploiting cost-plus Shuttle contracts. Whenever any project went over budget, they just had employees credit their time to the Shuttle programme.

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