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Journal Journal: Mod points

I like getting mod points as much as the next guy, but when I do, why do I always always always get them on a Friday? I don't do /. on weekends. Aarrggh!
By the time I come back to work on Monday, I only have half a day left to use them. It's cruel I tell you. Cruel.
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Journal Journal: Another shoot down

Again some loser modded me down as overrated, when the post was only at the default "1" to begin with ?
What the hell is that about ?
I mean, who even cares to surf at 1 and knock people down to zero ??
That's some sick kicks.
Okay, the post wasn't fantastic - how many posts at slashdot are ? So long as you don't flame, any post represents someone's opinion and is worthy of a damn lousy "1". I thought mine was kinda funny, actually.

So... I guess I have a watchful enemy out there.
A post assassin, who remains cloaked, unnamed, and has no accountability for his actions. One who is willing to attack random, innocent people.
Hmm.. reminds me of a terrorist !
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Journal Journal: Karma boost - w00t

I wonder when that happened -- I just noticed my karma is now rated as "good", rather than just "positive".
Did I really reach a new plateau, or, did /. just decide to change the scale or naming convention ?
I mean, gee, I feel so .. *sniff* .. so accepted by the brotherhood of geeks :-)

Okay, I know that just jinxed the whole thing now ..
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Journal Journal: Who the hell is Colin Bayer ?

He showed up in my freaks list a year ago, but hardly ever posts.
Well hey, if you gotta go so far as to mark me as a foe, for whatever reason, then f you, right back at you. I don't even know who the hell you are or why you've decided to hate me. I wonder if he's the phantom jerk that seems to follow me around to try get any positive mods I might happen to accrue get knocked down by "overrated"s and bogus "redundant"s.
Of course, the problem with this delusional hypothesis is that he would have to have moderator rights all the time, extremely unlikely since he posts pretty scarcely... unless, maybe that's just an alias for one of the editors at /. who aren't too fond of me for some of my anti-left-wing political views. Or maybe I'm just getting paranoid in my cyncial old age. Unfortunately,however, my cynicism gets more justifiable everyday.
Hey, can I get modded down for Journal entries ?
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Journal Journal: Anonymous Coward overload ! 2

I'm beginning to wonder what point there is in moderating. The sheer amount of anonymous cowards now posting nothing but trash makes it worthless to mod somebody down, as they get a low score anyway, and the few good posts you run across and would like to mod up are usually already scored at 4 or above. I'd have to have no life whatsoever to spend the time looking for somebody with a low score who deserves a mod up. Somebody like me .. ;-)
Here's an example:
I just made a post defending, logically, not passionately or obnoxiously, Gate's Knighthood, based on what I felt MS had contributed to the world, the US economy, and the tech sector in general, by making computers a household item. I got modded down.
The last time I posted on something about MS, it involved security, and I had been humorously negative... and got modded down. You can't win. Zealots to the left, zealots to the right. Sometimes you can't get a break !

Seriously though, I think the /. editors should track the number of AC posts that each member makes: If they post as ACs above a certain number of times within a certain time period, their ability to post at all should be revoked for some period. They're more than likely trolling.
Also, new members should not be able to post as ACs until they've made a predefined number of normal posts. This might help to stem the flood just a little.
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Journal Journal: A double standard at slashdot ? 2

Something just occurred to me. Many, many weeks ago, I'd posted something that I thought would found as humerous, albeit something that took a pot-shot at Microsoft, as many slashdotters do. It even included the obligatory " :-) ", normally a sign to intelligent life that the post was to be taken lightly.
For whatever reason, a moderator knocked me down a point as flamebait, and went un-metamoderated. Okay, I can stand to lose a point, no big deal, even if tens or hundreds of other slashdotters often say worse and get modd'ed up as funny. I've decided I have too much of a life to live or die by what somebody forever unknown to me thinks of my point of view on a website.
But what I just realized, was the that the icon uses for Microsoft stories is itself derisive and derogatory.
How then, can the slashdot editors allow someone to mod a fellow slashdot denizen down for the very thing slashdot itself does on a daily basis ?
Things that make you go , "hmmmnn.."

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