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Comment Awesome - but how about something more useful? (Score 4, Interesting) 58

The emulator wasn't slow before if you picked a decent x86 image. Instant run only works in the smallest kinds of cases and any amount of time saved with it is wasted by fighting it when you know it won't work...

The bigger question here is why does google spend time on toys like that rather than actually add stuff that people need? They are pushing material design - but you can't use cardview, recyclerview, and such in the UI designer and you're forced to go back to editing the UI by hand. Why do I have a UI then?

Seriously - I know this is just bitching and probably the last thing that the people who worked hard on 2.0 need but this feels like adding cupholder to a car without breaks.


Comment Re:Firefox - the new UI is killing marketshare (Score 1) 240

Its not just that - but everything about FF seems to be going the wrong direction... I have a heavy ajax site that uses jquery - it works great in safari and chrome. IE is a little slow at times, but we all know that. But firefox just locks up after less than an hour... yay! Reported it - sits there for weeks now without being assigned or anything else useful happening.

They want to stop supporting http - what an idiotic thing to even talk about. There is lots of valid use for http, including developing something real quick without bothering to get/create an ssl cert for your internal box, setting it up and all that. Older websites and apps. Things where you just transfer bulk data that is of little value.
Or the fact that they deprecate apis without replacement. I have a firefox plugin that shows up as a page action in the URL bar... the api to attach a popup is depricated since about 2 years... But - and even the devs admit that - without a replacement that works the same way or similar. No, you now have to move the popup and overlay that little indicator showing that the popup is attached to the icon yourself. Really?

Anyway - I hate the Chrome UI, so I use the Classic Theme restorer. It has a good rating and an install base of 450K ... if that doesn't say it all I don't know what does.

Comment Circle of life... (Score 5, Insightful) 84

Not quite the typical 3 step list leading to profit, but here it goes:

1. Developer: This is so cluttered and ugly. Nobody needs all these features. Lets get rid of the old and do something new - it will be clean, pretty and well designed.
2. User: But now I can't do xxxxx - this sucks! You are idiots!
3. Developer: Ok, We'll add this back in.
4. User: Ok, better. Can you add yyyyy too?
5. Developer: Sure. And how about feature zzzzz as well?
6. User: Awesome. Its finally usable.
7: New Developer: This is so cluttered and ugly. Nobody needs all these features. Lets get rid of the old and do something new - it will be clean, pretty and well designed.

So sorry if I don't get too excited...


Comment And this is how perverted our system has gotten... (Score 1, Insightful) 436

I don't even know where to start with this one... The first amendment - like anything written in the Constitution is absolute. It has to be. If it weren't then we could all ignore any law we choose and even ignore rulings of the Supreme Court because their powers are based on the same document. So either the Constitution is absolute or it is not - but you can't have it both ways.

However, even with that I don't see how it matters... The bill of rights is supposed to keep us from the Federal Government taking too many rights and amassing too much power (and in doing so has given the federal government way too much power - just as the opponents of the bill of rights originally feared). It should have absolutely no influence in a court case between two individuals.


Comment Re:My opinion on the matter. (Score 4, Insightful) 826

Who cares if you have to relearn stuff? Its the fact that systemd is less than stable... In many cases, you end up with corrupt binary log file after a crash, have services that don't (run a process that does heavy syslogging to the tune of 25-30K messages per second. Yes, its bad app design but come on - this thing worked for years and now its suddenly broken???) that used to work just fine before and then top it off with really braindead configuration options (go ahead and change the pgsql listen port - and see how long it takes you...)

I'm all for systemd - once its been stable for a while, but till then it would be nice to have at least a choice...


Comment Re:I DON'T CARE! (Score 1) 245

Yes, you're partially right on that but in my opinion there are enough other incidents that can yield data - missing one is really not that major.
Also, if you listen to the news casters and articles written, they all at least pretend its about the human factor, not about analyzing the wreckage to see what caused the issue so we can prevent it in the future...


Comment I DON'T CARE! (Score 3, Interesting) 245

40K people die every day of hunger and the while the USD 60M or more that were spent so far on this stupid search couldn't have prevented that, it would have helped a lot of people have another chance.

Either you say you care about the lives of people and then you just shake your head about this pointless waste of money or you don't care and then you wouldn't care about ML370 either. But you unless you're related or friends of anyone onboard that flight, you're just a for caring about the lives lost there and not about the people that die every day of hunger, war, and such...


Comment Re:That's only what we know yet (Score 3, Insightful) 97

Its too easy for people to trust the government. They promise to take care of you, keep you safe and fed and all the other things. Its easier to trust them than to have a mind on your own, to have to think, plan, and work. It usually all goes well for a while until corruption creeps in and politicians think they know better than you how you should live your life...

The US had an amazing run and I wish I could somehow know what future generations will define as the point in time where the US government turned sour. The current NSA affair? What about the creating of a for-profit, private bank that's put in charge of ruining the dollar value? I'm sure some racists will point to the 13th amendment but I bet 9/11 would be a much more likely choice. Maybe the Nixon years with Watergate and the removal of the gold standard? Oh so many choices... I personally pick the day the southern states seceded. While the North was right and slavery had to go, I still can't find a legal reason that prohibited the South to withdraw from the United States...


Comment The sidebar was the most interesting part... (Score 4, Insightful) 97

I started reading but soon moved on to just skimming the article. It read like a very logical but basic security primer... Until I hit the sidebar. Wow, I've never seen a better laid out, yet brief, history lesson that got straight to the point. Our government needs to remember that its "For the People, by the People" not "For those people, by these people"


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