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Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 166

Not entirely fair to compare to modern day devices, but I had a lot of those same issues with a Galaxy S1, which was utterly horrible, and my 2012 Nexus 7 became more and more bogged down over each upgrade. With Jellybean, it's about useless, forget having more than one app open at a time. (though since putting Cyanogen mod on it, it's much more like it's original self).
Not that I think Apple is the end all be all either. But for personal use I use an iPhone because it does seem snappier; I want a phone above all else, the smart features are great but if lags or reboots while trying to place a call while I'm stranded in my car somewhere, it's not worth it. I don't really want a portable computer more than I want a solid phone. That also being said, I have an S4 now for a work phone, and though it has minor quirkiness here and there, it's miles and miles better than that old S1 I had, and seems pretty reliable.
Really, as someone who grew up in the late 60s and early 70s, all these gadgets are kind of amazing to see realized. They're like one of the few future predictions that really came true.

Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 676

This is what gets me. If this is accurate, and correlation is causation, then it sounds like we're probably fucked. Why? If Earth's thin atmosphere is truly so delicate and fragile that just a mere few years of industry in it's infancy began to raise temperatures immediately, then there's a limit to modernity - because no method of energy production or industry is 100% clean. Even with prevalent solar,wind and nuclear energy, there's always going to be some degree of pollution or greenhouse gas released in energy production, or some kind of nasty byproduct in energy production or maintenance, like manufacture of the batteries needed for solar... at least, for the foreseeable future. I can't imagine zero greenhouse gas emissions being a reality while fulfilling the ever increasing energy demand the future will bring, yet, apparently, here is the implication that this is what it requires.

Comment Re:You think that sounds bad? (Score 1) 385

Yes! It doesn't seem to bother anyone else I know, but how can they enjoy music that sounds like it's coming from under several inches of water? Not an audiophile or anything, but I do want decent fidelity. I heard all the hype about satellite radio, then the first time I heard it, I thought something had to be wrong.

Comment Re: Jobs is dead (Score 5, Funny) 385

This fall, my next laptop might very well be Windows

Windows 10 is a mess, you should consider moving to Linux instead.

Linux (aka systemd) is a mess; you should consider moving to FreeBSD instead.

FreeBSD is a giant hunk of shit that takes as much nerd-cred to install as Linux did in 1995. Good luck slicing your partitions.


Best mini-thread I've read in a while.

Comment Re:5,999,999 now (Score 1) 141

That reminds me, I've got to buy a modem, right now I'm still renting. I'm glad I started off that way though, as it removed an excuse for Comcast to blame my gear when I reported disconnects. Initially, right after signing up, I had crappy levels (especially upstream) that were making the modem reboot, but I got them to send a tech out, told them the issue had to be at the pole, and he replaced the tap, which resolved the issue. I have great levels now. Not sure I'm going to continue to pay for the 150mbs service though when the promotion is done, I could probably live with 25mbs. They also offer 75mpbs, but it's only $10 less than the 150mbps subscription, so I don't know why they bother. I want a modem with good logging capability, or something where I can replace the firmware, so probably a Linksys.

Comment Re:How hard is it to find emails? (Score 1) 526

Regards #1, that's not what I heard. He said "IF you have the emails, release them to the FBI". He didn't suggest they actively go and hack for them if they didn't already have them in their possession, it was based on an assumption that Russia had already done the hacking prior.

Comment Re:Ignoring the point (Score 1) 141

Pretty horrible, which it was. Youtube was barely usable, constant buffering, waiting. Work VPN was terrible, screen refreshes felt like a lifetim. Finish a game on Steam, have to wait 5 minutes for your saves to sync with their cloud. Overall shitty speeds.
I switched a month ago, it's like night and day. Granted, at first, I was having connection drops (upstream signal was screaming at 57dbvm to talk to the CTMS) , but after convincing Comcast to send a guy out to look at the tap on the pole, they replaced that and it's been great ever since. Neither company are without headaches.

Comment 5,999,999 now (Score 1) 141

Well, truthfully, I switched a month ago, after having Verizon DSL since 1999 or so. I have no love for either mega-corp, but 150mpbs via Comcast is blowing the doors off my old 6mb connection (it's more $$ as well, as expected). Had Verizon actually rolled out FIOS in my area, for convenience I would've stayed with them, but a birdie from the company told me it's never going to happen. The sucky thing is, Verizon will never officially tell you that and keep stringing you along.

Comment Re:3 year old whitebox phone, thanks (Score 1) 161

I've dropped my work S4 so many times, I've lost count. The clip on the holder case is fickle so it's easy to pop off , but the phone still works perfectly.
I hadn't used a case at all on my old personal iPhone5 for the past year and a half; one minor drop, no damage at all. However, the wife had a case on hers and still managed to crack the screen. Ah well. Have a new 6s now, I did get a case for that. But I don't run out and get the new shiny every 2 years, I usually give it twice that, but eventually the batteries go bad, buttons go bad, etc..

Comment Re:Always one (Score 1) 57

I know that feeling. When our security unit was first formed 12 years ago, they were so gung-ho, they effectively made every single port on the rack switches their own DMZ. I mean, same subnet, same DMZs technically, but all the ports were locked down so tight that all servers -within the same DMZ mind you- were cut off from each other by default. Which is antithetical to the whole point of a DMZ. It was a nightmare trying to get systems that needed to communicate to communicate, constant requests to get ports opened, and often, it would take several requests as we banged our heads trying to troubleshoot issues. Certain people retired and moved on, to where today, it's working reasonably.

Comment Re:not in my state (Score 1) 412

Well, not in my state it hasn't been "normal", and not in the state I vacationed in this summer either, which is relatively north for the US - Maine. It's been brutal. We've had several days that nearly hit, or did hit,100 degrees F in July. The last half decade has been like this. This is not normal, or rather, it's the new normal. When I was a little kid back in the late '60s, early '70s, we thought it was hot if it got over 80F. Then 90F was common.. As a previous skeptic, I can say it has definitely been getting hotter, at least, in the summer.
These records aren't coming from some political pundit, it's NOAA and NASA. And *even* if we dispute the degree of anthropogenic contribution, it certainly doesn't make sense to exacerbate the situation. Surely we can find a way to help things settle down, without crippling our economy, and continue to develop other methods of energy production, and work at reducing fossil fuel consumption. After all there are several reasons to do so, not just GW: 1) They're a finite source that will run out some day. That is an inescapable reality. Then what? 2) FFs often make 1st world countries more dependent on corrupt 2nd or 3rd world countries, which leads to foreign policy messes, and 3) burning oil and coal are quite dirty, and at the very least contribute to pollution, which is a huge problem in and of itself. Oil companies needn't just be "oil" companies, they should be "Energy" companies, flexible enough to produce energy with multiple means.
Really, alternative energy - solar, nuclear, wind, geothermal- could and should be for the 2000-teens and twenties what the Pentium, Windows, Solaris, and the Internet was for the 1990s, a huge tech boom that drives the economy while improving the standards of living.

Comment Re: Society has evolved to punish the "dumb" (Score 1) 399

How so? Everything I said was factual. He'd have been the first to tell you he was not an academic, at least, the old him would have. I never cared about that. But now that he's changed his political position, suddenly he's smarter than half the population including many of his friends and their family, and crowing about it daily. I'm not religious either but I don't go bashing people over it, unless they're extremists or something, and I don't post a lot of hateful crap on FB about the political nominee I don't like..(which is all of them, but some more than others). There'd be no point in talking to him; that wouldn't change his mind anymore than his rants change ours. It's a shame. But he's gotta realize his behavior is antisocial by himself.

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