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Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 495

As a more-or less moderate, I've also noticed that when you express an opinion, neither side/wing takes much notice of when you agree with them, instead they focus heavily on the part that you disagree with them on, even if it's a side you to tend to lean towards more often. There's no compromise, no bridging the gap, instead of finding common ground with everyone, being an independent or moderate today just alienates you from everyone who isn't. Look at the crap Tomi Lahren is catching for saying she's for pro choice, for example, or the flak that Jim Webb has taken from his own party lately. Both parties have become a rigid, close-minded, inadaptable cult.

Comment Re:Something stinks (Score 1) 380

Exactly. Trends like that don't happen overnight nor are they accurately measured that way, so none of this is currently indicative of "Trump's America".
What grinds down people's spirits? -increased violent crime, rioting, racial strife, an increased welfare state, a stagnate economy, etc.. most or all of which worsened over the past several years.
Besides, this is from The Guardian. Might as well be posting something from Breitbart, if you wanted the opposite opinion. Not biased at all, nope... Now, if the trend continues, *then* they can point some fingers at trump.
This country has been unhappy for quite some time, which explains why trump was elected in the first place. People are sick of the status quo, so much so that they were willing to roll the dice.

Comment Re:Why Doesn't the New Jersey AG do the same thing (Score 1) 73

I kind of wish they would sue, the bastards. I waited for FIOS for roughly 12 years all in all, poking along on DSL. A few years back I saw a Verizon tech working on a pole in my neighborhood. When he came down, I asked him about the FIOS rollout, and he told me point blank, but consolingly, "It's never going to be available here, you'll never have it". So, Comcast/Xfinity was my only choice for true broadband.

Comment Re:National DST Day (Score 1) 352

That's even weirder. Standard time timezones are set up so that at 12:00 noon, the sun is pretty much directly overhead at the zenith, the midpoint of daylight; at midnight, it's the mid point of night. DST throws all that off by an hour, so that the sun is really directly overhead at 1pm.

Better to just get rid of it and stick to standard time, at least it has an astronomical logic to it.

Comment Re:So, then, don't listen to the pop stations (Score 1) 203

I don't know what you're talking about, I've heard Cannibal Corpse followed by Death on the radio. Maybe the problem is the stations in your area suck.

Well, true, that's no doubt part of it. They do suck, and hard. Philly area.

When I go up to New England for a week in the summertime, radio is much better.

Comment Re:So, then, don't listen to the pop stations (Score 1) 203

Yeah, but only barely. A tiny handful of stations compared to the larger, more powerful commercial ones barely supplies enough good music over the course of a week. I gave up on radio years ago, and got sick of the good songs they ran into the ground. Anymore I find bands I like by word of mouth or hearing them on soundtracks (like Killswitch Engage or Paramore).

Be it Jean Luc Ponty, or Type O Negative, too many great musicians and bands of various genres just don't get fair airplay.

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