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Comment Re:Too early (Score 1) 29

2 problems with this analysis:

To whom would she lose to? Trump will flame out, no one, including himself it seems, wants Jeb anywhere near anything and Walker went from hero to zero faster than Perry did last cycle. The rest are a collection of clowns and one nobody, none of whom would be able to seal the deal 10 years ago, let alone today. Hilary might have problems, but losing the general election isn't one of them.

People forget that the polling difference between Obama and McCain was within the margin of error for most of the race...until he selected Palin as his VP, which is double good news for Hilary, because a) she won't make the mistake of selecting Kanye West as her VP, and b) the kind of right-wing lunacy that Palin (and the current clown car) espouses has been firmly rejected by the general electorate.

Honestly, with distance, W starts looking a little more impressive, not just for not being quite as insane as his party (then or now), but for having at least some of that extraordinary political quality that enables stupid ideas or political non-starters to be more palatable.

Comment Re: "...need to be prepared..." (Score 4, Interesting) 382

"bit of land" = the displacement of hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

AKA your kids get to grow up in permanent refugee crisis world.

And you know what ? I am a fool to care about this, because I'll be dead before shit gets really real. Hope you leave your kids some money!

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 29

Yeah, didn't the republicans win the house?

They held it, but lost eight seats. Not like the House has gotten much done under Boehner anyway.

And then two years later they got the senate too?

Yawn. Off year elections are almost useless for comparison to general election years.

There's a lot of morons out there.

Yup. Cuts both ways though.

Ted Cruz can still win.

As I've said before, show me an America that could elect a Canuck with a whiny voice and cultural tastes older than he is. I'll wait. Shit, they won't even elect Trump, and he's a hundred times the American that Ted is.
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Journal Journal: "Emailgate" 58

I will preface all this with an honest admission that this...scandal...could derail her chance at nomination. It could even, theoretically, leave a bad enough impression on a big enough chunk of the electorate to lose her the general that far. It might. Certainly a lot of man-hours and money will be spent trying, that's for sure. Though it is nice to see Republicans finally doing something about unemployment.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 29

Remains to be disproven, though.

No, y'all are just still in the denial stage. Remember the polls in 2012? The ones that were ignored so badly that Karl Motherfucking Rove, of all people, was shocked?

Actually, there's that really great Christian parable about the dumbass who refuses aid 3 times then asks God why he wasn't there for him. Have a re-read, see if it sparks anything.


Oh dear. That means you're dumber than I thought. Nothing better than free money after all.

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