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Comment Re:Description of Shooter (Score 1) 1139

he left (self-declared morally Righteous)

You do know correlation does not equal causation, right?

the very behavior of cis-gendered white male *is* a target

Target of what? This ain't 4chan son, gonna have to explain it using english, not memespeak.

It is considered a disease which should be fixed

Fuck does that mean?

eg. the war on boys


Comment Re:Dupe (Score 0, Flamebait) 206

It's the old slashdot tune: Crusty nerds who'll trumpet how different and superior they are to the sheeplike masses are baffled that those masses don't act just like them.

I suppose it's comforting that cognitive dissonance isn't just limited to those with 2 digit IQs.

Comment Re:Not the only factor? (Score 2) 324

o one and I mean no one says, "Hey, what's the amortize cost over the life of the product.

No no, GP is right. Once you become an adult/start making real money, most of your big ticket purchases are often done with full consideration of the long term. I don't care about sticker price, I care about the price divided by how many years it's likely to work in. Which makes a new smartphone purchase with an average life expectancy of 2 years less pricey per month than what I spend on gas. A much easier decision to make than considering the sticker price only.

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