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Comment Re: Who needs books? (Score 2) 87

None of the cool kids are using ISO or ANSI-standardized languages against IEEE-defined standardized interfaces like POSIX anymore. That level of stability and portability doesn't allow twenty-somethings to feel like they are revolutionizing the industry and making the world a better place through beautiful design patterns or whatever.

Comment Re:Minority definition (Score 1) 241

At least in the South, there has traditionally been a "one drop" rule, wherein anyone with "one drop" of non-White in them was considered not white. In Virginia, we had the Pocahontas Exception for those descended from the marriage of John Rolfe and Pocahontas.

Comment Re:Sounds like a personal thing to me. (Score 5, Insightful) 296

What was the old saying in Tsarist Russia? Something like, "If 5 people get together to plot revolution, what you have is one revolutionary and four police informants." We are not talking about a country that has ever really been free since the earliest Viking settlements in places like Moscow. Hundreds of years of autocracy or oligarchy. What else would they produce politically but Putin and an encryption ban?

Comment Re: Of course he did. (Score 0) 289

We're talking about a woman who held a shredder party to destroy documents about a real estate deal before they could be subpoeneaed to make sure that it wasn't "destroying evidence" since it wasn't technically "evidence" yet. I don't think she'd be so stupid as to throw something incriminating in the trash. I also don't think she'd generally use Comic Sans font (but if her taste in clothes or husbands is any indication, maybe she would).

Comment Only $15,278.02? (Score 2) 237

There must not be too much secret sauce involved if they're going to do it that cheaply.

While that listing shows that they have bought SOMETHING from Cellbrite, I think I'd like to see a little more evidence before I'm convinced that this shows they hired Cellbrite to hack the San Bernardino iPhone. shows that the Secret Service bought $781k worth of something from them on the 10th of March.

A single FPDS entry doesn't really mean anything.

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