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Comment Re:lol amazon prime (Score 1) 244

Amazon rarely sells Prime items directly. The company reselling using FBA sets the price, it's just that FBA items get a higher priority than another company selling the same item.

Companies are selling for what they know people are willing to spend on an item. If it doesn't sell, they lower it. But this isn't on Amazon, it's on the vendor. Shipping is completely irrelevant.

Comment Re:Music makes no sense (Score 1) 167

Hmm, a couple of problems with this post: 1) Racist comment (Apparently white rappers don't exist) 2) You don't become artist of the year by creating garbage. Sorry 3) Music loops are central to music. It's called rhythm and beat 4) Hardly any music, especially music that hits charts are going to be strictly a music loop. 5) Making lyrics work with the music takes talent 6) Regardless of your opinion of rap, it seems that the general populous disagrees with you.

Comment Re:ZFS on Linux has software RAID. (Score 1) 475

I'm going to correct that quote. ZFS is a resource hog. Mind you, I use it everywhere, but you need 1GB of RAM for every TB of data. Even more if you're doing deduplication (not that common). That being said, I'd rather buy a couple extra gigs of memory than buying a RAID card and dealing with proprietary crap when it dies.

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