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Comment Re:We need this (Score 2) 211

Seriously, we need people actively looking into making those new type of batteries instead of just researching them and never do anything with the research, like we've seen for the past 5 to 10 years.

That's right! That's why my cell phone which uses more power than my cell phone of 10 years ago with a battery less than a third the size lasts significantly longer - because everyone's been "never doing anything with the research", right?

Good research results make news. Their employment in commercial products generally doesn't.

Comment Re:They actually want to kick appliances off. (Score 1) 151

I don't "misunderstand" anything, that is exactly what the device did. It didn't precool anything, it didn't ramp anything down, it just randomly shut off when too many people had their AC on (aka, when it was hottest). And in Iowa in July, even if you did know when it was about to go off and tried to "precool" (which I assure you, does not work well), you'd be burning up long before the AC kicks back in.

Comment Re:They actually want to kick appliances off. (Score 2) 151

If you're willing to lose your AC during the hottest part of the day, then you might as well not have AC at all. So there's no reason to get such a device, you might as well just sell your AC.

"Pre-cooling" a house does not work. In the hottest part of the day it was enough of a challenge for the AC to just keep up.

Comment Re:They actually want to kick appliances off. (Score 2, Informative) 151

I once lived in Iowa when I lived in the US, and my then-spouse signed us up for one of those programs without consulting me first. I just came home one day and the AC was no longer operating when it was hottest. Utterly, utterly miserable, and I had to wait weeks to get the thing disconnected. Why would anyone willingly choose to have one of those things in their home?

Comment If true at all, this is the user type and casing. (Score 1) 166

The results of this may be true, but if so, the results are quite sure to be solely based on average type of user and perhaps casing material.

Also iPhones are more likely to be used by people who couldn't be bothered to make a big decision out of their smartphone purchase, they just get what everybody else has and what they constantly hear about in the news and leave it at that. Hence many iPhones in the hands of people who aren't really thinking twice or being aware of the basics of treating hardware in a way that is less risky for it to break.
That many Androids have plastic as an enclosure helps mitigate the effects of a lot of drops, due to the flexibility. That alone could account for the difference, as all iPhones are built out of aluminum.

Points in case:
I've moved to Android with my last Smartphone and have the habit of getting my protection case and my protective glass *before* I purchase a new model.
In fact, the availability of a good/usable protective case and proctective glass is one of the criteria for me choosing a phone, a criteria and a purchasing order I recommend to anybody who asks me for advice when getting a new smartphone. ... But, as you may guess, I'm a computer expert to the utmost extent. Hence I use a neat Moto G2 that costs about a fifth the price of an iPhone, yet I can do way more with it than some regular person with his iPhone. And also it will last longer, as I am aware how to treat hardware, from back in the day when hardware like this was expensive and a device such as todays smartphones would've been handled and treated like the holy grail.

My girlfriend had a little red symbian Nokia touchscreen smartphone that looked like it had been run over by a tank. Twice. Cracked screen, parts of it not reacting, needing to remove sim and reboot at times - the works. I bought her a cheap current-day android 5 smartphone - red casing, ... important detail(!) :-) - and got protective casings and protective glass, SD card and stuff and gave it to her as a present all in a bundle. She would've never purchased her phone that way.
Her demografic for large parts is an intersection with todays classic iPhone user - not really interested in the details.

I'm sure this plays into the breakage quota aswell. You can say what you want about Apple, but saying that they build bad hardware is just being silly.

My 2 cents.

Comment Re:Can you handle the truth? I didn't think so. (Score 4, Informative) 676

It's true that really - it doesn't matter. On a geologic timescale, everything we do is happening quickly.

Regardless of how many electric vehicles we put on the road, or how much fuel efficiency we push, every, single, last, drop of gasoline on this planet will be burned in the next ~1000 years. On a geologic timescale whether we burn it all in 50 years or in 1000 it really isn't going to matter.

So basically, we just cross our fingers and hope that by the time we dump all the available CO2 into the atomosphere that's it's not borked to the point that the planet won't recover.

Truly - the only solution we're going to have to global warming is to hope that eventually we just run out of fossil fuels and clean energy is all that's left.

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