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Comment Re:I wonder if they'll cancel Petraeus's sentence (Score 1) 801

Don't why this is downvoted at the moment. She may have been honest (for once in her life) with the FBI, it's not like they're gonna pull the plug on the top DNC candidate and basically force the election outcome, unless she outright shot somebody dead in cold blood. And even then they might find an excuse.
She's shown before she can be callous regarding sensitive matters, and just expect it swept under the rug.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 801

FWIW, to take that a little further, I have a family member who was a state trooper in Internal Affairs, then got his law degree and became a deputy attorney general for the state (now retired), who said, as someone with some criminal law insight, that the "no reasonable prosecutor" statement was actually a veiled threat, or a warning, when you read between the lines. He's saying that no one is to pick up the gauntlet and continue to try to prosecute her, it's not going to go well for them.

Comment Re:I would daresay... (Score 1) 801

"Economically incapable".
He had a grand total of four businesses (3 if not all 4 of them casinos), out of the *hundreds* of businesses he runs/owns, go into Chapter 11 (not Chapter 7) during the '80s when all NJ casinos were doing very, very poorly? Chapter 11 isn't failure and closure of business, it's a suspension of payments to creditors until the company gets back on it's feet; it actually saved jobs and the casino, at the time.
You can not like Trump for various reasons (a lot of people would argue your "likable" label as well) but the argument that he is economically incapable only indicates complete ignorance of economics.

Comment Re:Such faith in the delegates (Score 1) 801

Who in their right mind would even want the job, given the current state of affairs both domestic and foreign? It's all such a clusterfuq. Trump may believe he's the guy that can "fix" the country, but he's being a good deal delusional. Hillary just wants to secure a place in history as the first female POTUS. That makes them both egomaniacs.

Comment Re:she's a hypocrit (Score 1) 321

Any "pure" system tends to self destruct in a positive feedback loop, over time, even capitalism.
Under capitalism,the bottom line goal of business is to grow, and make maximum profit; and to do this, it must beat and/or reduce the competition.
The paradox is, capitalism only works when there IS competition. Corporations however, have a duty, so to speak, to "win", and this ultimately leads to buy-outs, hostile takeovers, and mergers, all of which eliminate competition. Without some measure of outside control, the system tends to be cannibalistic. This is why government regulations are necessary. Sorry, Libertarians, but it's true.. the Sherman Anti-trust act is proof of this.
The controversy is over how much regulation is too little or too much, and as with everything, moderation is the key, balance is difficult to achieve. The best system is a hybrid system, as that provides some checks and balances between government and the private sector. But that doesn't make it easy.

Comment Re:Raw power was never the issue (Score 1) 99

I don't even know what issues you're referring to, so they can't have been that prolific. I'm sure it affected far less customers than the shit Catalyst drivers AMD fumbles/fumbled out. I also had one of their cards die on me with a hardware issue.
I'm not "rooting" for AMD to fail, or for nvidia to "rule", because I'd much rather have good stiff competition to keep prices low.. but I've never had a problem with nvidia outside of compatibility with an older motherboard; AMD has given me nothing but problems, both times I tried them. Intel graphics are okay but they just aren't keeping up with the other two.

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