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Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 1) 181

And I have run HFS and HFS+ since 1984 or '85, on several dozen machines. Never failed once.

Now what?

Have you recovered 100% of your data from a 6 our of 10 drives failing within a 48 hours window?

Can you yank the drives out of one machine, put them into a pile, and then randomly plug them into another machine and access your data?

Can you do that while the OS is running?

How about in the middle of writing data?

Without running chkdsk or fsck?

Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 2) 181

Oh, zfs! I remember it corrupting all my file systems while I was a university student. Maybe it was the Linux implementation, I don't know, but I'm never touching that fs again. Also my NAS corrupted its file system more recently and guess which fs it was?

I have been running ZFS for ~5 years now across ~40 servers. Never failed once.

I even had one particular server with 8 drives in a RAIDZ2 lose a drive while two others started failing. I replaced them all successfully. Less than 12 hours later two additional drives failed and a third started acting flakey. I replaced them all successfully. No data loss. I'll trust AUFS when I see it handle weird hardware BS like that.

Comment Re:Barracuda (Score 3, Interesting) 124

I thought it was just a repackaged derivative of SpamAssassin.

Yeah, that's basically it in a nutshell.

Nothing you can't rapidly duplicate with a Debian install and a few salt or puppet scripts. I tested it against the previous Haraka install with spamassassin, dspam, clamav, and their 'karma' plugin, and the accuracy of the Barracuda sucked in comparison.

Comment Barracuda (Score 5, Interesting) 124

I'm not impressed with Barracuda. A client made a decision to buy a Barracuda against my recommendations. I installed it and couldn't find DMARC settings anywhere. It turns out they support validating inbound DMARC, but they won't sign anything outbound. I had to set up an external Haraka mail server that blindly accepted all mail from the IP of their Barracuda, signed it, and attempted to deliver it. It's such a pile of garbage.

On another note, if you send a ~45 MB attachment to the device, apparently it clogs up and refuses to deliver. Other mail will go through without problems, but you have to call their tech support to 'force' it through.

Barracuda is a terrible, over-priced, barely-functional product.

Comment Re:Gotta say (Score 5, Funny) 456

This is pretty low on my list of wants. Lots of other shit way more important. How about a universal translator? That would be cool. Maybe if everyone could understand each other there would be less war, maybe? Eh

You obviously haven't read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy:

“Meanwhile, the poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation.”

Comment It's not even the racism or sexism... (Score 5, Interesting) 179

I was going on a trip to DC and needed a ride from the airport to the place I was staying. I pre-loaded Uber about a week before I left, put in a credit card number, and thought I had everything set up. But the app wouldn't let me pre-save an address. So I had to write it down to type in to my phone later. Strike one.

The morning I was leaving, I got an e-mail from Uber that my credit card wasn't 'supported' and I'd have to enter a new one. What the hell? I used it twice on the way down. It works fine. (And I used it throughout my entire trip with no problems.) Put in a second credit card number before boarding. Strike two.

Got in to IAD, fired up the Uber app and it said there were errors submitting my ride request. Trying to continue typing in 13 degree weather sucked. Strike three.

I put my hand back in my glove, raised my arm and said "Taxi". The regular Taxi had no problems with my 'request', or my original card.

Next time I go to DC I'll try Lyft instead.

Comment Re:China and South Korea and Russia can do it (Score 1, Insightful) 88

No, that's not it. Running overbudget is more of a customer problem and is usually caused by customer changes in the middle of construction.

Exactly. It's a customer problem. You originally wanted the walls of the control room painted white. We haven't even started building the control room yet, let alone purchased the paint and you are changing the requirement to 'grey'? That'll obviously cost you 1.6 million in additional fees.

Have you never worked in contracting before?

Roofers quoted me $2,500 to re-shingle my house two years ago. They started the process, then found 4 sheets of OSB that were slightly water damaged and needed to be replaced. So one of them drove to Home Depot and bought 6 sheets of OSB. Total cost for everything with the 4 sheets of OSB (and the 2 'spares')? $8,700.

Comment Re:Star Trek or Skynet? (Score 1) 23

So, we've decided to manually build the Borg, is that it? What about when the software decides that being able to be shut down is a bug, and auto patches that, then decides we're bugs too...

Are we creating Skynet, or the Borg, or some evil lovechild of the pair of them?

If they patch the system to not have a shutdown command, I don't think they'd be able to rapidly patch against a nice sharp axe, or a .45.

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