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Comment Re:Racist? (Score 1) 391

In what way is that "racist"??
So the mere acknowledgment that humans are of different races ,cultures, and languages is racist now? In what way did her assumption that an asian person might actually speak an asian language imply the superiority or inferiority of said asians? Or white/black people? Because that's what racism is, believing that a race is superior or inferior in some manner to other races. Racism in practice is treating a person worse or better than another, solely on the basis of their race.
Sounds to me like she was thoughtfully trying to accommodate the asian person.

Comment Oh Boohoo (Score 0) 852

"shitposting" (wow, that's objective) and spreading, "inflammatory memes"? Oh noes! Someone sounds butthurt. It's not like Democrats haven't done this for ages, basically having the majority of college age youth on their side.
Ideally, neither party would do it, but neither one is going to quit while the other one does it. They lecture about how dangerous Trump is, or would be, but any self-justified fascist calling for censorship is far more dangerous.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 401

Experts such as physiologists who know a fuck ton more than you do.

LOL.. What the fuck would a physiologist know about psychology or behaviorism? And you're suggesting I'm the one who's stupid?
That's a convincing way to cite your claims.

And you're a fucking asshole who should be waterboarded so you know what you're talking about...

Then you can apologize over and over and over about how sorry and wrong you were.

Oh, I see.. Let's be nice to the truly evil people, discomfort = torture = wrong. But make *me* mad and suddenly I call for waterboarding, and start using insults like an angry child.
I hope, for your sake, you're a troll, "FlyHelicopters", because otherwise you've got a mental illness. Thanks for wasting my time, in either case.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 401

What experts are those? And if you're talking about solitary confinement, okay, sort of, for prolonged periods. But the vast majority of the prison population aren't in the cells all day though, or in SC. They already get gym time, television, a library, and other amenities.
You believe treating bad people who violently hurt other people for wanton reasons (like greed or hate) will stop being violent because you treat them with kid gloves? That it won't actually increase crime because the sentence is basically a reward? You're not going to ween people off of violence by catering and bowing to them, because it's an ingrained part of human nature, more so for some people than others. Your newfound innocence is charming but I'm afraid dangerously naive.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 401

Wait, who said anything about torturing? that's your definition. I think jail is a logical and self preserving reaction, most of these people are dangerous (I wasn't referring to say, simple drug offenders, but rapists and murderers) and will hurt more people unless they are removed from society; further, there is no justification to *reward* their awful and anti-social behavior with a carefree, happy, simple, meals and board paid life on a farm somewhere. That's better than most good people have it. Personal responsibility requires consequences for one's actions. Do bad acts *without justification or defensible provocation*, bad things happen to you.

Comment Re:Is Donald Trump racist (Re:Stick a fork in....) (Score 1) 612

He never once said anything about race, so you've just provided the perfect example of how the media and the "never-trumps" paraphrase, exaggerate, and lie to change the narrative. He's talking about terror profiling: that would include a whole slew of behaviors, markers and properties.
On top of that, only an idiot would still think all islamic terrorists = arabic or persian and that it's about race. Adam Ghadan is perfect example: he was Californian born, son of a jewish doctor, quite "white", and joined Al Qaida. He would've matched the profile. You have Islamic radicals from the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia, as well, and from every hemisphere of the planet.

Comment Re:Never (Score 1) 401

Even if the person does horrible things, that is now how you treat humans, or you're no better than them...

Maybe you can't let them go free, but you could have prison farms and communities made up of such people where they have an area to build a home, farm food, and have a life away from the rest of us...

False, if you're talking about violent criminals. People who brutally hurt innocent victims have nothing like a moral equivalence to a system which punishes said people. With this logic, punishment itself becomes intrinsically "wrong", because it makes us "as bad" as them. Next they'll argue that separating these poor bastards from the rest of society is cruel.

Comment Re:Pretty pictures but... (Score 1) 88

I don't agree with him but I think I get what's he's trying to say: that NASA doesn't appear to be developing any special tech or sensors to detect signs of life, and putting it on their rovers, so continuing to send them ill-equipped is costing money; but he's not sure what tech you *would* need but figures NASA should have a better idea.
He's missing the fact that many of the devices, e.g. the spectrometers on the rovers, should be able to detect signs of life -present or past- if it just ran across some. Or at least organic compounds.

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