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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: Kudos to Captain Splendid 4

It took some digging, and even some help from Pudge, but I finally found where the phrase Hacktacular Idiot was first used here on slashdot. Credit goes to Captain Splendid for that one. While as best I can tell that search isn't even possible on slashdot search, it can be done with a carefully crafted query for index2.pl. Granted, this search works only because "hacktacular" doesn't occur that often in comments around here. Had I tried to search for "hacktacular idiot", the search would have exploded with pages that had "hacktacular" or idiot, because that is how the search function rolls in index2.pl. There is - theoretically - an ability to hand it an and query instead, but I haven't seen proof of that working.

Furthermore searching for phrases - or words with hyphens - is impossible. You'll never succeed in finding out how many times people typed "blu-ray" versus "blu ray", because the hyphen is automagically converted to a space. You can't outsmart it with a slash either; a search for "blu\-ray" has the same result.
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Kudos to Captain Splendid

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  • You are persistent.

    What made you craft an index2.pl search query as opposed to using Google?
    • you are persistent

      Well, thank you (or was that not a complement?).

      I knew that I was not the first to use the phrase "hacktacular idiot" on slashdot; though I may be the one who has used it the most. I wanted to see if I could find who used it before me, to give them the credit they deserve (whether they want it or not).

      What made you craft an index2.pl search query as opposed to using Google?

      While it is entirely possible that I was not using Google effectively, I was never able to craft a google query that found that post. If I entered

      site:slashdot.org "hacktackular idiot"

      Into a google search, it never found your post. Instead

  • for civilized and refined behaviour, especially as of late.

    It is a nice way to be, and it is nice to see you be this way.

    You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

    • Indeed I do admit to having used unkind words towards and in reference to Pudge. What I have said, has been said. I believe that what I have been doing more recently is in tune with seeking a less hateful understanding between him and I.

      I further admit that indeed the phrase that I credited to Captain Splendid is one that I have used in regards to Pudge. I no longer use this phrase to describe him; and when I started using this phrase I was convinced that Pudge was the same person as the person who Cap

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